She Says She Can Win, but

isn’t going to call a fall election but will wait till 2013.  Uh huh, like Christy my dear, why do I think you will call one much sooner, if the mood is right and you think you can really win, not just say you can.

Everyone was gearing up for a Provincial election this fall, but someone threw a monkey wrench into that grand plan.

It was the Voters, of which 55% of 1.6 million cast a vote to REJECT the Harper Stealing Tax. ( the HST )

I guess when that many are upset, it is wise to not tempt the fates. After all, no way you can predict if that anger will be directed at you, or not.  Course, the fact that you supported that unfair tax might be a clue as to why no fall election.

Now on the other hand, if Christy Clark can con that thief Stephen Harper to not take back our 1.6 Billion dollars, that he used to bribe us with, then perhaps that would be a good time to have an election.

But we all know, that Stephen Harper is not going to do that. After all, what would his bosses in the Corporate World say, about not ripping off the poor and middle class, when you can?

As it stands, it makes more sense to wait till sometime in the future, to take a chance at re-election. After all, look at who she has to face… Adrian Dix and the NDP.

Anyone heard a peep from his nibs, by the way?

It is almost as if the NDP and Mr. Dix have gone on summer vacation. You heard nothing about them, anymore. Not even after the results from the referendum.

One more good reason on why we need more than one choice in our political system. If any Province is close to resembling the mixed up United States system, it is this either or province.

Harpernomics 2

Anyone remember the October election and Stephen Harper’s attitude regarding whether or not our economy was heading for a recession?

How about his constant statement that our economy was not like the other world economies, that due to his stewardship, we’d escape a recession?

Then there is of course Mr. Harper & his party asserting that deficit spending was a big bad no no, and his administration would NEVER accept deficit financing as a solution to economic downturns, remember that?

All who voted Conservative in the last election should be checking to make sure they were wearing rubber boots, so as to not stain their feet with the Harper Bullshit that flew in that election. See, in just a month, Mr. Harper has reversed course on just about everything he pledged in the last election, such as deficit financing, such as economic recession happening in Canada.

Canada could be in a recession later this year or early in 2009, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said on Sunday.

“Since the election, Minister of Finance [Jim] Flaherty has been consulting on a regular basis with experts in the private sector as to what their forecasts are for the economy,” Harper told reporters after attending a two-day summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation group in Lima, Peru. (source- CBC News)


Every major economist, except Stephen Harper & his dolt of a finance minister, Flaherty, predicted not only a looming recession, but severe fiscal deficits in the coming years, PRIOR & DURING THE FALL ELECTION. So, a bunch of people accepted that they were in the pay of the Liberals, and WILLINGLY BELIEVED HARPER and re-elected this buffoon.

I’d much rather have had an honest Prime Minister like Stephane Dion or Jack Layton than a liar like Harper. Ther is no way in hell or heaven, that ecnomic indicators just suddenly appear. Trends DO NOT occur in a month’s time, and have been happening for some time, but Harper & Flaherty hid them, The election call wasn’t because Parliament was unworkable, IT WAS BECAUSE HARPER KNEW BAD ECONOMIC TIMES WERE ALMOST ON US.

To me, that is cold, calculated, and DECEITFUL. 

And as our economy worsens, what is Mister ‘I Know It All’ Harper going to do? Why push more of our industry abroad, add an influx of cheaper labor, cheaper goods from foreign lands, and let us not forget the added tax cuts he is going to give away. Don’t forget how he is willing to trade our safety as well, by letting lower standards prevail in the goods entering for sale in Canada, thanks to his Free Trade Deals, a la George W. Bush.

I will give Stephen Harper credit for being a good scammer. He knew that a victory by his party would throw the Liberals into a leadership race, and would keep him in power for the year, at least. However, the call for an early leadership vote may have surprised him a bit. Who knows, maybe the Liberals should do exactly what they did before, and let Dion lead them again, NOW.

We simply cannot afford to have a man like Stephen Harper as Prime Minister as he hasn’t a clue how to deal with any of this economic mess. He had devastated our economy, our industrial base, and is trying to make Canada a dumping ground for toxic waste. He is mean spirited, and deserves to go into forced retirement with his buddy George W. Bush, the Dictator Supreme.

It really is disheartening, to see a once great nation like Canada, twist in the wind all because we have elected a party that is so anti Canadian, you would swear they were American Republicans. Seriously, the devastated Republican Party has found salvation in the Harper Conservatives. The values that led to their defeat in the US Elections, has put Harper in power up here. That is tragic.

He is no more a true conservative than I am the Pope.

True conservatives would not be throwing money down the drain at failed business, nor would they be ignoring the needs of the less fortunate. They would insure standards were at least maintained, not watered down as Harper & Bush have done. Real Conservatives would also be HONEST and not hide the truth, not fudge the figures, not disclose them. They would support the rights of all citizens, and above all else, would stand up for minorities, again not what the Harper/Bush Conservatives do.