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This deals with Gay Adult material, NO MINORS ALLOWED I write Gay Fiction. I suppose you would call it EROTIC in nature, simply because it does include SEX. Now if that offends you, or somehow just isn’t for you, may I strongly suggest you not go further.

I write about people, about how they feel and how they get into certain situations, which includes having SEX.

Now I don’t know about you, but sex is a part of life, and if you live in the real world, it happens between Non Married people. It is a fact of life, and while some can live with their heads buried in the sand, others don’t.

Read original free gay erotic stories at Gaystoryman FictionI have written several erotic short stories, which you can read for free, at Gaystoryman’s Fiction.

These are short stories, that has sex as the primary focus in the story. There is some character development, but these are basically stories about situations, and what happens in those situations.

I also have written other fiction, that is a bit longer than your normal erotic short story. These are available on three of my other reading sites. Gay Fiction Reading «» Gay Story Online «» Erotic Ramblings.

If you crave sex stories, don’t want to pay for it, then I suggest you read the over 180 stories currently available at Gaystoryman Fiction.

Then there are the Books.

Read complete gay novels online, at no cost.I am rather proud of them, more than of the stories, though I happen to have a few favorites there as well. I mean, I like the stories, some simply more than others. The Books, well they are a different breed because frankly, they aren’t about the sex. They are about the people, about how they deal with life itself. And sometimes that isn’t always pretty.

If all you seek in your reading is mindless drivel, well I am sorry, but I don’t think any of what I have written will fall into that category. Each story is written with a purpose in mind, a goal. I think in some I have succeeded more than in others, such as my books The Locker & The Secret.

I can’t explain it really, but I put a lot of myself into these books. Perhaps it is the idealism in me, the feeling of wanting to bring attention to issues, or to simply record them, to make a statement. Yet at the same time, I think they entertain, and yes, arouse. I mean for me, LIFE IS AROUSING.

Seriously, when people are faced with what seems are insurmountable odds, and they manage to come through it, battered, perhaps, but unbowed, it is a thrill, a rush that seems to make being alive feel so much better. Yes, sex is part of that rush, but then too, feeling the love, feeling the excitement, adds to the feelings that are generated when one is engaged in sex.

All of my work showcased on my sites, is 100% FREE.

There are no fees, no need to register or anything, for you to enjoy reading them.

It would be nice if you left a comment, good or bad, but that is your choice to make.

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