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Guess We Staying in the Poor House

Welcome to 2011 !

So, it is a new year, that sees, us in British Columbia, being hit with an increase in our BC Med plan, of about 2.9%.  Least for those earning a lot less than a few hundred grand per year, or having a family.

But hey, lets really make it more enjoyable, so as of today, Retailers in the Province can NO LONGER  purchase inventory of Incandescent Light Bulbs.   They can clear out their inventory of them, but can’t replenish them.    Only the mercury filled CFL light bulbs can be sold.

I picked up a pack of 4 60watt incandescents for about a $1.  Comparable CFL light bulbs cost around $5.   And guess what, the Incandescent one’s last longer and aren’t an environmental hazard or health risk.

But we all gotta do our part to save the Planet.  So now the landfills will be filled with CFL and additional MERCURY.

Isn’t that a great New Year Gift to the people of British Columbia? 

Bollocks To Saving The Environment

We hear it often, about GOING GREEN.  Hell, the Green Party is constantly nattering away at that, yet won’t reveal just how they plan to do that, and sitll keep the economy alive. Not that it is doing great shakes now, thanks to Harper & his stupid policies, but the Green Party certainly isn’t helping in providing an alternative.

Take something as simple as laundry.

Switch to COLD WATER WASHING, they say, as do many others, and you’ll save money on your Hydro.  True enough, you do indeed save money, but does it get the clothes as clean? As sterilized?

My 93 year old mother, has a groin infection. Has for awhile now, and I’ve been doing the laundry in Cold Water for ages, it seems. Yes, it has indeed lowered our Hydro bill, but at what other costs?

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Climate Conference Begins

Twelve Days, the scientists, world leaders, are going to meet in this UN sponsored event, to try and come up with a Global Climate Plan. Uh huh, and like you can put two leaders in a room, and get five different views. Unless of course you are Stephen Harper & whoever is the US President.  Then you get whatever the US President says.

I don’t understand how any leader, of a relatively robust nation such as Canada, can be so willing to bend over backwards, to appease a bully like the United States?  Granted, Obama isn’t anywhere as bad as Bush was, but still, you’d think we’d have some original thinking. I guess though, when you are basically bought and paid for by your Corporate Sponsors, original thinking is the last thing on your mind. Least that’s the case with Stephen Harper.

Still, the idea of Climate seems to be once more, something people are leery of. I mean is the climate changes, due to us, or is it actually a natural occurrence? Does history show these radical shifts or not?  And yet, it makes sense, to be environmentally conscious, but we ignore that, because Business certainly can’t see the profit in it, so they attack it.

“I think a lot of people are skeptical about this issue in any case,” the UN’s top climate official, Yvo de Boer, told The Associated Press. “And then when they have the feeling … that scientists are manipulating information in a certain direction, then of course it causes concern in a number of people to say, ‘You see I told you so, this is not a real issue.”‘ ( source – CBC News )

In my mind, YES many scientists do indeed fudge things, or give a view that is perhaps not scientifically accurate.  I think that the mix of business with science is dangerous, and that too much is slanted, in order to appease the sponsors of the research. Grants from huge corporations rarely seem to generate contrary reports that are harmful to those sponsors. So naturally one becomes skeptical.

Then there is the Puppets of these Corporations, who attack any Scientist who offers a theory that contradicts a corporate line. Such as the Oil Industry and research into the effects of carbon into the atmosphere. The Tobacco Giants who managed to muzzle the scientific community for ages, and yes, the drug companies as well. Politicians & Scientists rely too heavily on those corporate donations, and that always comes with a price tag.

Those political parties that rely on Unions are no different, and so it does make the public wonder. Is there a need for change, or not. Is the damage irreversible or not? Can we actually make an impact on preserving our climate, our earth, by recycling, by lowering emissions?

This is the result of too much interference in the Science community, by politicians, by labor unions, and by corporate sponsorship. There is a bias, and even the Media helps foster that, by its inaccurate reporting.

You have to love how well politicians lie, to make a sellout seem a good thing. Then there is the Politician that tells you how great it is to share such an open border, and how good of a friend you are, while at the same time killing tourism in your country, and putting the blame for their own incompetence onto your shoulders.

Hats off to both Conservative Cannon, our Foreign Affairs dufus, and Hilary Rodham Clinton, the US poster model for failed political hacks, for their stellar performance in announcing that the Great Lakes Water Treaty of 1909 will be renegotiated, as merely a way to update how we preserve the environment. 

“We have to update it to reflect new knowledge, new technologies and, unfortunately, new threats,” Clinton said.

“The rivers, the lakes, the streams, the watersheds along our boundary do not belong to one nation, they belong to all of us,” she said at celebrations overlooking the falls.

“The friendship between Canada and the United States is a model for the world,” said Cannon. ( CBC News )

Funny how Clinton makes that sly remark, about it not belonging to anyone, course the fact that it is her country who pollutes the lakes faster than one can say ‘defeated candidate’, and is the one who thinks we are a third world country,  doesn’t come into play, now does it?

After all it is her Government that is trying to steal the Northern Waters of Canada so they can legally send their warships through the passages, and their oil tankers, without meeting our tougher restrictions on pollution. Mind you, our lovely fair haired boy, Stevie, is doing everything he can, to reduce those restrictions, those protective services. After all, he’d like nothing better than to be the Governor of the 51st USA State.

And you have to love how they talk about free exchange of goods, through NAFTA and the cross border shopping, while it it is the USA who constantly tries to deny Canadian Industry a role in the US Market. Or how their new regulations, requiring anyone over 16 to have a passport in order to enter their land of plenty.

And our eager and willing stupe, Cannon, plays right into it, extolling the virtues of a country that has led the world to economic ruin, because of its greed. Course it is his same boss, that is allowing Mining Companies to dump toxic waste into our streams, so they can make huge profits. And too, in all fairness, so that Canada will be just like the United States, a dumping ground for polluters. After all, wouldn’t be fair to have pristeen lakes, clear and clean water, when our gentle giant of a neighbour has nothing but sludge and ooze in its lakes & rivers, from the same practice of dumping and pollution.

Now would it?

Mining Companies & Harper

When Harper brought in his budget, one of the things he changed, was the authority for environmental reviews. A lot was in the news, then & earlier, about how he was moving to allow Mining Companies, many in British Columbia, from dumping their toxic waste, into our lakes & rivers. The claim was, that they weren’t really toxic, that much, and that it was vital for insuring the economic viability of these companies.

“The performance of the B.C. mining industry amidst a crashing economy in the later part of 2008 was nothing short of outstanding”, said Michael Cinnamond, a partner in PwC’s mining practice and co-author of the report. ( source – CBC News )

Setting aside, the environmental issue, the biggest argument put forth, was that it was vital to keep these industries growing, to insure their economic survival in tough times.

Well here is the proof, that what Harper & Our Mining Minister claimed, was utter, and complete BULL. While the environmental issue is before the courts, still not being acted on, these poor desperate companies are posting record profits, while the world economy is in the toilet.

Tell me again Mr. Harper how we need to protect their profits, at the expense of our lakes, rivers, and wildlife?