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Not Before March 2013

Like just who the hell are you kidding Mr. Falcon, Premier Clarke? 

Putting aside that your Party caved into the bullying tactics of Stephen Harper, and sold us out to bring in the Harper Stealing Tax, I can’t see myself, or others, willing to vote for you, based on sheer ineptitude.

You can dismantle the PST within weeks, even hold negotiations and come to an agreement on implementing the Harper Stealing Tax, within weeks, but you can’t put it back without it taking a year and a half?

Really, are you people for real, or do you just assume that the 55% of 1.6 million British Columbians are plain stupid?

According to the newspaper report on this travesty of trying to ignore the wishes of the People, your finance Minister also says it is going to cost the province $3 Billion  to reinstate the PST.

Okay, let’s ASSUME that includes the repayment of the bribe from Herr Harper to Tipsy Gordon, that still leaves $1.4 Billion Plus to account for.

Explain please Premier Clarke, Finance Minister Falcon, how in blazes you came up with that figure?  What, you are buying new buildings and equipment?  Even then, how the hell does it add up to that lovely sum?

Oh, and while at it, if the PST cost us $1.4 Billion to manage, why wasn’t that mentioned way back when you brought in the Harper Stealing Tax?  Did it slip your minds?

By the way, Mr. Adrian Dix, where the hell are you?  I mean come on, the people made a statement, where in hell is you and your party on this?  Awfully silent about this victory by the People, you know, the one’s you hope will vote for you in the next Provincial Election?

A victory that was won without any help by you, your predecessor, or your party.

But back to this March 2013 bullshit.  Just explain how something you managed to come up with, and implement in just a short few weeks, can take so long to reverse?

First you stalled the referendum, and now you are stalling in implementing the will of the people. Do you really think that is going to get you a return ticket to power?

Perhaps you aren’t old enough to recall, but when Brown Paper Bag Brian Mulroney implemented the GST, it didn’t take him 18 months to put in place. It happened pretty damn fast, once he forced it down the nation’s throat.  So even if that For Hire Prime Minister could do it in less time, and across an entire nation, just how can you folks justify taking so long to bring back the PST?

Are you really that incompetent Premier Clarke?


Yeah I know, the sky is about to fall in, if you listen to the big shots in business, in government, and the more well to do members of our society.  However 55% of 1.6 Million British Columbians REJECTED their baseless arguments, and REJECTED the HARPER STEALING TAX. ( HST )

Many outside of BC, and even many within the Province, forget why it was an inevitable result. Like our American Cousins keep harping on, their Revolution was founded on UNFAIR TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.   The HST was magically there one day, just weeks after a Provincial election.

Call me stupid, but those things just don’t happen in weeks, and we all know how devious Herr Harper is, so obviously he pulled a fast one, willingly aided by our Tipsy Premier Gordon Campbell.

What many forget too, is that the movement to reject this unfair tax, wasn’t an NDP initiative. In fact, their leader ( Carol James ) was pretty absent on the whole issue. In fact, the driving force behind the petition to repeal the HST, was led by former SOCIAL CREDIT Premier Bill Van Der Zalm.

Uh, a more Conservative political party than the old time Progressive Conservatives of Joe Clark and John Diefenbaker. 

Secondly, the argument that the HST would create more jobs, would enhance business opportunities, is just plain FALSE.   Housing was hit hard by the added tax, and so was the Restaurant Industry. One already reeling from the economic recession we were in. ( and frankly, still are in, despite Herr Harper’s proclamations to the contrary.

Let us not forget, that this TAX of 12% was added to items, that previously were only taxed 5%.  In fact, the pundits estimated that the HST would cost the average citizen over $700 in increased costs.

I suppose if you earn in excess of $100,000.00 what is an extra $700?  Problem is, not everyone, not even a majority of people, earn that amount.  I sure as fuck don’t, and you can bet many others don’t.  So to US, that is a huge amount.

That is roughly ONE month’s of additional supplies that I need to purchase, to look after my 94 year old Mother.  Things like depends so she is kept clean and dry from urine and feces. Rubber gloves so I don’t catch anything from her, and vice versa.

So yes, $700 is a rather large amount of cash to suddenly do without.

Thing is too, that we are losing our dream. I mean all who are working stiffs, who have a middle income, dream of being wealthy. After all, who doesn’t want to not worry about which bill to pay, or what to buy for dinner, that is within their means?

I’d love to shop and not worry about how I can afford it, or how I will pay for it. IF I want a new computer, I would love to just walk into a computer store, and tell them what I want, then simply pay for it, without worrying if the Hydro will be paid this month, or the cable.

That dream has been taken away from most of us, thanks to the Conservative policy of  SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST, or in reality, SURVIVAL OF THE RICHEST ONLY.

We all want to be part of the HAVE’S.  But let’s be honest, they need to pay their fair share, not less, as they do now. I wouldn’t mind paying more, if I had it to pay.

What I do object to, is having to pay more than my fair share, when I can’t afford it. I object to having to decide if I can afford an ice cream cone, or will that leave me short for purchasing her prescription cream, that isn’t covered by Pharmacare.

So to all those who think this was an emotional decision, yeah, it was.  It was an emotional cry out, saying to Government, to all Political Parties, to STOP SCREWING US.

Further, don’t insult my intelligence, by claiming that this will cut social program spending. THEY HAVE ALREADY BEEN CUT.

Truth is, it is time our so called Elected Leaders started to lead, and to remember, that we are the owners of this Country, not the few elite rich cats sitting on their luxury yachts eating Caviar all day.

Those who voted to REJECT THE HST aren’t idiots. We know that we have to pay back 1.6 billion, though frankly we should simply keep it, and tell Herr Harper to go F*CK HIMSELF.  It was our money to begin with, which the supporters of the HST forget.

I would suggest that perhaps we should actually sit down, and look at our tax code, and start addressing the huge inequities in it, for the low income and middle class, before we are all wiped out.  It is time to let the Uber Wealthy pay a bit more, after all, they are the ones who can afford it, without batting an eye.

I would suggest to the NDP as well, to stop bitching, and start coming up with alternatives that make sense, instead of pointing fingers at the other guys.

Never Mind One Day Make It A Month

Frankly, I think over the years, there has been a huge disconnect between the people, and those elected to represent them. I don’t know how it happened, but it has.

Our elected officials have no clue what life is really like, as they are sheltered from it all. Even if they are defeated, the blow is softened by the golden pensions they get, and the extra health benefits that go with having served in elected office.

On television, they have a reality show, where you make the politician do your job for a day. And like, that is supposed to help them understand our problems? Somehow I just don’t see it.

Like take Flaherty or Harper, who are doing a lot of talking about balancing the budget, on the backs of the poor, on law enforcement, on health care, and the lower income people.  They simply don’t have a clue, how gas prices impacts our daily lives, because frankly, they don’t have to worry about putting food on the table, on balancing a household budget that has limited resources.

I’d like to see Stephen Harper change places with me for one single month.  Then let’s see what he thinks of his tax cut program for the rich, for the big corporations.

And no cheating either. I mean let him get up every morning, to get breakfast ready for a 94 year old, and try to grab a cup of coffee, before having to change a lady, or get the bathroom ready for the home support worker.

Let him have to change urine soaked depends not once, not twice, not even three times, but often four times.

Let him have to try and work, while listening to the wheezing and whimpering of an old lady, whose lungs just aren’t what they used to.

Let him try to accomplish his work, while having to get up several times, to follow her to the bedroom, for a change, or to the coughing, making sure she isn’t choking.

Let him try to plan dinner on an income of under $3,000.00 per month, while also accounting for paying the co payment on medications. Also try to make sure there is enough money to pay for the car insurance, the hydro that is about $300 a month. Let’s not forget the rent that takes $1400 out of that monthly income too.

Oh and how about the cost of medications not covered by BC Med. Let’s see how he manages to cope with all that, for a full month, and then talk about how a $50 a month increase in the GIS for seniors is adequate.

Let’s see how he handles having to pay the water bill of over $200 and still manage to keep fresh fruit in the house, for the diet of an old person, so her bowels will continue to stay unplugged. Oh, and let’s not forget having to pay for the laxatives, stool softeners and liquid laxatives that are also needed.  Maybe he’ll reconsider buying 62 fighter jets at $75 Million a pop?

When he talks about how he expects BC to repay the HST money, should they defeat it, maybe he can figure out why it was opposed so vehemently by the people? Maybe he’ll come to understand that medications are now 12% more, when before they only had a 5% tax on them.

Maybe he’ll understand why we want action taken on Gas Companies, when he has to decide whether or not to buy bread at $4.49 a loaf, or wait till it goes on sale for $2.50, because a 94 year old prefers that bread.

Maybe if he walked in my shoes for a month, he might learn that not everyone can simply walk into a grocery store, and buy what they want, but can only get some of what they need, due to the cost.

Perhaps they’ll understand that we need a real alternative to fossil fuels, when he has to figure out how to keep the tank full, and yet still pay for food, housing, and bank interest charges on the VISA.

Maybe he’ll understand why we don’t eat steak even once every two weeks, and why we shop at more than one grocery store, just to get the bargains on the stables.  Perhaps then he’ll reconsider his idea of privatizing every inspection program for food, and understand that a ‘best before date’ really doesn’t mean it’s less fresh, but that’s it is a health risk.

Maybe, just maybe, if Stephen Harper took my place for one month, he might actually get some compassion, for those of us who aren’t Oil Execs, or CEO’s of some fancy corporation, or big shots at a Bank.

Maybe, just maybe, he might realize, when he became Prime Minister, it was to represent ALL OF US.