She Says She Can Win, but

isn’t going to call a fall election but will wait till 2013.  Uh huh, like Christy my dear, why do I think you will call one much sooner, if the mood is right and you think you can really win, not just say you can.

Everyone was gearing up for a Provincial election this fall, but someone threw a monkey wrench into that grand plan.

It was the Voters, of which 55% of 1.6 million cast a vote to REJECT the Harper Stealing Tax. ( the HST )

I guess when that many are upset, it is wise to not tempt the fates. After all, no way you can predict if that anger will be directed at you, or not.  Course, the fact that you supported that unfair tax might be a clue as to why no fall election.

Now on the other hand, if Christy Clark can con that thief Stephen Harper to not take back our 1.6 Billion dollars, that he used to bribe us with, then perhaps that would be a good time to have an election.

But we all know, that Stephen Harper is not going to do that. After all, what would his bosses in the Corporate World say, about not ripping off the poor and middle class, when you can?

As it stands, it makes more sense to wait till sometime in the future, to take a chance at re-election. After all, look at who she has to face… Adrian Dix and the NDP.

Anyone heard a peep from his nibs, by the way?

It is almost as if the NDP and Mr. Dix have gone on summer vacation. You heard nothing about them, anymore. Not even after the results from the referendum.

One more good reason on why we need more than one choice in our political system. If any Province is close to resembling the mixed up United States system, it is this either or province.

Not Before March 2013

Like just who the hell are you kidding Mr. Falcon, Premier Clarke? 

Putting aside that your Party caved into the bullying tactics of Stephen Harper, and sold us out to bring in the Harper Stealing Tax, I can’t see myself, or others, willing to vote for you, based on sheer ineptitude.

You can dismantle the PST within weeks, even hold negotiations and come to an agreement on implementing the Harper Stealing Tax, within weeks, but you can’t put it back without it taking a year and a half?

Really, are you people for real, or do you just assume that the 55% of 1.6 million British Columbians are plain stupid?

According to the newspaper report on this travesty of trying to ignore the wishes of the People, your finance Minister also says it is going to cost the province $3 Billion  to reinstate the PST.

Okay, let’s ASSUME that includes the repayment of the bribe from Herr Harper to Tipsy Gordon, that still leaves $1.4 Billion Plus to account for.

Explain please Premier Clarke, Finance Minister Falcon, how in blazes you came up with that figure?  What, you are buying new buildings and equipment?  Even then, how the hell does it add up to that lovely sum?

Oh, and while at it, if the PST cost us $1.4 Billion to manage, why wasn’t that mentioned way back when you brought in the Harper Stealing Tax?  Did it slip your minds?

By the way, Mr. Adrian Dix, where the hell are you?  I mean come on, the people made a statement, where in hell is you and your party on this?  Awfully silent about this victory by the People, you know, the one’s you hope will vote for you in the next Provincial Election?

A victory that was won without any help by you, your predecessor, or your party.

But back to this March 2013 bullshit.  Just explain how something you managed to come up with, and implement in just a short few weeks, can take so long to reverse?

First you stalled the referendum, and now you are stalling in implementing the will of the people. Do you really think that is going to get you a return ticket to power?

Perhaps you aren’t old enough to recall, but when Brown Paper Bag Brian Mulroney implemented the GST, it didn’t take him 18 months to put in place. It happened pretty damn fast, once he forced it down the nation’s throat.  So even if that For Hire Prime Minister could do it in less time, and across an entire nation, just how can you folks justify taking so long to bring back the PST?

Are you really that incompetent Premier Clarke?

Referendum or Legislative Vote on HST?

The BC Legislative Committee opted to send the question of the HST to the Voters, in a NON BINDING REFERENDUM.   Rather than putting the matter to the Legislature, the committee voted along party lines (6 Liberals for Referendum, 4 NDP for Legislature) in deciding the issue.


At first blush, sending the question to the Liberal Dominated Legislature would seem counter productive.  However, given that in repealing this stupid tax, the cost will be high.  Thanks to the great negotiations by Premier Campbell, the repealing of the HST would force us to repay about $1.6 Billion.

The NDP are loathe to have to be responsible, for making the tough choices, should they win the next election, and repeal this stupid tax.  Hence their support for sending it to the Legislature, in the hope of maximizing the political damage to the Liberals, while keeping their hands clean.

The Liberals have taken a different route. First off, it seems that sure they don’t mind the People having a say, at the tune of between $13 & $40 Million on a referendum. After all, that lets us all vent our anger, but bottom line is, THE REFERENDUM IS NOT BINDING ON THE LEGISLATURE.


The Public, by signing that petition made their voices heard. Instead of listening, BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES are more interested in having a political advantage, for the next provincial election, than in doing what the voters want.  No one in the NDP is standing tall, and saying “IF ELECTED WE’LL REPEAL THE HST”.

So in short, this HARPER STUPID TAX will remain in effect, so that the Feds & Province can blame each other, for when the tax gets raised up.  It will be just one more insane tax, that cripples our economy from recovering

What Makes an Expert?

I have to say, listening to the media as we wait for some real results, which are beginning to come in, I wonder, what makes these experts, just that? Listening to them, I wonder, are they even living on the same planet, never mind in British Columbia?

Then too, it is amazing at how the media virtually ignored the issues facing people, and in reporting them, but tonight, they suddenly seem to know exactly what was of concern for us. Odd, how now they can discuss the issues, when the polls are closed?

by the way, Liberals 40, NDP 36 as of 8:43pm

Power Up Your Vote

It is the slogan being used for those in favor of the new voting system, that is on our ballot for the provincial election. A flawed proposal, that frankly waters down my vote, making it less relevant, than it may appear to be today.  Personally the concept of not having a closer impact on those representing me, in a select district, versus electing a group for a wider district, is repugnant.

However, they are right in that we do get some results that appear to be, disproportionate.

Truth is, there is a sure fire way to really POWER UP YOUR VOTE.  And the answer isn’t to give you the opportunity to pass your vote over to others, by having more than one choice, the answer really is very simple.


The more of us who actually make that effort, then we will have a greater diversity in parties, which is a good thing. Additionally, it negates the impact of special interest groups, because the more of us that vote, the less their impact is, and that means, the harder it is for them to co-opt political parties, and elected officials.


Despite what people like Carol James may think, the ONLY WASTED VOTE IS THE ONE NOT CAST.

Think about it, when you decide whether it is worth it, or not, to get out tomorrow and vote on election day, here in BC.