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A Real Revolution or Something Else

Eygpt, Libya, Bahrain, and even Jordan are facing a lot of unrest.  Is it a movement for real democracy, or is there something more sinister at work there?  Remember the Iranian Revolution?   How Jimmy Carter did nothing to protect the Shah, and the result is, well Iran today is seeking to build its own Nuclear Arm Arsenal.

Is it even our business, to meddle into the internal affairs of any foreign nation?  Would we want Libya or Iran to meddle in our internal affairs?

What goes on in these countries, is horrid. The transgressions against people is unbelievable, and yet we seem to pick and choose who we will support, to what extend, and then we wonder, why when it is all over, they hate our guts.

There is no consistent policy by any of our governments today. Are we basing our support for the rebel movement in Libya, because they do represent a democratic movement, or are we hedging our bets, due to the Oil?

How about Eygpt?

Mubarrack was an elected President, as was the Government. Maybe not a cleanly elected one, but is any Government free of voter fraud?  So we drop our support, maybe even pressure him to give in, and now the military is in charge. Now protests are banned, people ordered home, and no clear solution to who will eventually be in charge, is in place. Instead we have Military people calling the shots.

So uh, how the fuck is that any better, than what was in place?

Do we even know who is leading the rebellion in Libya, and what their goals are?

How about those in Bahrain? Are they democratic, or are they aligned with some ultra religious sect?  After all, George Bush was, and no one knew it until it was too late. So are these so called Democratic Uprising, really about Democracy?

Maybe, before we take to the streets in support, or put sanctions in place, we should find out, just who is calling the shots for these uprisings.  After all, wasn’t it US businessmen who supported Castro against Baptista, and look at how well that turned out.

I know, Harper can’t control world events that cause people to panic, and shoot the price of Crude Oil up to over $100 a barrel, but he can mitigate the damages to Canadians. After all, isn’t that is damn job?

What frosts my ass is that the price goes up Thursday on World Markets, and the price at the pump jumps that night.  Now I am not a rocket scientist, but no frigging way did a SINGLE DROP OF FOREIGN OIL make it into our Country in those few hours.

Yet the price jumped 7 cents a litre (in Victoria) as a result.

Can we say Price Gouging?

And where is our Prime Minister with his bullshit that everything is fine mantra?  Defending the rise as being out of his control?  Sorry, but that is utter rubbish. While he hides costs for his crime bill, defends the actions of his Ministers ( who commit Fraud ) we get stuck with increased fuel costs.

So here we go again, another depression looms, all because Stephen Harper & his party are bought and paid for by big conglomerates.  How soon before they all come running to the taxpayer, needing more bailouts, because of the high cost of fuel?

Food prices will go up shortly, as a result. Life will become more expensive, than it already is, simply because we have a stooge of big business in power. It truly is time to turf this guy and his big business bosses out of office.

Mr Harper, Why The Double Standards

I really would like to know, why our Prime Minister believes in double standards. He constantly accuses Michael Ignatieff of being  here for the ride only, yet when his own Ministers commit fraud, lie, and cheat, he thinks they are okay, as long as they apologize.

Take Oda, and her actually doctoring up an official document, and then lying about it to the House.  I mean if you and I did something like that, we’d be hauled up for Fraud, and most likely get a jail sentence.   So how come Mr Harper thinks that was okay, since she apologized to the House?

It isn’t like this is the first instance either. How about all those documents left for a reporter, or the jokes made by the Agriculture Minister during the Listerios outbreak? Hell, what about Vic Toews and his off the wall condemnation of Homosexuals? Let’s not forget how Harper has shielded his buddy Brian Mulroney who took cash bribes from Schreiber.

Why is that okay, when you & I would go to jail for doing the same thing?

Will the Children Call A Recess?

I guess the biggest baby in Parliament, thinks that there could be a spring election, judging by how many attack ads he is now running.  Yes, our dear Prime Minister continues to take the low road in Politics, slamming Ignatieff while quietly ignoring his own miserable failures.

Like giving the big poor corporations another huge tax break.  Like, when will the Voters realize, that every Corporate Tax Cut, translates into LESS MONEY FOR THE PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR THEM?  These Corporate Elite, simply pocket the money, they still cut jobs, still cut benefits, because the have the blessing of Stephen Harper.

So with all the bleating going on in Ottawa, will the children call for a recess, to go out into the sandbox, and duke it out, to see who will be King of the Playground?   ( In other words, will our esteemed Members of Parliament force an election, so we can see a bunch of grown men throw mud at each other, in an effort to convince us to make them King. )