Not Before March 2013

Like just who the hell are you kidding Mr. Falcon, Premier Clarke? 

Putting aside that your Party caved into the bullying tactics of Stephen Harper, and sold us out to bring in the Harper Stealing Tax, I can’t see myself, or others, willing to vote for you, based on sheer ineptitude.

You can dismantle the PST within weeks, even hold negotiations and come to an agreement on implementing the Harper Stealing Tax, within weeks, but you can’t put it back without it taking a year and a half?

Really, are you people for real, or do you just assume that the 55% of 1.6 million British Columbians are plain stupid?

According to the newspaper report on this travesty of trying to ignore the wishes of the People, your finance Minister also says it is going to cost the province $3 Billion  to reinstate the PST.

Okay, let’s ASSUME that includes the repayment of the bribe from Herr Harper to Tipsy Gordon, that still leaves $1.4 Billion Plus to account for.

Explain please Premier Clarke, Finance Minister Falcon, how in blazes you came up with that figure?  What, you are buying new buildings and equipment?  Even then, how the hell does it add up to that lovely sum?

Oh, and while at it, if the PST cost us $1.4 Billion to manage, why wasn’t that mentioned way back when you brought in the Harper Stealing Tax?  Did it slip your minds?

By the way, Mr. Adrian Dix, where the hell are you?  I mean come on, the people made a statement, where in hell is you and your party on this?  Awfully silent about this victory by the People, you know, the one’s you hope will vote for you in the next Provincial Election?

A victory that was won without any help by you, your predecessor, or your party.

But back to this March 2013 bullshit.  Just explain how something you managed to come up with, and implement in just a short few weeks, can take so long to reverse?

First you stalled the referendum, and now you are stalling in implementing the will of the people. Do you really think that is going to get you a return ticket to power?

Perhaps you aren’t old enough to recall, but when Brown Paper Bag Brian Mulroney implemented the GST, it didn’t take him 18 months to put in place. It happened pretty damn fast, once he forced it down the nation’s throat.  So even if that For Hire Prime Minister could do it in less time, and across an entire nation, just how can you folks justify taking so long to bring back the PST?

Are you really that incompetent Premier Clarke?

Sales Down at Restaurants, Real Estate

And like that is a surprise?

Our local rag [ and believe me it is a rag ] has two articles about how the Real Estate sales are down, and how Restaurant Business is down.   Gee, I wonder why?

CAN WE SAY H.S.T.  [ Harper Stupid Tax ] !

What did Campbell & Harper think would happen when a fragile economy is whacked with an additional 7% in taxes?    The real question isn’t that the Real Estate sales slumped, or that people aren’t eating out as much, but that the cost of doing business went up, overall.

Things COST MORE NOW  by 7% and so far, I sure as hell haven’t seen any price reductions that both the Government & Business said would happen with the implementation of the Harmonized Sales Tax. [ the joining of the Provincial sales tax with Mulroney’s tax grab called the Goods & Services Tax. ]

Clearly we need a new set of Morons to put in charge, in place of the dolts we now have. Seems none of them can do simple math, which is that when you jack up the cost, prices go up, and people buy less,

HST Bullshit

rip off consumersThis morning’s Time Colonist newspaper has a cute little graph, about how this new harmonized tax will be of benefit to business.  Course it makes it sound like business is this benevolent organization, but we all know the truth.  They aren’t.

To begin with, the misconception in the graph is that business pays PST on raw materials it uses to make the finished goods. BULLSHIT!   They are PST EXEMPT which was one of the arguments given WHEN MULRONEY GAVE US THE GST SCAM.   The whole REBATE BULLSHIT was simply a way for the Government to scam money and make it sound like even business was in the same boat as the consumer.


The whole idea that consumers will benefit by gaining cheaper products is absolute BULLSHIT.   Business that now pays PST and won’t under the HST, isn’t about to suddenly reduce their prices one single penny.   WHEN THE GST WAS IMPLEMENTED, THAT WAS THE SAME ARGUMENT & PROVED TO BE TOTALLY 100% FALSE.


In addition, items that the consumer buys today that is PST EXEMPT, NO LONGER WILL BE. Common Sense tells you that if stuff you bought had no PST and now does, it COSTS MORE TO BUY IT.

This is a bad tax, that benefits some businesses, while bringing others to it’s knees. 


We should run Stephen Harper out of the country, along with the other BOUGHT AND PAID FOR POLITICIANS.

You know it is funny. The Liberals in BC got rid of Gordon Wilson as leader, because he had an affair and yet their new leader, Gordon Campbell got convicted of DRUNK DRIVING and remains as leader.   In the US  Gary Hart was forced to drop out of the Presidential Race for having an affair, but Bill Clinton is still a popular Politician who had an affair in the OVAL OFFICE. Not to mention how he kept lying to the public for nine long months.


How To Boost Your Economy, NOT

Gordon Campbell unveiled the new harmonized tax for BC that will take effect in July 2010.

Premier Gordon Campbell announced Thursday that the new sales tax, which will combine the five per cent GST and the seven per cent PST into a single 12 per cent levy called the HST, will take effect in July 2010. ( CBC News )

You have to love the politicians, especially those that are so full of it. I mean Campbell opposed the joining of the PST with the GST and now, suddenly reverses course. What happened? Did Harper get the goods on a wild party, so now suddenly BC is added to the rolls of in sync provinces?

AND doesn’t it make you feel all warm & cozy, having your provincial sales tax ‘harmonize’ with the federal one? One has to love the symantics used, to make something unpopular appear to be, well, comfy, cozy, by using such words as HARMONIZED.   Should call it for what it truly is, CASH GRAB.

We have just gone through a tough economic downturn. Many call it a RECESSION, though myself I call it TAXPAYER RAPE. Seriously, I really do, because it is Big Business that came running to us, the taxpayer, demanding we help them sort out their business problems. In return, we get a higher national debt load, and more jobs lost.

Like how does that work?  We pay them, to save their sorry asses and incompetence, and in return we place a huge debt onto future generations, and at the same time, get fired or ‘laid off’ due to restructuring.  Something is a bit cock eyed here, don’t you think?

Now Mr. Campbell is going to add a further tax grab, in a year, on the backs of the people who are still reeling from this latest business boondoggle. I suppose he figures it’ll all be over in a year anyhow, so we won’t fuss too much.  AND IF IT ISN’T?