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HST Rebate Cheques

I have to wonder, what the hell is going on with our so called Governments.  I mean Mom is 94 years old, on a fixed income which includes the GIS ( Guaranteed Income Supplement ) and gee guess what.

The Provincial Government calls that TAXABLE INCOME.

Even the cheap conniving Harper Conservatives don’t do that, but hey, our dumb ass Provincial one’s do.

But what frosts me, is that they give people on low fixed incomes, a whopping $120 a year to help offset the cost of heating.

Will gas prices at $1.29 a liter, and bouncing around like a Yo Yo, heating oil not far behind, they offer Seniors a pissing $120 a year?  

Hey, let’s not forget the rising cost of food and medicine.

God, what a country we have become

Carbon Tax Hike

One has to wonder at the mentality of some Government Leaders, like our illustrious Christy Clark and her provincial Liberals.   Like gas prices are high enough, it isn’t stopping people from driving.

Public Transit isn’t exactly being over run by new riders either, so the idea of a carbon tax on fuel prices, to help make people conserve is, well…  A FAILURE!

And then too, let’s be honest here. A penny hike won’t break the bank, or really turn people off, now will it?

However, the issue isn’t about conserving, but about alternative sources. Money needs to be spent on finding new ways to power our world, our society. Not to prolong use of a dwindling supply.

Additionally, if one was to be honest, the price of gas also is impacting the cost of everything. I mean food prices go up, all the way from the grower/producer, to the consumer.  And the single driving fact for all the increased costs, is the price of fuel, energy.

So frankly, instead of pissing around with dumb ass carbon taxes, start putting some real coin into developing alternative methods. And NO a penny a liter isn’t going to put sufficient funds into alternative fuel research.

Thing is, no one, not the Government, nor the public, seem to really care. I mean we just accept the high prices, and move on. So what if more of us are forced into choosing between food, and staying warm?