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Never Mind One Day Make It A Month

Frankly, I think over the years, there has been a huge disconnect between the people, and those elected to represent them. I don’t know how it happened, but it has.

Our elected officials have no clue what life is really like, as they are sheltered from it all. Even if they are defeated, the blow is softened by the golden pensions they get, and the extra health benefits that go with having served in elected office.

On television, they have a reality show, where you make the politician do your job for a day. And like, that is supposed to help them understand our problems? Somehow I just don’t see it.

Like take Flaherty or Harper, who are doing a lot of talking about balancing the budget, on the backs of the poor, on law enforcement, on health care, and the lower income people.  They simply don’t have a clue, how gas prices impacts our daily lives, because frankly, they don’t have to worry about putting food on the table, on balancing a household budget that has limited resources.

I’d like to see Stephen Harper change places with me for one single month.  Then let’s see what he thinks of his tax cut program for the rich, for the big corporations.

And no cheating either. I mean let him get up every morning, to get breakfast ready for a 94 year old, and try to grab a cup of coffee, before having to change a lady, or get the bathroom ready for the home support worker.

Let him have to change urine soaked depends not once, not twice, not even three times, but often four times.

Let him have to try and work, while listening to the wheezing and whimpering of an old lady, whose lungs just aren’t what they used to.

Let him try to accomplish his work, while having to get up several times, to follow her to the bedroom, for a change, or to the coughing, making sure she isn’t choking.

Let him try to plan dinner on an income of under $3,000.00 per month, while also accounting for paying the co payment on medications. Also try to make sure there is enough money to pay for the car insurance, the hydro that is about $300 a month. Let’s not forget the rent that takes $1400 out of that monthly income too.

Oh and how about the cost of medications not covered by BC Med. Let’s see how he manages to cope with all that, for a full month, and then talk about how a $50 a month increase in the GIS for seniors is adequate.

Let’s see how he handles having to pay the water bill of over $200 and still manage to keep fresh fruit in the house, for the diet of an old person, so her bowels will continue to stay unplugged. Oh, and let’s not forget having to pay for the laxatives, stool softeners and liquid laxatives that are also needed.  Maybe he’ll reconsider buying 62 fighter jets at $75 Million a pop?

When he talks about how he expects BC to repay the HST money, should they defeat it, maybe he can figure out why it was opposed so vehemently by the people? Maybe he’ll come to understand that medications are now 12% more, when before they only had a 5% tax on them.

Maybe he’ll understand why we want action taken on Gas Companies, when he has to decide whether or not to buy bread at $4.49 a loaf, or wait till it goes on sale for $2.50, because a 94 year old prefers that bread.

Maybe if he walked in my shoes for a month, he might learn that not everyone can simply walk into a grocery store, and buy what they want, but can only get some of what they need, due to the cost.

Perhaps they’ll understand that we need a real alternative to fossil fuels, when he has to figure out how to keep the tank full, and yet still pay for food, housing, and bank interest charges on the VISA.

Maybe he’ll understand why we don’t eat steak even once every two weeks, and why we shop at more than one grocery store, just to get the bargains on the stables.  Perhaps then he’ll reconsider his idea of privatizing every inspection program for food, and understand that a ‘best before date’ really doesn’t mean it’s less fresh, but that’s it is a health risk.

Maybe, just maybe, if Stephen Harper took my place for one month, he might actually get some compassion, for those of us who aren’t Oil Execs, or CEO’s of some fancy corporation, or big shots at a Bank.

Maybe, just maybe, he might realize, when he became Prime Minister, it was to represent ALL OF US.

Three Day Mail Delivery?

So let me see, the employees of Canada Post are on rotating strikes, so management decides to announce that due to a drop in mail volume, it is going to move to cutting service to delivery three days per week.

Oh that has to be going over well with the Postal Union Members.   Those who weren’t thrilled about being on strike, sure as hell are now.

So just what is the grand plan here?

I mean come on, Canada Post is actually making money, so why the switch in delivery?  Do they really believe that mail volume will suffice as an excuse? I mean sure, the amount of mail may be less, but hey, look at the damn prices they charge.

Then there is the whole labor issue. I mean cutting delivery to three days, costs each postal carrier, about what, $400 a week?  And Harper figures they’ll accept that without a murmur?

Is this just a way to actually make Canada Post unviable, so it can be sold to one of Harper’s campaign contributors for a dirt cheap price?

Thing is, not everyone has a computer, or internet access. And let’s be honest, the Internet is about to become more expensive thanks to those who voted Conservative. Now the cable outfits have a free hand to raise their rates, without any interference.  So that isn’t such a great choice, now is it?

Then there is the whole ‘online security’ thing. I mean hell, if Harper’s own website can be hacked, and information lifted, do we really expect to have better security with getting our bills online?

Don’t forget the recent hacking into Government Agencies either, so really Canada Post is a more viable alternative. Without it, what do we have? Where will Seniors pick up their bills, or are they simple expected to pay whatever hydro and cable say they owe?

Something stinks in the straits of Denmark, or in this case, in Canada Post Headquarters.

When Will It All End?

History repeats itself, so they (whoever the fuck they is) tell us, until we learn the lessons History is supposed to teach us.  Guess we are still learning, when it comes to regulating the GREED of Big Business, like the Oil Industry.

Stephen Harper gives them tax cuts, when they are responsible for the last depresseion. Course can’t call it that, have to be politically correct and call it a ‘market correction’ or for those who look at the dark side of it,  a recession.

High rampant gas prices, rocked the entire World, causing unprecedented stimulus packages, that involved TRILLIONS WORLD WIDE.   Up here, our Stevie Boy threw away Sixty Billion of our hard earned money.  Course, we won’t ever know just how much, until we rid ourselves of that Corporate Puppy Dog.

During the Election, gas prices remained stable, now in just a week plus since the election, we have had TWO JUMPS in the Price.   Gee, coincidence?

Just how much can the low income & middle class take, before we simply disappear into the depths of total despair?

EVERYTHING is dependent on gas, which in turn means that as it goes up, so does everything else go up. People seemed to have ignored that, during our last Federal Election, and instead of defeating a puppett for that Industry, many voted to not only return him to power, but to give him his majority.

We lost our edge, our ability to insure we had some say, in our own lives.  Stephen Harper will now be unchecked, and the result, I think is starting to show, by the brazen increases in gas prices.  They know he will do nothing, but maybe increase the tax cuts for them, while they bleed us dry.

Maybe I am too pessimistic, but you know, given his past, I think we are in for a very rough few years. The question is going to be, will these prices keep going on, or will they settle, drop a bit, or not? IF they do keep rising, what relief will come from the Federal Government? 

Anything?   I THINK NOT!


Who Can You Trust

Both Flaherty & Harper said there would be no deals on the Budget, due today.  ZERO DEALS.

Guess who has called for last minute talks with the NDP to stave off a possible election call?

Why Flaherty & Harper, of course.

And here comes Jack Layton, to rescue the Harper Regime, or not?  It is anyone’s guess, but you know, almost as bad as Harper, is the GUTLESS OPPOSITION LEADERS, and not just from the NDP, but from the Liberals as well.

Their only saving grace, is they aren’t as evil, as despicable, as bought & paid for, as the Harper Gang is.

Rather sad, isn’t it?

An Economist Who Can’t Do Math

and what is worse, he is our Prime Minister.

I mean go figure, how in fuck can a so called Economist, and all the other so called Conservative Experts, not realize that the cost of a plane is twice as much, as they presented to Parliament?

The new fighters ordered by our ever penny pinching Prime Minister is now going to cost us TWICE AS MUCH AS ESTIMATED.

All these fancy accounting tricks, that the Conservatives use, show one simple thing.

They Can’t Add!

Stephen Harper is on the airwaves, telling us how fragile our economy is, how good he’s made things, despite a world depression, and why we shouldn’t make any changes right now.

Uh, sorry, but if you can’t add One & One, you gotta go. And when One & One is BILLIONS, well, no wonder he’s hiding just where all those Infrastructure Payments went.  Kind of makes me wonder, is our Deficit really at Sixty Billion last year, or did he goof up his math again, and it is really  A Hundred & Twenty Billion?

Time we sent Stephen Harper & his gang back to school, so they can learn how to do their sums.