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Does Sovereignty Exist Anymore?

With 294 Members of Parliament supporting the motion to continue to bomb and interfere in the internal going on’s of a foreign nation, I wonder, what will happen if suddenly Quebec opts out of Confederation?

Will the United States and the European Union begin bombing runs on Ottawa if Canada chooses to NOT allow Quebec to separate, by use of force?

Think about it, because this is scary shit happening, when we commit our Military to actually force another Country’s leader out of office.  All of it, based on the assumption that a small select group represents the true majority of that Nation.

Even in his comments, Baird is claiming that the NATO response is gradually weakening support for Ghadafi, which says to me, that until NATO intervened, he had the majority of support, not the so called freedom group.

So, what truly gives us the right to send our people, into a foreign country, to usurp the Government in Control?

Sure, I support Democracy, but then, isn’t Democracy about freedom of choice? Isn’t the oldest form of Democracy, found in religion, where GOD gave us, his children free will?  And isn’t that free will, that freedom, about making our own choices, without hindrance, without retribution?

Seems to me we aren’t truly supporting Democracy, but the vested interests of big business, such as the defense contractors and the oil industry.  How is that supporting freedom?

Ground Troops in Libya?

I am totally confused about this entire Libyan mess, that we are now embroiled in.

Both the UK & France are sending ‘advisors’ into Libya, to help this supposed Freedom Movement.  I call it “supposed” simply because no one seems able to clearly explain who they are, who they actually represent?

I know who is the Opposition in Canada, at the moment it is the NDP, GREEN, Liberals, & BLOC, but who are these folks claiming they represent the oppressed Libyans?  

Anyone bothered to check, before they started committing our Military Forces?

I wonder too, about whether or not we would be now sending “Advisors” into Libya, if it wasn’t a major supplier of Oil?  I mean look at Syria.  They are no better than Libya, have revolts there, have killed their own citizens, so how come there is a no fly zone there?

How come the Eygptian Military was allowed to disband and overturn an actual elected government, without any Military Intervention?

Now many went into Iraq as well, and hey guess what, it too is a major Oil Producer.  Hmmm, do I smell a pattern here?

Didn’t go into the Sudan or the Congo either. Haven’t gone into Saudia Arabia yet, or Bahrain.  They are having so called  “freedom” riots too, so uh, why did they escape Military Intervention? 

Oh wait, they are our Allies, aren’t they? They have good contracts with the Oil Companies.  

Think I am onto something here?

Why Libya and Not The Ivory Coast

This whole issue of our forces supporting alleged freedome fighters in Libya, has me a bit perplexed. I mean we all know Ghadafi is a tyrant, a rather nasty piece of work, but why there?

What about Syria? I mean he is supposedly even worse than Ghadafi when it comes to murdering his own people.

Then there is Iran.  Now there you have to admit is a real piece of work. I mean they still stone women there, for letting themselves be raped. They hang Homosexuals, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Like most of the IADs come from Iran, that kill American Soldiers in Iraq.  They give out a ton of money too, mainly to any group who hates America. Oh, and let us not forget their drive to have a Nuclear Bomb.

Then there is the Ivory Coast.  People elected a government, so the UN says.  The old guy in charge refused and there you go. Lots of clashes, violence, and oh yeah, a Civil War. 

Tons of murders but oh my, where are all of us concerned Western Civilizations?  Are we putting togehter a no fly zone there? How about some Aircraft to help the duly elected government forces, defeat the old guard?

Why just a 1000 got butchered recently, but the UN believes the old Guard is nearly defeated.  Course, without any help from the UN, despite its condemnation.

Perhaps Mr Harper can explain that to me. I mean why are we attacking the legitimate government of an oil producing state, while ignoring the needs of freedome fighters, who are supporting a duly elected one?

I mean no one elected those so called freedom fighters in Libya, nor do we know much about them, do we? I guess, there is one simple reason why thousands can be butchered in the Ivory Coast, while our Aircraft are bombing Libya.


More Troops & Equipment to Libya

Does anyone, other than the Oil Companies, Stock Market Gurus, & Politicians KNOW what the mission is in Libya?

We are told it is to support Freedom, to disuade a bad man from punishing his people.   That is what we are told, but is it real?

Who are these Freedom Fighters opposing Ghadafi? Anyone but the Oil Companies & Politicians know?  DO YOU?

And yet, we are sending more troops, more equipment to Libya, to fight Ghadafi.  We have NO declaration of war, no Parliamentary debate even on the subject, but our Troops & Materials are there, with more to arrive.

Makes you wonder, just what makes this, a Democracy?

It Is About OIL, Not Freedom

The MEDDLING into the domestic affairs of Libya isn’t about Human Rights, about Protecting the Libyan People, but about securing more Oil Reserves for the Oil Companies.

It is about Profits, not about securing Freedom or Human Rights.

We are not waging WAR, simply because the huge Oil Conglomerates & Defence Contractors are seeking MORE PROFITS.  To even assume that this is because Ghadifi is the most vile creature on the planet is ludicrous, when we do TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS with Communist China.

How many TENS OF MILLIONS OF CHINESE people are being held as Slave Labor in various Government Re-Education Camps?

Or how about how many are being tortured and outright killed in Saudi Arabia? Bahrain? Kuwait? Syria? and other various countries, include Hugo Chavez’s Venezuala?

Hey let us not forget Iran or Yemen, or the Congo?

IF we are about protecting the rights of freedom fighters, how come we aren’t at war right now with many of those African Dicatorships, or how about getting rid of the Pirates?

Just what right do we have, to use force against another Country, that hasn’t declared war or invaded us?

I hate the dictatorship of Ghadafi, and no, he’s not a nice person, but he’s no different than the King of Saudi Arabi, of the President of Syria or the Monster in charge of Iran.

So How Come We Aren’t Attacking Them?

How come we aren’t supporting those freedom fighters who oppose those regimes?