About Dave & Me

my love

This is David, my wife, partner, whatever you wish to call it.

We were married legally by a Rabbi on January 21 2005 and have been together for nearly ten years now as lovers too. We live together before and well, even mom calls Dave ‘the wife’ so it works well for us.

Dave was born on October 17 and will be 29 this year. It is odd because he shares his birthday with my dad who passed away four years ago.

Funny thing is that Dave is almost a carbon copy of Dad. He loves to tinker with mechanical things, is super at fixing stuff and has the patience of a Saint at times. He’s got real talent and makes me feel very proud of him.

Hate him too, because he weighs a paltry 120 pounds and eats well, specially chocolate and other sweets. Loves his junk food yet in ten years he’s gained perhaps 5 pounds, which really irritates me. I mean, I see a cake or donut and gain 5 pounds.

He’s a bit shorter than me, and is about 5ft 11in and has the whitest skin I have ever seen. Seriously, even in the summer he’s white as he burns easy, but man is it ever smooth. I love to run the hands over it, though he usually winds up laughing and squirming as he is really very ticklish too. Makes for fun at times.

Dave currently works shipping and selling artifacts from Indonesia and has his own website up too. I am redesigning it as I really didn’t like the way it looked. He has some nice pieces for sale there as well.  DM Gifts is the name and you might want to check it out if that’s your thing.

He is talented too. I mean he can draw and does some neat little paintings on rocks. Wish he’d do some more painting but he’s just way too busy lately. Hopefully that will change this fall.

Dave is pretty good mechanically too. I mean he knows his older cars and can make them work better than new, sometimes. He’s also very patient and is a good tinkerer. Just like my dad was. Dave is like a junior version of him which is weird because Dave’s birthday was the same as Dads, ( October 17th )They got along like a house on fire.

Mom adores him too, and we both refer to him as ‘wifey’ which he seems to not mind. Hell even our dog recognizes the term and goes nuts looking for him when we talk about ‘wifey’. Funny how dogs can understand that stuff.

He is very good natured too, bit forgetful but then no one is perfect. Has the greatest dimples too when he smiles, and well, he really does brighten up a person’s life a lot. So maybe now you can understand why I talk so much about him. He’s what makes it worth while getting up.