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Jason & Skateboard Slam Story

Not too sure why, but the more I keep reading the short story Skateboard Slam, the more I enjoy it. Seriously it really does seem to be becoming one of my favorites.

Course the fact that we used Jason from Teen Boy Models is a big help too. I mean there is just something about him that makes one feel more of the story than if not.

Teen Boy Model Jaysun

I know he is also the cover model for the full length schoolboy secret story, The Locker, but damn, both of them are rapidly becoming a favorite around here. I mean the long flowing blonde hair of this boy from down under is amazing. The pictures of him don’t really do him justice though. I mean he really does look cuter, or so my imagination keeps telling me.

Some Jaysun facts courtesy of Teen Boy Models of Australia.

Star Sign : Pisces
Age : 18
Height : 5′ 10″
Weight : 142lbs
Hair Color : Blond
Eye Color : Blue
Body Type : Toned
Smooth/Hairy : Smooth
Favorite Sports : Skateboarding, Surfing & Basketball
Favorite Movie : Shawshank Redemption
Favorite TV Show : Everybody Loves Raymond
Favorite Music : Ben Harper, Jack Johnson
Favorite Band/Artist : Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals
Favorite Color : White, Cream
Favorite Destination : Gallipolis islands
Why? : Because there are many interesting creatures and it’s very isolated.

Skateboard Slam is a short erotic story about a skateboarder who is bushwacked by a new neighbour. It really is interesting too as you discover a whole lot more about both the skateboarder and the devious old man that way lays him.

I think what I enjoyed the most in writing this erotic tale, was the ending itself. Now that it is also available as not just a PDF download, but also as a narrated story, I think the added photographs of Jaysun kind of help push the story along. Sure makes the old hand move faster!

Solitary Seduction

Have you ever wanted to just do away with the clicking for the next story page?

How about not having to scroll down the page in order to read the story?

Now you can with our Erotic Narrated Stories over at our Gay Persuasion website. No more scrolling, or endless clicks.

Solitary Seduction erotic story

Adam from Teen Boy Models is the star of our Narrated Story “Solitary Seduction” which is now available in one simple easy PDF download for those who prefer reading.

Or, you can download the audio/visual presentation of this erotic story as well.