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Inability to Deliver Quality

There used to be a time, when Business promoted itself as giving Quality products, for reasonable Prices.

USED to be a time.

Sure as hell isn’t anymore.  From the gas prices to even our Politics, where our Prime Minister doesn’t lose any sleep over Governing, but does over worrying about Political Surprises.

Was shopping today, at Thrifty Foods.  They used to be our go to store, for groceries, and yeah, their prices were a bit higher than the others, but the quality was there.

Least when Alex Campbell ran the show. Now it is owned by an operator out of Ontario  SOBEYS.

So much for quality.

Tonight I thought I’d get Mom a treat. They had all butter apple turnovers on sale for $3.49 for a package of six.  Sounds good and yummy, right?    WRONG!

Now the girl at the bakery made them sound super delicious. All Butter and filled with the best premium apples.  170 grams for $3.49 isn’t cheap but hell, a nice treat for Mom, or so I thought.

At the checkout, well they rang thru at $3.99 which isn’t a big deal, but hell, I am tired of being screwed over by Big Businesses.

We checked and sure enough they had screwed up, so under the Ring Thru Fair Practices or whatever it is called, we got those delectable taste treats for Free.

Sounds good right?  NOPE!

I’d have been better off to not purchase those six little darlings. I mean to begin with, the crust or pastry dough was tough. It wasn’t flakey at all, and if I didn’t know they were Apple, I’d never have been able to guess it from eating one.

Like excuse me, but having a turnover, usually implies that inside is some sort of filling.   NOT AT THRIFTY FOODS!

Hell even when we stopped at Macdonald’s for a McFlurry, they couldn’t get that right either.  I mean come on, you charge $3 for a full size item, at least fill it to the brim with ice cream, not 3/4 of the way. And don’t go leaving a huge gap in the center that you could put your fist into.

So what is up with business today? 

What happened to actually delivering the product, as promised?

Why aren’t they doing it?

David I think has the answer. He says it is because we simply accept it, and don’t complain enough about the crap we are paying good money for.  He is right, I mean okay we complained about the wrong price, and I will complain about the quality next time I go to that store, but it is true.  We accept this kind of bogus business, when the truth is, we shouldn’t.

Guess that is why we get people like Stephen Harper in charge of Government, and why we get grocery stores like Thrifty Foods.  


It Ain ‘t Worth the Money

Which could actually apply to just about any service we subscribe to these days.  Honestly, the value for the hard earned dollar isn’t like gas prices…

It doesn’t keep Going Up.

Got my Cable bill in the email, which surprised me, because you see, I don’t want it by email. I still want the paper version, for a few simple reasons.

  • It is more complete
  • Delivery is assured
  • Not subject to being Altered or Tampered with
  • Evidence for disputes.

For example, as convoluted as the Shaw Cable Bill is, at least everything is listed.  In the email version, you get a figure, and that is basically about it.

You try to figure out what discounts were applied, credits, etc.  Not gonna happen.

Course they do manage to add some advertising of new services, but try to figure out what you are paying for basic cable, or even what kind of cable you are being charged for, from the email version, and well, GOOD LUCK JOE.

Frankly, ever since Shaw purchased some television stations from the bankrupt Global stable, things have gone downhill.  Not like they were peachy fine before, but it just seems that they have become way too bid.

Their television stations ( the one’s they took over ) are even worse, than when Global had them. I mean it is one thing to rerun six hours of programming four times, but at least the episodes were strung out.

By that I mean, after two weeks they didn’t start them all over again.  Which is what SHAW is doing. But hell, it seems they all are, which includes the one’s Bell took over.

But back to the cable bill.

We’ve decided that as we simply don’t watch all the channels that we get. Even when we have the time, there simply isn’t anything worth watching. If there is, we sure as hell can’t find it.

I want to keep the basics, which it seems aren’t all that much, but then exactly what is the price difference between the basic cable, classic cable (whatever the hell that is) and basic digital.

SHAW keeps harping on how we should use their website, their online help features, to answer our more common questions. Uh huh, like that worked real good.

Take their ‘Ask Amy’ which is an automated bot, that couldn’t answer a simple question like how much does basic cable cost per month.  Instead of an answer, I got told to check out a bunch of pages, that simply didn’t have the answer.  Oh, and I got a message to really check out their digital packages instead.

On to the Live Assistant.  Oh that went real good. No one bothered to answer, after a good 40 minutes of watching a stupid flash icon swirl and disappear then come back.  It was worse than when you phone them.

Least then, you can arrange for a call back, but as for the Live Assistance, well forget it.  You just hang around while they do whatever they are doing, instead of answering customers.

This is the new age of Conservatism. Business gets all the breaks, gets to raise rates at will, and even gets Government support for further ripping off the consumer, all in the name of Business.

There is zip reason for a price hike of over $10 next month, other than they may need the money to pay for those damn television channels they purchased. Or maybe the Upper Execs need a new Executive Jet or Washroom.  Sure isn’t because of increased service to the customer.

I am tired of the tricks, used to scam me out of my money. I work hard for every nickel, so does the wife, and you know, enough is enough.

Like we signed up for their phone service, told it would be $22 a month, after the introductory offer. Now on the bill it shows the charge as $31.  They explain that the loyalty discount covers the difference.

Why not simply show the actual price they said it would be?

What is with hiding the price, then using a so called discount for having all three services ( cable, internet, phone ) to explain how we aren’t being screwed.

I don’t buy it, do you?

It is like they actually believe we are that stupid. I mean come on, if you are giving a discount for having all three services, then why try to claim that is also accounting for the lower price of the phone service?

And just exactly what is the other half of that piddly $20 discount for?  Does it apply to the Internet, to some channels we get packaged together?

Even the paper bill doesn’t explain it, but at least it is all there, in black and white, unlike the email version.

I like to save trees, but I also don’t want to be screwed without any lube either, which is exactly what SHAW cable is doing.  And they will get away with it, and more of it, as they force people to use email to receive their bills.

Gas Prices are Like Yo Yo’s

It is like Stephen Harper and his explanations for everything. One minute it is this, then it is that, then it is something else.  You feel like you are a yo yo, and hey, now we know where Harper got it from…  The Oil Industry.

Gas prices have been going down, then briefly up, then down, and now, well the jumps aren’t just a few pennies a liter.  Gas has gone from $1.11 a liter to suddenly balloon up to $1.31 a liter.

Now, call me skeptical, but I do read the news, and hey, didn’t see anything today that justified a sudden panic attack, to cause Oil to jump to this level.  Nor is there anything in the news about this yo yo pricing.

Still, perhaps someone can explain to me how prices can jump, when the markets are closed?

And maybe while they are at it, they can explain why it even matters, considering that Canada doesn’t import any oil?

Oh, while at it, maybe they can explain how every single oil company has the EXACT same retail price for its product?

I mean honestly, Petro Canada has the same expenses as EXXON, Shell, Chevron?  I DON’T THINK SO !

Course, as long as Herr Harper is in charge, we can whistle for any real action. After all, he wouldn’t want to bite the very hand that made him Prime Minister, now would he?

VIHA Fails Us, The People

Vancouver Island Health Authority, was supposed to protect us, to help us, the people of Vancouver Island, with our Health Care needs.  Unfortunately, it has been corrupted by the Government of the Day, and is nothing more than a multi million dollar corporation.

It enters into contracts with other corporate entities, to help save us money, to keep our health costs in check, in line, with what their Political Masters deem as being reasonable.

Unfortunately, Health Care is not something that should be soley based on Profits.  It is something, that was established to aid the Citizens of Canada, in coping with health issues, without going bankrupt.

In short, it is a Social Program, not a Business.

However, it has become just that. What was once a true shining beacon, for people, for other countries, to look at, has been tarnished by the greed of big corporations, big labor unions. It is now just a way for the Government to pass the buck, to shake off its responsibilities to the very people who elect them to office.

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Rats leaving a sinking ship

Frankly, I jumped for joy when I heard the news of a few Conservatives deciding to leave Federal Politics. The loss of people like Stockwell Day is good news for Canada.

I mean who needs any more bigots and gun crazy nuts around, in federal politics?  One less anti semetic can only be a plus, in my books.

Only problem is, how long will it take for Canada to recover from the horrible things these people have supported, while in office?  Like arming our border guards, or making three strikes a part of judicial system?

Their departure is only good news, in my book. Now to get rid of the head Rat, Stephen Harper, and who knows, eventually we may recover from this conservative diseaster.  Only wish that our gutless opposition parties had a decent leader.

Maybe we could convince Gilles Duceppe of the Bloc to run for leader of one of the national parties? I mean I’d vote for him, if he was head of the Liberals, NDP, or Green Party

Least he makes sense, and isn’t narrow minded, racist, or plain stupid like our current regime.