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Small Government Puts Us At Risk

One of Stephen Harper’s pet phrases is that he wants a smaller government, that doesn’t interfere into the lives of people. You know, things like insuring our food is safe to eat?

When he took power, thanks to his attack ads, he immediately deregulate our food safety programs. The result, well 23 Canadians died from tainted food, as a result. His Agricultural Minister made jokes about it, and all Harper could say, was the guy was under stress.

What about the families of the dead?

I don’t like Government interference in my life. I truly don’t, but I want to know that the food I buy, is safe to eat.

I want to know that Businesses aren’t cutting costs, by cutting safety procedures, like properly cleaning out food slicers.

I don’t want to see EXPIRED food being offered at a DISCOUNT, in my groceries stores.

When queeried about that, our Stevie Boy told us that the best buy date, was merely telling us that the food was best till that date, not bad after. It wasn’t as good, is all.  Tell that to those who get sick from eating EXPIRED food.

Yet that is EXACTLY what the Harper Conservatives have not only allowed, but helped create.

I support Private Business, believe in Capitalism, but I also believe that ALL BUSINESS needs to be monitored, to prevent excesses that put us at risk.

Businesses like private labs doing blood work, doing DNA testing for Criminal cases. I believe Businesses like the Food Industry need to be watched, so they prepare the food, in sanitary facilities.

Harper Conservatives have put Corporate Profits, above those things. They have deliberately allowed tainted food into our homes, have deliberately made life a true gamble, because they support PROFITS AT ANY PRICE.


Ground Troops in Libya?

I am totally confused about this entire Libyan mess, that we are now embroiled in.

Both the UK & France are sending ‘advisors’ into Libya, to help this supposed Freedom Movement.  I call it “supposed” simply because no one seems able to clearly explain who they are, who they actually represent?

I know who is the Opposition in Canada, at the moment it is the NDP, GREEN, Liberals, & BLOC, but who are these folks claiming they represent the oppressed Libyans?  

Anyone bothered to check, before they started committing our Military Forces?

I wonder too, about whether or not we would be now sending “Advisors” into Libya, if it wasn’t a major supplier of Oil?  I mean look at Syria.  They are no better than Libya, have revolts there, have killed their own citizens, so how come there is a no fly zone there?

How come the Eygptian Military was allowed to disband and overturn an actual elected government, without any Military Intervention?

Now many went into Iraq as well, and hey guess what, it too is a major Oil Producer.  Hmmm, do I smell a pattern here?

Didn’t go into the Sudan or the Congo either. Haven’t gone into Saudia Arabia yet, or Bahrain.  They are having so called  “freedom” riots too, so uh, why did they escape Military Intervention? 

Oh wait, they are our Allies, aren’t they? They have good contracts with the Oil Companies.  

Think I am onto something here?

Tax Cuts for Oil Industry, Worth It?

Stephen Harper & His Reform slash Alliance slash Conservative Party has given the Oil Industry numerous tax cuts.  Despite his rhetoric, those tax cuts extend into this year as well, and beyond.

So the big question is, do we get what we pay for?

I mean that the concept, as detailed by Stephen Harper and Flaherty, is that by giving tax cuts to Big Business, like the Oil Industry, we get much more in return.

We get new jobs, as well as job security for those already employed.

We get a competitive pricing, instead of higher prices.

Now, I am no rocket scientist, but according the figures, Gas Prices went up ( on average ) about 18¢ a litre, last month alone.

Have we gotten value for those BILLIONS?

Well, we have the Oil Industry bringing in foreign Guest Workers, to work in the Oil Patch.   Guess we should have asked, did those new jobs mean for Canadians?

We have high oil prices, which in turn leads to higher food prices, higher heating costs, higher manufacturing costs which means higher retail prices.

No wonder inflation went up last month. But hey, maybe that is just a prelude for more tax cuts? After all, business is going to be needing more bailouts, to help improve their bottom line.

Tonight, gas at the pump went up to $1.31 a liter, and is expected to hit $1.50 by July.  

So did those Oil Industry tax cuts help us out? 

SURE THEY DID, if Harper hadn’t given them such a nice gift, we’d be paying a $1.50 last month, instead of having it delayed until July,.    

We have a huge influx of Foreign Workers ( now the politically correct term is Guest Workers ) while high paying jobs are dwindling. Yet business is booming, according to Flaherty.  Oh wait, those are Foreign Businesses, who ship goods to us now, instead of making them here.

Harpers Tax Cuts have cost us about $6 Billion a year in lost revenue, while generating a huge whopping return in investment of $600 Million.  

Now that is a nice return, don’t you think? Sure looks like we are getting value for our buck, don’t you think? Hey have to be, as Stephen Harper the Economist says so.

Honestly, how much of these rip offs can we handle? How long before we Rise Up and take back this Country from these Taxpayer Raiders ( used to be called the Reform Party, then changed it to the Alliance Party, but is now called the Conservative Party. )

Come On Canada –  Anyone But Harper Conservatives

Can We Afford Harper Economics

Stephen Harper makes a big deal about the Economy, and how HE is the only one who can manage our Economy, successfully.  After all, he is an Economist, right?

So let me ask Mr Harper some pointed questions:

IF you are so good at managing our economy, why has gas prices gone up over 18 cents (per litre) in the last month?

IF you are so good at managing our economy, why has inflation gone up 3.3% last month?

IF you are so good at managing our economy, why has all eight indicators for inflation gone up?

IF you are so good at managing our economy, tell me again how a HIGH LOONIE benefits our Exports?

IF you are so good at managing our economy, tell me again how a HIGH LOONIE helps us pay off our National Debt, and the huge deficit you brought in?

IF you are so good at managing our economy, tell me Mr Harper, why you have created more minimum wage jobs and part time jobs, than in creating high paying jobs, that continue to evaporate?

Now I know that you are not one who answers questions, with any modicum of truth in your replies, but perhaps you might indulge us this once?

After all, you are spending millions on those attack ads saying that Ignatieff will raise taxes, that you are the only one who is here for us, so maybe this once, in your tenure of public office, you’d like to actually answer the questions?

I know it asking a lot of you, to actually give us the numbers, that show your tax cuts to the Oil Industry has benefited us. I mean, gas only went up a mere 18.9¢ per litre last month, so does all those tax cuts mean it would have gone up more?  Should we be kissing the ground you walk on, for only having us choose between food or heating our homes?

You do a lot of advertising about how you are the only one who can stand up for Canada, internationally, yet it is only a matter of time before we are putting troops on the ground in Libya.  Care to tell us why you would support that?  Why are we in Libya anyhow?

Is Syria next?

Honestly Mr. Harper, would be nice if you would just sit still, let us unconvinced people into your rallies, so we could hear your sermon from the mount.

Maybe then, we’d not have all these pesky bickering questions to ask you. After all, your party faithful seem to be getting enough answers to keep on voting for you, so why not let us in on it too?

Anyone But Evasive Harper Conservatives

How Many Lies Does It Take…


I mean come on, let’s be honest about this. No matter which party you are leaning towards, a lie is still a lie.

To say all the Opposition Parties will form a coalition government right after May 2 if Harper gets a minority government, is pure conjecture.  Yet that is what Harper keeps saying, but then he also says he never signed a letter asking the Governor General to NOT drop an election writ, if he & the other opposition parties defeated the Martin Minority Government.

I mean, come on, he signed the letter, he was the one who called the other opposition parties together. So now it wasn’t to make him Prime Minister?

And lets get real too, about all the new taxes the other parties are going to impose, if they get into power. Like the bullshit $75 Ipad tax.  Not one of them have said that, yet somehow Stephen Harper & his band of clairevoyents know they will?

Let’s us get Real Canada, whether you vote NDP, Green, Bloc, or Liberal, time to RISE UP and get rid of the biggest liar since Brian Mulroney… Stephen Harper.