Is It Natural To Be Gay?

Is It Natural to Be Gay?

I love ambiguous questions, and this is one of my favorites. To ask the question is a natural to be gay or to make the simplistic statement that is unnatural to be gay is to assume we have absolute certitude about what is natural. We don’t. The argument is posed that you don’t find any instances of homosexual activity in the animal world. That is not true. I understand that many species of animals have same-sex relations. Not being a biologist I bow to those with more expertise than I have. However, homosexual activity has occurred among the human species for as long a sexual activity has been recorded. It stands to reason if this were an unnatural process that gays would have become extinct a long time ago.

If it is indeed natural for members of a species to be same sex orientated then it must serve a purpose, especially if the process of natural selection continues to perpetuate this sexual orientation. There is some scientific investigation to substantiate that indeed there is a measurable difference between the right side of the brain and the left among gay people.

The right side of the brain is the part that is associated with artistic abilities. As a matter of record, a large percentage of artistic people have in fact been gay. It is also true that many of them had psychological problems so maybe that isn’t a very positive argument for same sex orientation having a beneficial purpose for society. One could argue that artistic genius exists despite being gay not as a result of it. Nor can we assume all artists are gay, although this is a common assumption among straight people.

In my experience gay people tend to be more sensitive, more sympathetic and by and large more understanding of their fellow human beings. I don’t think that it is merely a coincidence that so many gays find themselves drawn into helping professions. The Catholic Church has for centuries required their clergy to be celibate (and condemns all homosexuals to a life of celibacy since overt homosexuality is considered sinful). The reason given for requiring celibacy is that ministry to the faithful would be encumbered by having a family. This argument I find weak because there are many professions that demand total commitment to others. Many of these professionals are married and have families. On the other hand, there can be no doubt that the families of these professionals at times undergo a great strain.

The life style of gay individuals could lend itself to deeper commitment to the service of others. That is assuming that their total life style is not directed toward their sexual orientation. There will always be people who are so self-absorbed that all they think about is sexual activity. But gay people have the ability and flexibility to devote more time and energy to pursuits, which will benefit society. That monumental accomplishments have been made by gay people is undeniable. The exact extent is not always known because of so many gays remain hidden because of societal pressures.

Do gays make a positive contribution to society? Of course, they do. I would go so far as to say that it is precisely because they are gay that certain individuals are able to accomplish so many great things. I would further hypothesize that because they can contribute to society in ways that straight people are unable to contribute every society needs to have gay individuals in their midst. We hear of the gay lifestyle. This seems to be a way of defining a certain group of people. But we never hear of the straight lifestyle. Why are we to assume that gay people are more obsessed with sex than straight people are? Human beings tend to think a lot about sex. That does not mean they are constantly acting out their thoughts. There are both straight and gay people who are obsessed by thoughts of sex. These are people who are not mentally healthy. Any time we allow ourselves to be obsessed with anything we are not in a healthy mental state.

I do not believe to be gay is mentally unhealthy or unnatural. That is not to say there are not mentally unhealthy gay people, or gay people who do unnatural things. But there are also straight people who mentally unhealthy and who do unnatural things as well. Being gay is not the determining factor here. The sooner we quite thinking of ourselves as mentally unhealthy and unnatural the sooner we can start accomplishing the great things for which we have been created!