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VIHA Fails Us, The People

Vancouver Island Health Authority, was supposed to protect us, to help us, the people of Vancouver Island, with our Health Care needs.  Unfortunately, it has been corrupted by the Government of the Day, and is nothing more than a multi million dollar corporation.

It enters into contracts with other corporate entities, to help save us money, to keep our health costs in check, in line, with what their Political Masters deem as being reasonable.

Unfortunately, Health Care is not something that should be soley based on Profits.  It is something, that was established to aid the Citizens of Canada, in coping with health issues, without going bankrupt.

In short, it is a Social Program, not a Business.

However, it has become just that. What was once a true shining beacon, for people, for other countries, to look at, has been tarnished by the greed of big corporations, big labor unions. It is now just a way for the Government to pass the buck, to shake off its responsibilities to the very people who elect them to office.

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Outsourcing Does NOT Work

When it comes to the care of our Seniors,  OUR PARENTS, the Government Outsourcing to private enterprises simply does not work.   Course, if GOVERNMENT LEADERS, like Stephen Harper or Gordon Campbell cared about people, then perhaps outsourcing could work, but as THEY DO NOT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT PEOPLE, IT SIMPLY DOES NOT WORK.

Unless you are rich, have a big pension or are independently wealthy, you are going to need assistance when you get old.  That is a fact of life, but if we allow the Harper’s & Campbell’s to continue in power, then we might as well go off and kill ourselves.

VIHA [ Vancouver Island Health Authority ] along with Beacon Community Services should be ashamed of themselves. Worse, they should all be sent packing, for the way they treat elderly people

To send incompetent, uncaring people in their homes, to make them do their jobs, while collecting over $20 an hour, is simply TAKING MONEY UNDER FALSE PRETENCES.

There is little, if any training, given to these workers, who come into our home, to attend to our Seniors. Some can barely speak English, certainly not understand it very well. They have no idea what it means to have a light touch, or to even know how to properly lift a person up. Yet they are here, caring for our elderly Parents. 

Add to that the locals who are too arrogant to read a care plan, or to stuck up to realize they are here TO WORK, NOT SUPERVISE, and you have a recipe for ABUSE.  It is common sense, but the people showing up, are devoid of any sense, let alone Common Sense. Instead we, the sons & daughters, have to step in and do THEIR JOB, all because OUR GOVERNMENT IS FAILING US, REPLACING OUR NEEDS WITH THE NEED FOR CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS.

The issue isn’t that we aren’t willing to do the job, but that we need help in doing it. I am the son of a 93 year old, it isn’t right that I should be washing her private area, but now I have to.  All because our Government has outsourced the home support to a company that hires incompetent, untrained workers.

I look after Mom 23 out of the 24 hours. The ONE HOUR A DAY that Beacon Community Services are here, is not a respite for me, as I have to stand guard, to protect Mom from their Workers.



On our behalf, MLA Rob Fleming wrote to the head of VIHA [ Vancouver Island Health Authority ] in regards to the support services being provided by Beacon Community Services.  The letter was pretty good actually, and now we sit and wonder if the schedule changes that are starting to appear, are a form of retaliation from Beacon Community Services.

 All we want, which includes my Ninety Three Year Old Mother, is to have consistent workers, who are competent in their job. It isn’t a complicated task either, to provide her with proper cleaning & washing of her body, taking care to note that she has brittle bones, has tearing skin.

If a 55 year old Male can wipe her, wash her, without causing undue distress, effectively cleaning the urine & feces, surely a properly trained support worker should be able to.

With the vacation looming [ commencing August 9 ] of one regular worker [ who attends 4 days out of seven ], the endless slew of substitutes will begin.  While it is unavoidable, the issue isn’t that we can most likely expect numerous substitutes, it is their training that has us worried & deeply concerned.

While one would expect the number to be limited to a select few, or the attempt to add more scheduled visits from the other ‘regular assigned’ workers, our experience with Beacon indicates the opposite.  Now with the letter being sent, I am fairly confident that the number will be the maximum, to provide the maximum inconvenience for Mother.

This isn’t how health care is supposed to be, certainly not for a 93 year old.  Yet that is EXACTLY how it will unfold, as business now controls Government, not the people who vote.

One out of Twenty Four

I wonder if the ‘Powers that Be’ understand the human factor, when they determine who they give contracts to? 

Do they take into consideration, when it comes to awarding Government Health Service Contracts to private organizations, that the focus shifts from Health to Profits?  And if they do, is that perhaps why they are suddenly such advocates of Privatization, over Government Run health care?

It isn’t the wealthy who suffer the consequences, it is those in the Middle Class and Lower Income Levels that suffer, and PAY THE CONSEQUENCES.

making moneyI am a Capitalist I firmly believe that business needs to make a profit, and that we should all be able to subscribe to the dream of making something of ourselves. I don’t think, though, that it should be on the backs of others.

Call me idealistic, but while I believe in making a profit, I don’t believe it should be at the expense of the elderly, of the young, or of the disadvantages. Yet that is exactly what our Government is doing today, under Stephen Harper.

The selling off of our assets is just one such example, but it is the petty actions, like poking fun at people, that really shows that our Government has gone from being a Government of the People, to being nothing more than a rubber stamp to Corporate Excesses.


It doesn’t end there. Our Government is not accountable anymore, thanks to the Attack Philosophy of the Harper Regime, started by the Mulroney Corrupt Regime. I mean come on, a man who takes large sums of money in a brown paper bag, can’t be trusted, even IF it was legit.

Think about it, he thought it wasn’t kosher, otherwise why would he lie about it, hide it, and then deny it all? 

Our Food Supply is tainted, and there is no protection for people. Stores now sell items past their ‘best buy’ date, because our Prime Minister & Health Minister believe that it simply means it isn’t at its prime, beyond that arbitrary date, irrespective of what it is.

What they don’t get, is that it leads to increase Health Costs, as well as lower productivity.

It is common sense, yet we seem to have lost that.


Health Care Decline

As someone who has to deal with our Health Care System on a fairly regular basis, due to caring for my NINETY THREE YEAR OLD MOTHER, I have to say, that it certainly isn’t what it should be.

Is it due to the high cost of equipment?

How about the cost of labor?

Frankly, when I see that the local guy in charge of our Health Care region is paid about a half a million bucks, perhaps the reason for high costs exists in MANAGEMENT EXPENSES.

Then we have the OUTSOURCING.  For me, I am not PRO or CON to outsourcing, provided that there are proper checks & balances in place. Unfortunately, I am finding out that there are NO CHECKS & BALANCES.   For me, that makes OUTSOURCING A BAD IDEA.

There are some who believe that Government should do it all, & there are those who believe in less government being best.  I don’t subscribe to the theory that Government should do it all, but I do believe that GOVERNMENT IS THERE TO PROTECT OUR INTERESTS.

Stephen Harper & Gordon Campbell are two prime examples, of how that is not happening. They have abdicated their roles, to insure that BUSINESS MAKES PROFITS AT ANY COST.

I don’t disagree  with making a Profit, but not at the expense of our Health Care for Seniors, for low income citizens.  And yet that is exactly what today’s outsourcing is doing. It is ignoring patients who are old, treating them like LEPERS.