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Saving Money

One of the main reasons Flaherty has used, to explain why CPP should be privatized, is that Canadians simply aren’t saving enough for their retirement.   Honestly, this from the man who for the last year and a bit has been urging Canadians to go further into debt, and BUY BUY BUY.

You gotta love the hypocrisy of the Harper Regime, and how quickly they change their tune, when their Corporate Masters see a new way to get rich, on the backs of the average person.

So just exactly, where do we find the added money to put aside for our Golden Years?

The wife makes good money, over $15 an hour, and then there is Mom’s Old Age Security, and my little online contribution.  By my standards, we should be considered as middle, Middle Class, but truth is, we are at the poverty level.

I suppose I could find some pennies by cutting back on Dog Food for the pooch. After all, she is a bit overweight.

I could maybe have a day where we fast, instead of having a sandwich or something.

Guess I could buy EXPIRED FOOD, and hope that we don’t get poisoned. After all, according to the Harper Government, food that is beyond it’s ‘ Best Buy Date ‘ really isn’t bad, just not at its peak of freshness.

I know, maybe I could simply cut Mom’s medications in half, giving her one pill over two days, instead of one. Now that would save some serious money, even though she is on our Pharmacare plan.  After all, it does cost about $10 to get a prescription filled, plus the co-share cost of the medicine, until her maximum contribution is reached. ( Usually around June )

Maybe I could simply cut out buying heating oil during the winter.  Maybe turn the furnace off, because I mean $1 a litre is expensive, and we do have some nice warm blankets we could use.  Sure, we’ll probably get colds, and who knows how that will impact Mom. Hell she is Ninety Three & Half, she’s had a good life, so I suppose it doesn’t matter if in her Golden Years she has to spend six months freezing

Hmm, now that I think about it, I guess there is lots of  ‘fat’ in our budget. Maybe I should do all that, and put aside the money for when I am old, like Mom.   Then I can sit and shiver, get sicker because I don’t get my full dose of medicine

Hey, that sounds attractive, don’t it?         NOT !!!

Harpers War on the Middle Class

We have all heard about the wars raging across the Planet. There is still the War in Iraq & Afghanistan. Wars, that have lasted longer than World War II.  Yet the worst, is the one being waged against the Middle & Lower Class of our very own Canada.

war on the Canadian middle classStephen Harper & his Conservatives have waged a silent war, against the very people, that they are supposed to represent.  It isn’t a shooting war, in the sense of Iraq, nor is it even a shadow war, like the one being waged by Terrorists, but a war of attrition.

I may sound bitter, but I look at our family income, and I shake my head at how much we are spending, and yet can’t get ahead.  Am I a bad money manager?  Or is there something else happening, that is leaving us living from paycheque to paycheque?

Government is supposed to protect, to serve the people, yet our Country is still heavily in a depression. Jobs, that pay high wages, continue to disappear. Sure, new jobs are being created, but at minimum wage levels. They don’t replace the high paying jobs, which we are shipping everywhere, but here.

They told us to spend money, to help end the depression. The Harper Government threw in TENS OF BILLIONS OF OUR DOLLARS to help business recover, and now as a reward, they want to sell off Canada Pension, to let Private Interests manage our retirement future.

Yet, that is just the frosting on the cake. You see, Harper has been gradually turning us into a nation of wage slaves. He has taken away our dreams, our hope for a better life, not just for us, but our children. He has burdened them, and us, with a deficit that will have us paying it off, for decades to come.

Now, I don’t mind that so much, if it had worked. Thing is, the money  ( least the lion’s share of it ) went to the very people, who put us into this economic depression. The Harper Theory ( well actually George Bush’s theory ) was that you give business money, and it’ll keep people working, so they can buy more.

harpernomics aka George Bush policyProblem with that was that Business didn’t invest in new machinery, didn’t invest in infrastructure, but gave out bonuses to management executives, paid for more private jets, and cut menial jobs to the bare bones, and beyond.

Plants were closed, shipped lock, stock, & barrel to other countries, where the minimum wage was dollars per day, not per hour. Where there was no CPP deductions, or EI. That is what business did, to improve its bottom line, with the blessing of Stephen Harper. He encouraged it, actively pushed it.

And still, we continue to pay, & will be paying for that policy, long into the next generation, if not longer.

As 2011 draws near, we should examine where we stand. If you earn big money, maybe you won’t have to worry, but if you earn under $50, ooo.00 a year, you may want to re-think supporting Stephen Harper & the Conservatives.  Look at how little you can still buy, look at your credit card debt, and at how what you buy today, is made everywhere but in Canada.

Think long and hard, on just where your money is going. Is your job secure? Can you manage if you lose your job tomorrow?  What happens when the kids need diapers, or the mortgage goes up? Can you handle it, with what you earn today? 

This is a war, and YOU are the one being attacked. It isn’t from some foreign country either, it isn’t some cave dwelling nut job trying to kill you off, or enslave you. No ideological tyrant is trying to end your freedom…

It is Your Own Government, the one headed by Stephen Harper, that is doing all that, & more to you, the very people he is supposed to represent.

Save Your Money, Make CPP Private

Remember last year, how Jim Flaherty & his boss Stephen Harper told us we needed to SPEND SPEND SPEND to get out of the economic crunch?   Even the Bank of Canada Governor told us to do that.

Now because, like total morons, we listened to them and did just that, we are about to have our Canada Pension Plan sold off to some Private Conglomerate.

AND you have to love the reason being given:   We Aren’t Saving Enough Money for our Retirement.

IF anyone truly believes this is a good thing, then move to the United States and sign up for the Republican Party.  After all, you HAVE to be rich enough to do that, or else you’d never support a party like today’s Conservatives.

Do you really want some giant corporation like AIG to manage your pension future?  Think about it, as they needed $185 Billion in bailout money, and instead of paying off claims, they PAID BONUSES to MANAGEMENT.

And there wasn’t a damn thing the US Government could do about it.

Fiscally Irresponsible, the only thing the Harper Government is interested in, is in making the giant corporations richer, the Middle Class disappear, and the rest of us wage slaves, become nothing more than cheap labor for Big Business.

One good thing about having a leadership convention, is that you get to hear a few more ideas, than during an actual election.   Which is good, but kind of bad too. I mean, isn’t an election supposed to be about ideas & policies?

Not a lot of contenders for either the Liberal Throne or NDP one, but one, for the NDP had an interesting comment.

Seem he thinks that we should let Sixteen Year Olds vote.

Now, I don’t get that, because let me see, just how many sixteen year olds do you know, who are interested in the affairs of state?  I know they were all upset with the new driving laws, but I mean, seriously does someone that age have the maturity to decide who should represent them in the Legislature?

Simple reality of today’s electoral process is that people, irrespective of age, are turning away from casting their vote.  So, instead of addressing that issue, some political hopefuls think we should simply increase the voting pool?    I DON’T THINK SO!

People are NOT voting, because they basically feel that our elected officials are not going to represent them, so why bother.  I feel that way, but I still vote, but frankly, the choices are not appealing. I mean, does it matter if one votes for the provincial Liberals, or the provincial NDP?  Is there any difference?

Perhaps the Leader Hopefuls should consider why Gordon Campbell & Carol James are not going to be leading their parties into the next provincial election.   It is because they have failed in addressing the issues facing British Columbians, or in the case of Gordo, have lied one too many times.

Carol James was too busy telling us how bad Gordo was, so is it any wonder she’s out of a job?

I think those who want to lead, need to show us they can. Maybe then, we’d start going back to the polls, and actually making a decision, because we’d actually have a choice. Right now, there is little to make anyone want either party, and until someone steps up to show the people that,  we will continue to have less people voting. 

Increasing the voting age, isn’t going to help, because we’ll have a lot of pandering that will be even more dribble, than practicle.  Isn’t it bad enough, at how our political representatives cater to the whims of a small vocal minority Now one wants to add appealing to juveniles.

Carol James is Leaving Now Who

First it was Gordon Campbell, who finally got squeezed out, thanks to his buddy Stephen Harper and that insane HST bullshit.  I mean come on, what an idiot to think that it wouldn’t create a hailstorm of negative opinion.  It was something people could see, and not just one time.  

Now the NDP have finally seen some sense and gotten rid of their shrew.  I mean, she could be a nice person, one on one, but her tenure as leader has been nothing but a screaming match, at how evil the BC Liberals are, and how much Gordon Campbell lied.  

Like we didn’t get that?

Yet even going down, as she has, she had to come across as a vindictive little dictator. No wonder so many of her colleagues spoke up, to finally rid the NDP of her.

When you bully people, eventually they get fed up, and lash out. That is what has happened to Carol James, though she won’t admit it.  And lets be honest, 15, or more MLA’s out of 33, is not a small minority.

The Media & so called Political Experts, claim that the resignation has also doomed the NDP from forming the next Government.  Frankly, with about 2 to 3 years to go, that is a stupid projection.   Whoever takes over, has time to give them a better image, and if it is the right one, can lead the NDP to victory.  Just as whoever wins for the BC Liberals, can.  ( The NDP didn’t stand a chance of ever getting my vote, as long as Carol James was leader, & the same held for the Liberals with Gordon Campbell.  NOW, that is possible. )

Nothing is certain in politics, but really, the Media haven’t a clue anymore. They merely mimmick what their advertisers want them to.   Real JOURNALISM would have shown that both parties, were being led by shallow, self serving hypocrites.  

Thank God both are gone, now if we could only manage the same result on a federal level, things might look promising for the future.