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A GOD Movie That Made Sense

I am not what you’d call ‘mainstream’ religious.  I believe in GOD, but not the way today’s organized religion portrays it.  Guess that makes me a Heathen, in some eyes, especially those wing nuts who think Gays are sinners, are Anti God.  That is their opinion, I just wish they’d stop trying to force that on the entire world.

Can we all say Republicans & HARPER CONSERVATIVES?

The other night Mom & I watched  ‘ To Save A Life’ which isn’t your A List movie, with any real A List actors.  It had a bit too much ‘religion’ in it, but then again, that is just me.  Point is, it was rather insightful, into a problem that many RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS are ignoring.


Kids commit suicide, and Gay Teens top the list, yet today’s media barely covers those stories, and when they do, they generally get it wrong.   The Media will take a kid, who is crying out for help, and distort it into some revenge killing, or something else.

In this movie, a kid walked into school, pulled a gun out, shot it in the air, then killed himself.

The Media, and everyone else, labelled him as a troubled teen out to kill his fellow students, but the truth was, he was tired of being the butt of his classmates jokes, was tired of being alone.  His best friend, the popular High School Jock had turned his back on him, for a girl, for being Cool and with the IN CROWD.

I remember the Columbine Shootings, and look back at how sensationalized the Media made it, and yet, has anyone really come up with the answer, as to WHY?

We spend a lot of time, energy on striving to be just like everyone else.To have the latest gadgets, the latest SUV’s, and we join the POPULAR movements, throw the lavish dinner parties, and of course, talk about how important GODis to us.   I look at people like Sarah Palen, Mitt Romney, Stephen Harper, Vic Toews, and I want to puke.


Yet that is exactly what these people do, they HATE OTHERS, simply because they do not conform to their beliefs.  So what if I have sex with another man, and want to have the same rights as every other citizen?   That is what FREEDOM MEANS, and if these so called Religious Upright Moral People truly did believe in GOD, then they’d be on the front lines DEMANDING I RECEIVE THOSE RIGHTS.

After all, GOD was the first to recognize that MAN served him best, when he had a FREE CHOICE.

By calling people FREAKS, PERVERTS, we send signals to our children, who aren’t yet able to shrug that crap off. We set up a caste system, that ignores the beauty of many, simply because of some perceived imperfection.   Yet we keep electing these morons, and you know, the reality of that is this.


God Fearing

It is a popular phrase by many of today’s so called Conservatives & Evangelicals.  To be a good God Fearing Christian.  To me that is so much utter BULLSHIT!

I am not a Christian, but a Jew, and you know, I will NEVER FEAR MY GOD!

I LOVE HIM, I ADORE HIM, AND I WORSHIP HIM, which is as it should be. He is the true father, who will love me unconditionally, no matter how much I screw up, how much I may bend, and break his rules, because he is the FATHER OF US ALL!

He is Stephen Harper’s father, Adolph Hitler’s father, and Mine too.  Like any Father, he may be disappointed in what his children do, in his name, or even against him, but he is not to be feared, to be cowed by, but to be loved, to be respected, because simply, he is our father.

So for those religious neanderthals, like Stephen Harper & Vic Toews who hate others, who preach intolerance, who try to undermine equality, take heed. You have no need to fear your father, for he still loves you, for all your hatred, your evil ways.  Just as he loves all who try to do their best, who try to love their fellow man even though their fellow man doesn’t want that.


Minority Rights

They are saying it is a victory for Gay Rights, but the truth is, it is a victory for Human Rights and Democracy. The ruling in Iowa, that over turns the law that declared marriage, was between a man & woman only, is not about altering religious beliefs, but is in fact, an Affirmation of Religious Freedoms.

Granted, many who believe that a man marrying another man is some form of sin, or just not natural, don’t quite see it that way, but then, they never will. Truth of the matter is, that you or I, should be allowed to believe what we want, but that our laws, our CIVIL LAWS, should meet the needs of all of its citizens, not just those in the Majority.

It is why so many Irish immigrated to the USA and why the entire Colonies of North America even began. It was an escape from Religious Persecution, where one Religious Order attempted to foist it’s brand of religion, on the entire population. That simply goes against everything in our make up, and isn’t what makes up, given to us from GOD? So to ignore that, isn’t that going against HIM?

None of us, gay or straight, baptist or catholic, jew or muslin, can know with any 100% certainity, that what we believe, is the Gospel. None of us, are that lucky to know what is GOD’s plan for us, or for that matter, if HE even exists. It is our FAITH that keeps us going, in believing, and how we choose to honor that faith, is sometimes what gets us into trouble.

To deny me, and David, our rights to marry, under civil law, to deny us the same civil benefits that a man & woman have, is not what Democracy is about, nor is it what GOD is about. HE gave us FREE WILL, or so we claim, so why then do so many make it their life mission to try and deny us that freedom? Why do they believe that their belief, their values, must be ours, as well?

The ruling in Iowa changes nothing for Catholics or Mormons, nor for Jews, Muslims, or any other religion. Nor did any of the preceeding rulings, that acknowledge the rights of a minority, to enjoy the benefits that a majority enjoy, alter those core beliefs. What this ruling in Iowa does, is RE-ENFORCE THE RIGHTS OF ALL MAN, INCLUDING THOSE WHO DISAGREE.

This is not a victory for Gay Rights, but for every Catholic or Mormon who wants to believe that homosexuality is wrong, or is a sin against GOD. It says, they are entitled to hold their beliefs, but it also says, that no one can force them to believe differently. It isn’t about Gay Rights, but about Human Rights, about ending persecution and about insuring that every single citizen, can believe in a GOD they want to beleve in, but that their believe, cannot be forced on others, who simply disagree, or don’t see it their way.


Even if it Kills the Mother

The Vatican has come out in favor of the decision by the Brazilian Archbishop, who ex communicated local doctors who performed an abortion on a nine year old girl. Seems, the nine year old girl, was impregnated by her step father, who is alleged to have sexually abused her, since she was six years old.

The story continues, that the abortion was performed, when it was discovered that she was pregnant, with twins, after complaining of stomach pain. The Doctors moved to save her life, because of concern that her body was unable to deliver a child, let alone twins.

Now the doctors, who moved to save a girl’s life, are supposedly denied entry to Heaven, and are banished from the Church.  Odd, isn’t it, as this same Vatican, under Pope Benedict, tried to have return to the fold a man who believes the Holocaust never happened.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? I mean even if you assume or accept, that an abortion is morally wrong, is tantamount to murder, how then do you justify allowing the mother, who is 9, to die in childbirth? How do you equate her death, and possible the death of the twins at the same time, as being morally right, and abortion wrong, in this case?

Bishop Williamson sort of apologized, but  not enough for the various Jewish Groups, and supposedly the Vatican. Least that is the news, but as a Jew, I have a problem with this whole issue. I have a problem with a Pope who claims he never knew the outlandish sentiments of this Bishop, though it took him quite some time to come out and demand the guy give an apology. However my problem is, why should this Bishop even be asked for one?

Does him standing up, saying he’s sorry for thinking that way, for preaching that the Nazi’s never murdered 12 million odd people, of which half were mostly Jewish, suddenly make him a believer that they did? Does it suddenly erase the hurt it created? And so he says it, does that mean he even means it? The apology that is.

In his statement, Williamson expressed regret.

“If I had known beforehand the full harm and hurt to which they would give rise, especially to the church, but also to survivors and relatives of victims of injustice under the Third Reich, I would not have made them,” he said.

“To all souls that took honest scandal from what I said, before God, I apologize.” ( source – CBC News )

It is hard for me to accept, that any apology given would be sincere. Seems to me, that if he did make one, even with just what he said, would be insincere, as he is under pressure. This isn’t about him changing his mind, but about him seeking to regain entry into the fold. So frankly, any apology is going to be tainted by whether or not it is real, or just spoken to satisfy & calm the angry mob.

If, after being put forward for this redemption, as they call it, he had come out on his own, to apologize, to say he was wrong, that the Holocaust was, as we all know it to be, a horrible reality of History, then perhaps one could argue it was sincere. However, any apology that comes, under pressure, can’t be considered real, or honest. It shouldn’t even be asked for.

The Pope, for some personal reason, wants him back, tried to slip it through, got caught, and is now doing damage control, and like sheep, we the people are buying into it. NO APOLOGY MADE NOW, WILL BE ACCEPTED AS SINCERE. I mean come on, is it any different than any other coercision tactic?

Once the thoughts and words of this Bishop Williamson were made known, his retribution should have been revoked. The offer to reinstate him should have been taken back, and that is how one should deal with it. To try and cover it up with excuses, then force someone to say what they obviously don’t believe, is just as bad as what the man originally stated.

There has to be real consequences in life, not perceived ones. If the man truly believes that the Holocaust didn’t murder that many people, fine, let him believe it, let him spew his crap, BUT DON’T REWARD HIM FOR PUBLICLY DENYING WHAT HE BELIEVES.

You cannot make people believe what they don’t want to. Many still think George Bush is the greatest President, many still think Brian Mulroney was a super Prime Minister, many think Trudeau was an arrogant prick, and many also still believe Hitler wasn’t so bad. Just as many honestly believe homosexuals are evil, are sinners, and that it is a choice.

You cant change them by forcing them to acknowledge they are wrong. All you can do is stand beside them, support their right to speak their foul thoughts, and shout louder than them, that they are wrong, and show them the proof. Show them the death camps, the meticulous records that the Nazi’s kept of the names of the murdered millions. Show them the marks on the arms, and when those have passed on, shove the photos of those marks in their faces, but don’t stoop to their level.

Williamson, should not be forced to apology, instead the offer of taking him back should simply, be revoked. The one who should be apologizing, is the Pope, for not doing his homework, so he claims.