Inability to Deliver Quality

There used to be a time, when Business promoted itself as giving Quality products, for reasonable Prices.

USED to be a time.

Sure as hell isn’t anymore.  From the gas prices to even our Politics, where our Prime Minister doesn’t lose any sleep over Governing, but does over worrying about Political Surprises.

Was shopping today, at Thrifty Foods.  They used to be our go to store, for groceries, and yeah, their prices were a bit higher than the others, but the quality was there.

Least when Alex Campbell ran the show. Now it is owned by an operator out of Ontario  SOBEYS.

So much for quality.

Tonight I thought I’d get Mom a treat. They had all butter apple turnovers on sale for $3.49 for a package of six.  Sounds good and yummy, right?    WRONG!

Now the girl at the bakery made them sound super delicious. All Butter and filled with the best premium apples.  170 grams for $3.49 isn’t cheap but hell, a nice treat for Mom, or so I thought.

At the checkout, well they rang thru at $3.99 which isn’t a big deal, but hell, I am tired of being screwed over by Big Businesses.

We checked and sure enough they had screwed up, so under the Ring Thru Fair Practices or whatever it is called, we got those delectable taste treats for Free.

Sounds good right?  NOPE!

I’d have been better off to not purchase those six little darlings. I mean to begin with, the crust or pastry dough was tough. It wasn’t flakey at all, and if I didn’t know they were Apple, I’d never have been able to guess it from eating one.

Like excuse me, but having a turnover, usually implies that inside is some sort of filling.   NOT AT THRIFTY FOODS!

Hell even when we stopped at Macdonald’s for a McFlurry, they couldn’t get that right either.  I mean come on, you charge $3 for a full size item, at least fill it to the brim with ice cream, not 3/4 of the way. And don’t go leaving a huge gap in the center that you could put your fist into.

So what is up with business today? 

What happened to actually delivering the product, as promised?

Why aren’t they doing it?

David I think has the answer. He says it is because we simply accept it, and don’t complain enough about the crap we are paying good money for.  He is right, I mean okay we complained about the wrong price, and I will complain about the quality next time I go to that store, but it is true.  We accept this kind of bogus business, when the truth is, we shouldn’t.

Guess that is why we get people like Stephen Harper in charge of Government, and why we get grocery stores like Thrifty Foods.  


Beef Recall in Victoria

This one hits right at home, as Thrifty Foods has been one of the places our family shops at, for beef, chicken, and other groceries. When the company was owned by Alex Campbell & his family, it was a clean store, good staff, and the food was, in appearance, always good.  Since being taken over by Sobey’s out of Ontario, we rarely shop for perishable foods at Thrifty Foods.

Now Thrifty Foods are having a beef recall, which doesn’t surprise me. I have stopped shopping for meats, and even frozen foods from the Thrifty Chain, because of concerns I have for the safety of the food supply. It is no longer a clean store, nor are the staff helpful. There are also other visible signs of a company that is not concerned about the customer safety.

Thinks like pre packaged foods, that suddenly have an additional packing placed over it, with a best before date that seems at odds, with the food color even. Such as Ground Turkey from Lilydale.  Fish that was sold in the Fresh Fish Counter, that is now packaged and placed in chest freezers with boxed frozen foods, with best buy dates that are far ahead, as if the goods are frozen. Point being, the fish wasn’t flash frozen, but was being frozen from being placed in the chest freezer.

Staff that tell you about how fresh fish isn’t rotated, when you complain about buying some fresh shrimp, that the next day was bad.  These are just some of the things, that have changed since Sobey’s purchased Thrifty Foods. It also makes you wonder where are the inspectors?

Is this more of the Harper changes, where Self Regulation is the norm, and Government Oversight is now just a rubber stamp for the corporate entity?

Fairway Markets here had some Maple Leaf sausages on sale, and when I picked it up, to take home, I noticed that the ‘best before date’ was a week earlier.  When brought to the store manager’s attention, the reply was that it is only an advisory date, and that is also why it was so greatly reduced in price. 

The offending package, of which there were more of  on the shelf, was returned to the shelf.

We place a great deal of trust in our Grocery Stores. And the more I shop, the less trusting I am becoming. Without the safety net of constant vigilant inspection from outside sources, what diseaster is lurking ahead for us? How many people have to die, from food borne illness, before we wake up and tell people like Stephen Harper & Gerry Ritz, that WE EXPECT OVERSIGHT OF THE FOOD INDUSTRY?