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Day of Wrath

Well, the latest and final pages of Day of Wrath are now available online for everyone to read. The story is updated in time for the New Year, early too. The final pages are all available, and soon we’ll be beginning a new novel.

I still have to work out the format for it, but have a working title of Twenty One Days. This is going to be a totally different story too. I have a passion for politics, in case you haven’t noticed so I thought, why not combine that passion with my other, which is writing. So this is going to be a political story, but with a slant. It will be basically about an election campaign, and one of the leaders is going to be Gay. Should be interesting, I hope. So that is the new project for 2007.

In the meantime, Day of Wrath, will be formatted into PDF and made available at my main Book Site, Gay Persuasions. Illustrations or photographs will be included in the PDF version, as they are with the books at Gay Persuasions.

Day Late But

Day of Wrath has been updated and is now available online for your reading. The latest instalment is a corker, so hopefully you will enjoy it.

You also might be interested in checking out the advance order for the new adult dvd, Hate Crime that is about to hit the shelves. It is a rather interesting take on the issues we have raised in Day of Wrath.

gay bashing dvd

Another Story Update

Day of Wrath, my serial story about Gay Bashing is updated, and you can read this story online now.

book cover Day of Wrath

Story Update

Yes it is indeed that time again, and we have UPDATED our Serial Gay Story “Day of Wrath“.

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Wrath Update

Yep, it is that time once again and we have just uploaded the latest pages for our Serial Fiction story, Day of Wrath.

The latest update of this story begins on Page 461.

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