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What’s Been Happening

I know, not much has been posted here lately, and there is a valid reason.

I’ve been busy dealing with Mom’s health, that has gotten a bit worse, over the last few months, and had to make a change in our family Doctor. Let me say, that has been an experience and a half.

If anyone wants to follow that procedure, and dealing with caring for a 92 year old lady, check out my Google Group Here.

Politics and current events seem unimportant, when one deals with the health issues of a parent. It isn’t easy, and is very time consuming which is okay, but it is the mental stress that is the hard part. Coping is not easy, but hopefully I’ll be able to manage posting more, as I get into the new routine, & schedule.

20 Hours of Grief

In case you noticed, the links were somehow generating a 404 error when clicked on. The front page loaded fine, but nothing else.  Seems I added a plugin that had a conflict and it took me all of today to figure it out, and solve the error.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I am now hairless if that helps…


Did You Have Fun Today?

Hope someone enjoyed today, cause it really sucked around here.

To begin with, the damn server went KAPLOO and the backup generator thingee at the host, well it got cranky around 11am and so the site, all of my sites, went for a nice long snooze.  Then when they managed to get it back, the old server thought it should host the site, but as it didn’t have the right code, well it put the site up as being Suspended.

Like I know what that all means?  I AM BLOND!

So for now, things appear back to normal, fingers crossed.

Internet Gremlins

I am 53 years old, but I have to say I feel like a man of a hundred or so, given all the computer gremlins that have been hitting my poor little host and server. I really don’t know yet, what the problem is, but it is causing the sites I run to not load for people, or if it is, sure isn’t for me.

It is annoying, as it does make some think I have just packed up and gone, but that isn’t the case. Hopefully those who have subscribed to the feeds, who have linked to the sites, aren’t too pissed, and will continue to have patience as my Host works to find the problem causing these gremlins to shut the site down at the most inopportune times.

Anyhow, for those who have tried, and failed, please keep trying. Eventually the service geeks get it working, and hopefully, each time, it’ll stay working. Fingers crossed, as I need a drink. ONE HUGE ONE!


Well, a long day is finally coming to a close, I hope.

In case you might have noticed, we have had some strange downtime today, due to moving from an old server, and hosting plan, to a new more improved box, and upgraded hosting plan, so as to make things run faster, smoother. And like all things these days, what should be a simple push of a button turns into a hair pulling nightmare.

Thanks to James at Ez Provider Net for doing a bang up job in sticking to the issue, and getting it all worked out, so hopefully this site will load faster, be easier to manage (on my end) and well, just keep on chugging away.