She Says She Can Win, but

isn’t going to call a fall election but will wait till 2013.  Uh huh, like Christy my dear, why do I think you will call one much sooner, if the mood is right and you think you can really win, not just say you can.

Everyone was gearing up for a Provincial election this fall, but someone threw a monkey wrench into that grand plan.

It was the Voters, of which 55% of 1.6 million cast a vote to REJECT the Harper Stealing Tax. ( the HST )

I guess when that many are upset, it is wise to not tempt the fates. After all, no way you can predict if that anger will be directed at you, or not.  Course, the fact that you supported that unfair tax might be a clue as to why no fall election.

Now on the other hand, if Christy Clark can con that thief Stephen Harper to not take back our 1.6 Billion dollars, that he used to bribe us with, then perhaps that would be a good time to have an election.

But we all know, that Stephen Harper is not going to do that. After all, what would his bosses in the Corporate World say, about not ripping off the poor and middle class, when you can?

As it stands, it makes more sense to wait till sometime in the future, to take a chance at re-election. After all, look at who she has to face… Adrian Dix and the NDP.

Anyone heard a peep from his nibs, by the way?

It is almost as if the NDP and Mr. Dix have gone on summer vacation. You heard nothing about them, anymore. Not even after the results from the referendum.

One more good reason on why we need more than one choice in our political system. If any Province is close to resembling the mixed up United States system, it is this either or province.

Not Before March 2013

Like just who the hell are you kidding Mr. Falcon, Premier Clarke? 

Putting aside that your Party caved into the bullying tactics of Stephen Harper, and sold us out to bring in the Harper Stealing Tax, I can’t see myself, or others, willing to vote for you, based on sheer ineptitude.

You can dismantle the PST within weeks, even hold negotiations and come to an agreement on implementing the Harper Stealing Tax, within weeks, but you can’t put it back without it taking a year and a half?

Really, are you people for real, or do you just assume that the 55% of 1.6 million British Columbians are plain stupid?

According to the newspaper report on this travesty of trying to ignore the wishes of the People, your finance Minister also says it is going to cost the province $3 Billion  to reinstate the PST.

Okay, let’s ASSUME that includes the repayment of the bribe from Herr Harper to Tipsy Gordon, that still leaves $1.4 Billion Plus to account for.

Explain please Premier Clarke, Finance Minister Falcon, how in blazes you came up with that figure?  What, you are buying new buildings and equipment?  Even then, how the hell does it add up to that lovely sum?

Oh, and while at it, if the PST cost us $1.4 Billion to manage, why wasn’t that mentioned way back when you brought in the Harper Stealing Tax?  Did it slip your minds?

By the way, Mr. Adrian Dix, where the hell are you?  I mean come on, the people made a statement, where in hell is you and your party on this?  Awfully silent about this victory by the People, you know, the one’s you hope will vote for you in the next Provincial Election?

A victory that was won without any help by you, your predecessor, or your party.

But back to this March 2013 bullshit.  Just explain how something you managed to come up with, and implement in just a short few weeks, can take so long to reverse?

First you stalled the referendum, and now you are stalling in implementing the will of the people. Do you really think that is going to get you a return ticket to power?

Perhaps you aren’t old enough to recall, but when Brown Paper Bag Brian Mulroney implemented the GST, it didn’t take him 18 months to put in place. It happened pretty damn fast, once he forced it down the nation’s throat.  So even if that For Hire Prime Minister could do it in less time, and across an entire nation, just how can you folks justify taking so long to bring back the PST?

Are you really that incompetent Premier Clarke?

Moving from Center to the Left Again

Despite a lack of news, about the Provincial NDP Leadership race, seems that the convention was held, and our new opposition leader is Adrien Dix.  He was the ‘health’ critic under Carol James.

Frankly, I didn’t like him.

According to the news, he’s more ‘left leaning’ than his counterpart Farnsworth, who was more ‘central leaning’.   Like WTF does all that gibberish mean?

It means that until this province gets a viable third party, we are going to continue looking like a pale copy of the USA Republic system of governing. 

You know, that HE SUCKS, I DON’T type of electioneering.  Sort of what our Stevie Boy would like to happen up here, but hey, that’s a different commentary.  LOL

So now BC will have to choose from an either or election, that many say is coming this year. Not sure why, given the ruling party has a mandate for a few more years, but hey, the Pundits are always right, aren’t they?

Polarization never works, you just get a different type of crook in power, and once more, the needs of the people get ignored.

I really hate politics some days, more often than ever before.  This is what happens when people run for election, not to serve the Public, but line their own pockets, or those of their friends.

Cuts Won’t Effect Service

That is the claim by the British Columbia Health Minister, as his department issues memo after memo, to the various health agencies in the province, to cut their budgets.  Apparently the Minister is under the impression that Administrative Costs for various agencies, should be no more than 10%, which is a nice lofty goal.

“What Vancouver Coastal is doing is absolutely correct. They are saying to contract service providers that we are not going to fund administration and overhead costs beyond 10 per cent,” Falcon told the House. ( CBC News )

An interesting claim, really that the Minister would expect agencies that provide help, would have such a low administration cost. I mean what is the administration cost for the Royal Jubilee Hospital? Is it under his TEN PER CENT threshold?

Personally, I happen to agree that way too much money is being spent on Administration, such as the salaries for people like the head of VIHA here, but to expect them to cut their salaries, and not staff, is like expecting Stephen Harper to embrace same sex marriage, and the rights of anyone who is different.  IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN.

Funny thing about this too, is that in order to be a registered charity, the administration costs cannot exceed 40%.  Yet here is the health minister, saying that agencies who provide health, have to be under 10%.   So let me see, raising money to send food relief to Africa can have administration costs 4 times higher than if they provide services for the sick at home?