Why Did God Make Me Gay?

I know it is a common human past time to question God. There are so many things about ourselves, about our life and about our world that we don’t understand. To believe in God is to believe in a being who is all knowing, all loving, all-powerful…well you get my drift. If that is so, why does God do so many bad things, or at least allow so many bad things to happen? I think our confusion comes from the idea that we human mortals can really know what is ultimately good or bad. We can only know good and bad as it relates to us in our world. Devastating storms are bad if they affect you or the ones you love. Storms are a natural phenomenon. Sickness is bad. Once again to be human is to experience frailty, sickness and death. Wickedness in people is bad. But isn’t wickedness part of human frailty? To question why God creates human frailty is to question why God creates humanity. Sexual orientation is part of our humanity as well. I believe that in itself it is neither good nor bad, right or wrong. It just is part of being human.

So if God is all-powerful why can’t He change what He created? The answer is of course, He can. But then it would not be what He created but something different. If God is really God, then He can not contradict Himself. In other words, He can not make a square circle or a power greater than Himself. There is a saying: “Be patient with me, God is not through with me yet.” I believe that God is not through with His creation. He is constantly involved with all of his work bringing it to perfection. In other words, I believe he not only started the ball rolling but He keeps it going. But we only see a very small part of creation for only a brief period of time. To judge accurately our lives and our world we would have to be eternal like God. Perhaps this is easier to understand from a broader point of view and in general. When it comes down to what concerns me and the things that I experience, I tend to be more critical. Why do I have to go through all the dreadful experiences of my life?

God has given each of us the gift of freedom of choice. Now this is a relative freedom, which means we have this freedom within limits. I can not choose sexual orientation, but I can choose how to live with that orientation. Sexual orientation, like other human attributes, is to some extent determined by inherited characteristics that are passed on through the genetic system. Physical stature, hair color, intelligence these are just a few of the many things that are determined by heredity. True, I can alter my physical appearance but I can’t change the original genes with which I was born (well at least not yet, scientists are still working on that). I can choose to work with what I have been given, to make the best out of it, or to whine about not having been born with other characteristics. God does have a plan for each and every one of us. He has given us all we need to live a rich and full life in this world and to grow into the next stage of eternal life with Him. But the richness of this life is not necessarily the physical life. All of us have been gifted with a spirit. While the body certainly influences the spirit, it does not determine it.

If it is true that God is constantly working with us to grow into perfection, then it must be true that the perfection does not reside in this physical world that is so full of imperfection. It must be true that we are growing toward spiritual perfection. We move through this life with all of its joys and sorrows toward a different kind of life, a spiritual life which will be eternal. Various religions define this spiritual life in different ways. Typically the afterlife has been described as heaven or hell, a state of eternal happiness or of eternal pain. To be real honest, I am not big on pain. In my limited view, there are those who probably deserve to experience eternal pain, but that is coming from human judgment not divine judgment. If I were God…but I am not. Scripture says, “Our ways are not God’s ways and our thoughts are not God’s thought.” I believe that is true. So who are we to sit in judgment upon one another? If I were God there are a lot of things I would do differently, but I am not God. Quite frankly, I am not inclined even to desire that position. Too much pain and sorrow have been caused by those who have tried to play God. I would rather be who God created me to be. You know what? I am still not sure who that is. Be patient with me. God isn’t through with me yet!