Videos When You Want

scene from Bel Ami Frisky Memories on ppv No waiting in line.

No glares from some homophobic salesclerk.

Just find the Videos you want.

That is what Video on Demand gives you.

Video Viewing Options

Scenes Instead of the entire movie, you watch selected scenes using your Pay By The Minute feature.

Downloads You download the movie file to watch, that automatically stops after a set period of time. Normally 7 or 30 Days.

By The Minute Buy a block of minutes, that you can then watch selected scenes or portions of a video with.

Streaming Video Basically the movie is sent in a compressed format, directly to the viewer, so you can watch as it continue to download. Many offer this option for a 48 hour period.

Just a Rental

VOD & PPV are just acronyms for Renting a Video.

Fancy marketing hype for something simple, with Two major benefits.

No Late Fees
Huge Title Selection

Our adult video store is pretty decent, but sometime the Wife just forgets, and wham, there goes another $5.

By renting your videos online, there is no added charges, plus the selection is unbelievable.

If you are like the wife, you need a whole lot of titles to check out, before choosing one to watch for the night.

Which is why I list five different Video on Demand services for you to choose from.

My Video Rental Services

Video Theatre #1
Video Theatre #2
Video Theatre #3
Video Theatre #4
Video Theatre #5

Models Courtesy Teen Boy Models of Australia