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Gas Prices are Like Yo Yo’s

It is like Stephen Harper and his explanations for everything. One minute it is this, then it is that, then it is something else.  You feel like you are a yo yo, and hey, now we know where Harper got it from…  The Oil Industry.

Gas prices have been going down, then briefly up, then down, and now, well the jumps aren’t just a few pennies a liter.  Gas has gone from $1.11 a liter to suddenly balloon up to $1.31 a liter.

Now, call me skeptical, but I do read the news, and hey, didn’t see anything today that justified a sudden panic attack, to cause Oil to jump to this level.  Nor is there anything in the news about this yo yo pricing.

Still, perhaps someone can explain to me how prices can jump, when the markets are closed?

And maybe while they are at it, they can explain why it even matters, considering that Canada doesn’t import any oil?

Oh, while at it, maybe they can explain how every single oil company has the EXACT same retail price for its product?

I mean honestly, Petro Canada has the same expenses as EXXON, Shell, Chevron?  I DON’T THINK SO !

Course, as long as Herr Harper is in charge, we can whistle for any real action. After all, he wouldn’t want to bite the very hand that made him Prime Minister, now would he?

Does Sovereignty Exist Anymore?

With 294 Members of Parliament supporting the motion to continue to bomb and interfere in the internal going on’s of a foreign nation, I wonder, what will happen if suddenly Quebec opts out of Confederation?

Will the United States and the European Union begin bombing runs on Ottawa if Canada chooses to NOT allow Quebec to separate, by use of force?

Think about it, because this is scary shit happening, when we commit our Military to actually force another Country’s leader out of office.  All of it, based on the assumption that a small select group represents the true majority of that Nation.

Even in his comments, Baird is claiming that the NATO response is gradually weakening support for Ghadafi, which says to me, that until NATO intervened, he had the majority of support, not the so called freedom group.

So, what truly gives us the right to send our people, into a foreign country, to usurp the Government in Control?

Sure, I support Democracy, but then, isn’t Democracy about freedom of choice? Isn’t the oldest form of Democracy, found in religion, where GOD gave us, his children free will?  And isn’t that free will, that freedom, about making our own choices, without hindrance, without retribution?

Seems to me we aren’t truly supporting Democracy, but the vested interests of big business, such as the defense contractors and the oil industry.  How is that supporting freedom?

Three Day Mail Delivery?

So let me see, the employees of Canada Post are on rotating strikes, so management decides to announce that due to a drop in mail volume, it is going to move to cutting service to delivery three days per week.

Oh that has to be going over well with the Postal Union Members.   Those who weren’t thrilled about being on strike, sure as hell are now.

So just what is the grand plan here?

I mean come on, Canada Post is actually making money, so why the switch in delivery?  Do they really believe that mail volume will suffice as an excuse? I mean sure, the amount of mail may be less, but hey, look at the damn prices they charge.

Then there is the whole labor issue. I mean cutting delivery to three days, costs each postal carrier, about what, $400 a week?  And Harper figures they’ll accept that without a murmur?

Is this just a way to actually make Canada Post unviable, so it can be sold to one of Harper’s campaign contributors for a dirt cheap price?

Thing is, not everyone has a computer, or internet access. And let’s be honest, the Internet is about to become more expensive thanks to those who voted Conservative. Now the cable outfits have a free hand to raise their rates, without any interference.  So that isn’t such a great choice, now is it?

Then there is the whole ‘online security’ thing. I mean hell, if Harper’s own website can be hacked, and information lifted, do we really expect to have better security with getting our bills online?

Don’t forget the recent hacking into Government Agencies either, so really Canada Post is a more viable alternative. Without it, what do we have? Where will Seniors pick up their bills, or are they simple expected to pay whatever hydro and cable say they owe?

Something stinks in the straits of Denmark, or in this case, in Canada Post Headquarters.