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Foreign Caregivers Get Protection

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced new regulations, to make it easier for immigrant caregivers to gain citizenship, and to be protected from unscrupulous employers, or so the announcement says. Naturally it does beg the question, what about domestic born caregivers? And then too, let’s be honest here. The drive for foreign caregivers is money based, not shortages or other bullshit given by employers. This is just another example of how the Harper Regime is importing cheap labor, to satisfy the rich and elite.

“The government of Canada is proposing measures that would make it easier for live-in caregivers to gain residency, make the program more flexible for caregivers and to better protect their rights,” he said before an audience at Toronto’s Kababayan Community Centre. ( source – CBC News )

Frankly, I find this entire mantra bullshit. ANYONE who comes to Canada to work, should be entitled to the SAME JOB REQUIREMENTS AS A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.  In other words, if you come to work in whatever field, in this country, our labor laws should apply. That means you get the same benefits, the same wages, and yes, you need to meet the same standards.

Granted, today it seems our standards are non existent, in many areas, but really, why should anyone from somewhere else, be allowed to work here, and employers NOT have to pay the same wages, or offer the same compensations? AND why shouldn’t anyone from abroad, working here, not be allowed the same recourse, if things are not as claimed?

Instead our Harper Government will blacklist employers who don’t follow the rules, as if that is of any good? If you treat a worker badly, pay them below scale or minimum wage, and it is a citizen, you get a lot more grief than being blacklisted, so why should it matter if the people you hire are from another country?

And why should ANY foreign citizen be given a fast track to citizenship?

Foreign Policy Screw Up

So we now require VISA’s for Mexican & Czech visitors coming to Canada. The idiots in charge ( Kenney & Harper ) claim it is due to too many claiming refugee status, once they get here. Uh huh, like I buy into that BS? 

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said the government introduced the requirement to stem a surge in refugee claims by visitors from those countries. Kenney said “economic immigrants” are clogging up the country’s immigration process for people who have genuine refugee claims. ( CBC News )

So let me see, they will allow in Mexican farm workers, to take our Jobs, and they will let in unskilled Mexian workers to the Oil Patch, to take our jobs, but the people who come into Canada, to spend money in our stores, they want a VISA from? Oh and let’s not forget, we even let these workers in, when they were in the middle of a swine flu outbreak.

I think they got it ass backwards. We want the tourists, the visitors, to spend time here, and spend their money. I guess that some get here, and figure, hey its not bad, despite Harper, so let’s stay, but when you look at the numbers, it seems rather small, compared to the benefits of unrestricted entry.

Plus, with the Czech’s, there is an accord in place with the EU. So now we jeopardize that, because what, Harper had a bad experience with some Czech?

It is really stupid. I mean you have so many American Government Officials bleating about our border, while a million or so cross their southern border without worry, but hey, our immigration policy sucks, so we are the bad people. Now we see how Harper answers the Americans, he slaps VISA requirements on people coming into Canada to spend money.

Nice move Stevie Boy, that’ll help the tourist industry just nicely.

It Could Happen Here

Ever since 9/11 the USA has been on a hunt to gather the tools they feel necessary to combat global terror. They have whined, threatened, and cajoled both Canada and Mexico to do more about those who immigrate to our countries, and have even held meetings to clearly point out their insistence on what we must do, as partners in the war on Terror. It is an interesting point to note that while they complain about Canada’s lax immigration policies, an estimated 12 to 20 million foreign nationals are now working, and living in the United States. In fact, they estimate that approximately 1.5 to 2 million will enter the USA each year.

Yet they bitch about our Immigration Loopholes.

That aside, though it is the Patriot Act which is the focus here. Seems that the FBI have used their administrative subpoena power to gather records, phone call information, and other personal data on people, at whim. While the thrust of the feature was to allow for easier gathering of data of those suspected of terrorist ties, it has been used for all sorts of other suspected crimes.

With the passage of the Patriot Act, their use was greatly expanded and was allowed against Americans who were subjects of any investigation. The law also allowed other agencies like the Homeland Security Department to issue the letters. (see Story)

While it is an American Issue, consider that it is indeed possible that it could happen here. A government run amuck under the guise of protecting us from terrorism. Just look at how under the previous Chretien government, it was determined to register all guns, and to not arm the border guards. Under Harper and his fellow worshippers at the shrine of George Bush, Stockwell Day, the gun registry was axed. This despite the 6000 daily inquiries by various Police authorities. And now Stockwell Day has announced a plan to spend millions to arm the Border Guards.

Will illegal wiretapping be next on the agenda for CSIS perhaps?

Just look at the mess that happened with the Arar case. It has cost Canadian taxpayers several million dollars, cost the top RCMP cop his job and yet the USA has not yet even acknowledged they goofed or even apologized for the travesty of justice they waged on Mr Arar.

The Patriot Act is no different than the powers given to Adolph Hitler in the early 1930’s that then led to the roundup of dissidents, Jews, and others. It resulted in WWII and the death of 12 million people in death camps. The USA might want to follow that path, and given how so many have supported the Patriot Act, that just might be the case. The problem is, they also want to export that paranoia to Canada.

As long as we have a Prime Minister like Stephen Harper and sidekicks like Vic Toews and Stockwell Day, it is a real possibility of happening up here too. While in a minority it is unlikely, if they ever achieve a majority, you can bet your ass that we will simply rubber stamp whatever the USA demands.

And don’t really think a change in Presidents will do much either. In fact it could lead to even worse scenarios as they try to once more go back on their word and their obligation. Look at the Democrats who are quite willing to let Iraq go it alone, and sink into total chaos, simply because they aren’t winning the war there. Like no kidding. How do they expect to win a war, when first off no one is willing to say what victory is?

Then too, how can you win a war when you fail to follow standard military doctrine and do nothing about helping the very people who you rely on for information and help. When you disrespect their culture and way of life, do you really expect to win? Course it would also help if you provided the troops with proper equipment and leadership, but hey that isn’t the route the Democrats want to go. For them, it is Strategic Redeployment, but for the Iraqis and the rest of the world, it really is RUNNING.

Our civil rights are precious, and once they go, it takes a long time or worse to get them back. It took the Russians over 70 years to taste Democracy, and even now it is on the verge of teetering because Dictators aren’t quick to give in. Just ask George Bush as he continues to push his ideology on a world that doesn’t want it.

Under the guise of protecting a nation from terror, the USA has become the largest Bully on the block. They have incarcerated thousands, in secret too. They have wire tapped millions, and yet they refuse to protect their own border. Yet insist we tighten up ours. They sell off their ports to the very nations that threaten their security, and rack up an 800 Billion Dollar Trade Deficit with China, yet put wounded soldiers and their families in sub standard hospital facilities.

There are many fine Americans, but not in Government these days. All they can see is the huge paycheck coming their way. So much for fighting a war on Terror. We are frankly left to our own devices, assuming we can be allowed to think.

Who Made The USA God Almight?

I am pretty steamed as seems to be usual these days. The United States State Department took a swipe at our Immigration policies, claiming we are too Liberal and Lenient in who we let into our country. ( CBC Story )

So let me see if I have this right. During our last federal election the US was upset because Paul Martin, Jack Layton and Duceppe were discussing the way the USA was handling the softwood lumber issue. Course that had a direct bearing on Canada, but that was a no no according to the US officials including their smart mouthed Ambassador.

But it is acceptable practise for them to attack Canada, as needed.

In fact they were also very upset with Frank McKenna for doing his job and pushing for payment of the $5.3 odd Billion due Canada for the USA unilaterly imposing a tax on our lumber. Not to mention the disagreement over the USA requiring Canadians to provide passports to enter the USA.

One of the main thorns in Uncle George’s ass is the Arar case where the Americans seized a Canadian citizen then deported him to Syria based on their intel. Ya know, the intel that told them Saadam was about to unleash weapons of mass destruction on the world. Seems they feel our government caved into media pressure.

So let me see, it was wrong of our Liberal Government to secure the release of one of its citizens deported to Syria by a foreign power instead of being sent back to the country he has citizenship in.

Arar, a Canadian citizen, was detained by the U.S. and then deported to his native Syria, where he says he was tortured.

The U.S. report says Canada bowed to media pressure to secure Arar’s release.

But Irwin Cotler, justice minister in the previous Liberal government, says the report is an example of where the two countries’ approaches differ.( CBC Story )

I don’t know, but would seem to me that if the USA is so concerned about this, why did they deport him instead of charging him under their terrorism law?

Course the real reason for the slam is to give credence to their requirement that Canadians provide a passport for entry to the United States. In short, its simply a pile of bullshit to justify breaking one more treaty agreement with Canada.

And what does our Prime Minister Stephen Harper have to say on this?

The Harper government would not comment on the report other than to say it plans to usher in a new era of co-operation with the U.S. (CBC Story)

Guess we need to get ready for one more sellout of Canadian Interests by the Bush Loving Stephen Harper. Funny when you think of it. Here is our Prime Minister who campaigns on transparent government, who campaigns on open government yet no one knows what his plans are for anything.

New immigration laws, but what kind?

New relations with the United States but at what price?

Seems to me that all Mr Harper is doing is lining himself up for a cushy job in the United States once he gets turfed out of office, which frankly should have been yesterday.

The list of his Un-Canadian actions grows. Selling out the Softwood Lumber industry and Canadian jobs. His refusal to honor our dead soldiers, and now a new immigration policy, not because we need one, but because George Bush wants us to have one.

The Harper regime has shown what their immigration policy is. It is one based on racism rather than the principles for which this country was based on. Just ask the Portugese workers that got deported while US illegals continue to work. Now our own citizens are not to be protected because the new policy doesn’t come from Ottawa, but from Washington D.C.

I don’t know if we are or aren’t a safe haven for terrorists. I suppose the odds would say that it could be possible, given that its better to deal fairly with all, than none. Maybe its idealistic to assume that if we look at each case with compassion & understanding, we might get better citizens out of the deal, but that is how I feel.

I would say in answer to the United States that at least in Canada, we don’t have a government that turns a blind eye to corporations that use slave labour as the US does. (course that might all change now that Mr Harper is in charge)

Least in Canada we don’t encourage illegal immigration in order to appease campaign contributors who need cheap labour.

In answer to the United States I would say that while drug smuggling is huge, it is nothing compared to what comes across the Mexican American border.

At least in Canada we had a government that cared for the individual than the corporate profit line which would explain why we don’t have container loads of illegal immigrants arriving at our docks, as they do in the United States.

In short, the United States should clean up its own act before it starts pointing fingers at its neighbours. At least here our government tried to help its citizens when they are abroad, unlike the United States.