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Candidates With Answers?

So the old war horse, Newt Gingrich thinks that people are looking for candidates that have the answers, or so he says. Naturally he thinks he is perhaps one of those types, though I rather doubt he knows what a real honest answer is. After all this is the guy who thinks English should be the national language and the rest is just ‘ghetto talk‘.

Then too, he is also the one who went after Clinton and us Homo’s because we are simply philanderers, while he is Saint Newt. Course he has been married three times, and confessed to an affair during that time.. So like this is the Candidate with Solutions?

Gingrich, 63, has tried to rehabilitate his image by admitting publicly to his extramarital affair during the Clinton impeachment scandal. He made the admission in an interview last month with Focus on the Family founder James Dobson, and he won praise for the acknowledgment from another conservative Christian leader, the Rev. Jerry Falwell. (see Story)

Rather interesting that this comes out now. I mean after reading the news about his gaffs, and his so called confession, and support from the great hypocritical leaders of the Evangelical movement, I have to shake my head. Then I went and watched Robin Williams in the movie ‘Man of the Year‘ and had a riot.

If Newt wants solutions, he should watch the movie. It truly is a great parody on the current situation in the USA, where electronic voting is pushed and no one knows who the people really voted for. Instead its a numbers game determined by a computer algorithm. Pretty scary stuff in the movie, but one that is very real, I think.

Both mom and Dave watched it with me, and you know it truly was entertaining. Yes there was some slow moments, but I gotta love the debate scene. It makes me wish that some politician out there had the balls to do it. To speak the Truth and let the chips fall where they will.

Now that would be a candidate worth voting for.

Newt wants candidates with solutions? Well, maybe Robin Williams should run for President. Least it would be entertaining, and a darn site more honest than anything we gonna see from the likes of Clinton, Romney, McCain or the others.

Duelling Dicks video review

The wife and I enjoy a special time each friday night. We go out and pay money to rent a video and sit together to enjoy it. Now that might sound odd, because after all I do offer 1000’s of titles for rent through my pay per view pages. Both here and on my other websites.

However, there is something about the two of us sitting together enjoying maybe some popcorn, or just being next to each other that we prefer. Plus it is nice to well, watch it on a bigger screen than my computer monitor. Now, if our television was newer, then I’d more than likely use the pay per view option of streaming the movie from the computer to the television, but hey, it isn’t.

So we rented, and yes it cost us money, Duelling Dicks. The wife liked the idea of perhaps guys having dick fights or something. Don’t really know, but what we got was about an hours worth of garbage.

Hands cover up the cocks, camera angles give you some really good thigh shots, even butt cheeks, but penetration? Long slimy poles?  Nah, who needs that in a porn video, or so the producers obviously feel. (excerpt from the Full Review)

I suppose we got a dud, but you know. After watching several videos over the last little while, I am convinced that those producing this stuff are clueless as to what is entertainment, and what is really a rip off. For me and the wife, this was the latter.

Maybe I am just too picky, but when Dave pulls his pants up after 15 minutes because nothing is getting him hard, you know it really isn’t good.

Another Bel Ami video review

Last week David and I watched a Bel Ami dvd. Dave likes to watch his porn and you know, I don’t mind some of it. Frankly I find most of it rather boring and annoying. You know the music, the fake grunts and groans. Still as Dave is already renting a video, I thought why not use that time to review the actual video.

Not some phoney bullshit either, but let you know exactly how I feel about that particular video.

Overall, this particular scene just didn’t take off for me. It was too stilted and not what I have come to expect from Bel Ami or the actors. The sex sounds were too unreal or overplayed for my tastes. They rang false and that usually turns me off immediately. (excerpt from full Review)

If you have done any browsing at this site, you will know I do enjoy my Bel Ami. I have a whole section dedicated to them actually. Still I was not all that thrilled by this video. You can read the entire review by Clicking Here.

Day Late But

Day of Wrath has been updated and is now available online for your reading. The latest instalment is a corker, so hopefully you will enjoy it.

You also might be interested in checking out the advance order for the new adult dvd, Hate Crime that is about to hit the shelves. It is a rather interesting take on the issues we have raised in Day of Wrath.

gay bashing dvd

Be Sure To Get These

There are some super new releases available for your DVD collection. Thanks to the folks at TLA Video, you can Pre Order several titles to insure that when they are available, you won’t have to wait around for them. This Pre Order option is now available for the compilation novel, Boy’s Briefs 3 which is a collection of eight short stories on DVD.

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If you have been reading our serial story, Day of Wrath, then you might want to take a look at this DVD titled Hate Crime. It’s on the same line as our story Rage and Day of Wrath and is also now available for Advance Ordering from TLA Video.

gay bashing movie on dvd

We kind of like this one too, as this is an election year in the USA, this DVD is about a Senator who has a gay kid and the way its exploited and used against him. Haven’t seen it yet, but it is on our list of DVDs to add to our own Collection. Poster Boy is available from TLA Video on an advanced order right now, but least you’ll know its coming.

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