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Throttling the Internet, Thanks Harper

So, on Feb 1 Shaw & Primus will start charging extra for those who do a lot of downloading.  Doesn’t sound bad, right? I mean you don’t download a lot, or do you?  Think about it, because it applies to all those videos you stream to watch, if you are using a service like Netflex, or how about the music you listen to off of  iTunes?

All that is actually downloading, and so you could be at risk.

Why are they able to do that, because the Harper stacked CRTC allowed Bell to do that. They allowed throttling, and now we are all, going ot pay through the nose, for using the Internet.

Many may not understand, but everytime your browser goes to a site, it actually downloads stuff, so you can view it on your computer. By itself, not too much, but then, what is too much?  All that is going to be decided by the big boys in the boardroom.

And as the story says, the cost being charged to others, from Bell, is many many times the cost of the service. In other words, it is just a CASH GRAB by Harper’s cronies, in big business.

Don’t know about you folks, but really, I’ve had about enough of Stephen Harper & his pandering to the needs of every big boardroom, instead of actually giving a fuck about us, the people. I am sick ‘n tired of his bullshit, his contempt for Democracy, with his fear mongering, his obscene pandering to Big Business.

Now, in an effort to control the Internet, to help keep dissent hidden from the average person, he’s allowing the Internet to be strangled, by excessive fees. We lose, his campaign war chest gets bigger. 

Time to Turf the Bum out of Office, just like we did in ’93 with the Mulroney Crowd.

New NDP Leader has to be Female?

I can’t stop laughing, at the silliness of the Provincial NDP here in British Columbia. I mean, yes, I support equal rights, but sometimes I think we make stupid rules.  I am not a fan of the so called ‘affirmative action’ programs, though they are certainly better than nothing. However, that doesn’t make them right, now does it?

Seems that the NDP has a rule, that says one of the 3 top spots, leader, President, financial officer, has to be a female.  Right now, the President and FO are males.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Moe Sihota step down, but I doubt if he will do so, without a handsome payoff. After all, this is the guy who was accused of improper handling of trust accounts, as a Lawyer, who simply resigned his law license, rather than face the music. Think he’ll do the right thing here?     Uh, do Pigs fly?

Whoever the NDP choose, I hope it is someone who has a brain, has some integrity, and isn’t a mouthy shrew, like Carol James has been.  Political parties, & leaders, need to grow up, & become responsible to the people, not to special interest groups. 

Yeah, I know, I am dreaming, but hell, Miracles do Happen.

Guess We Staying in the Poor House

Welcome to 2011 !

So, it is a new year, that sees, us in British Columbia, being hit with an increase in our BC Med plan, of about 2.9%.  Least for those earning a lot less than a few hundred grand per year, or having a family.

But hey, lets really make it more enjoyable, so as of today, Retailers in the Province can NO LONGER  purchase inventory of Incandescent Light Bulbs.   They can clear out their inventory of them, but can’t replenish them.    Only the mercury filled CFL light bulbs can be sold.

I picked up a pack of 4 60watt incandescents for about a $1.  Comparable CFL light bulbs cost around $5.   And guess what, the Incandescent one’s last longer and aren’t an environmental hazard or health risk.

But we all gotta do our part to save the Planet.  So now the landfills will be filled with CFL and additional MERCURY.

Isn’t that a great New Year Gift to the people of British Columbia?