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Does it really matter who becomes the next Premier for BC, or next Prime Minister for Canada?  I mean, do any of the people currenlty poised to be our elected leader, have a clue really about what it means to SERVE?

In British Columbia, we have the Harper Clone as Premier, but will Carol James be any better? Will Ignatieff replace Harper, and actually make a difference, or is it just the same shit, just packaged differently?

Government USED to be about serving the needs of the People. Today it is about serving the needs of BUSINESS OVER PEOPLE.  That is why, here in BC, VIHA (Vancouver Island Health Authority) in concert with BCS (Beacon Community Services) is slowly killing my 93 year old Mother.

While they aren’t poisoning her, or denying her food, their primary concern is about turning a profit, is creating the situation, where her very life hangs in the balance. Instead of spending her remaining time alive enjoying things, she spends it worrying about who will come to help her.

There once was a time, when we looked to our Elected Officials to protect us. To insure that business did not scam us, or harm us, by providing poor quality goods. There was a time, when we could go into a grocery store, knowing that the foods being sold were safe to eat. There was a time, when business was held accountable for not following proper safety procedures, such as insuring that toys didn’t have lead paint coating, that utensils used in providing convenience foods were fully cleaned and free of harmful germs.

That Time No Longer Exists.

Thank you Stephen Harper & Maple Leaf Foods for that. Thank you Gordon Campbell and VIHA,  for following the example of the Harper Machine.  You know, where MONEY is put before the needs of the People who vote for you.

I am not expecting Government to do everything, but to simply insure that what a Corporation says it will do, it does.  I want certain food safety procedures to be adhered to, and not ignored all for the sake of increasing profits.  I want qualified home support workers, that actually are qualified. I don’t want some Corporation to say the food is safe, to say the employee is fully trained, when that isn’t true. 

I want  MY Government to make sure that is the case.  Unlike today’s examples, that rely on the company to tell us when they screw up, I want My Government to be PROACTIVE.  I want them doing spot checks, in follow ups, to insure that things are, as we expect them to be.

I don’t want Standards LOWERED, but instead RAISED HIGHER.  We need, to reach for those goals, not set our sights lower.  And frankly, I don’t see any political leader, doing anything but lowering our expectations.   I want to dream, to imagine a world free of hunger, of disease, of greed.  I want to see My Government dreaming with me, see My Government leaning forward, trying to achieve those dreams.  I don’t want to hear about how bad the other guy is, I want to hear about the future, when we are rid of those despots.

I want My Government make it wrong for a company to cheat, lie, and pollute, or worse, provide incompetent, untrained home support workers.  I want my Mother to die from old age, not from a government abdicating its obligation, not from a corporation that only cares about its profit margin.

Republican Palin Has No Shame

Listening to the brat natter on Dancing With The Stars, shows me one thing.  The Republicans are nothing more than glory hounds, out of touch with reality, and yet are able to con so many Americans, it makes me wonder, if there are any sane people left in the United States.


So why is she there? Gee, I guess the Republican Darling has more fans than a rock singer, than any other star. All Bristol Palin has going for her, other than being knocked up by some Alaskan money grubber, is that her mommy is waging a publicity campaign to keep her name front & center for the 2012 Presidential Race.

No wonder we have idiots like Stephen Harper winning enough seats to become Prime Minister. People are no longer thinking about what makes a leader, but instead are buying into the bullshit hype.  God help this country, if we follow the path the United States has taken. Where we are swayed by no talent, no idea, leaders, who cheat, lie, and attack.

Stacking the Deck

Last night’s Dancing With The Stars has shown me, why the concept of voting for human rights, is just plain WRONG! 

Bristol Palen, daughter of defeated Vice President Candidate Sarah Palen, managed to somehow win enough votes, to get into the finals of the show. Considering how she has no real job, is only known because of her mommy, and spent most of the show at the bottom of the leader board, one has to wonder, just how did she get enough votes to not just be in the finals, but still be on the show?

There is no doubt that Mommies political machine went into overdrive, to get the darling little thing enough votes to remain on the show, and now be in a position to win it.  It also shows something else though, at how manipulative the Republican Darling Sarah can be, that she would stoop to that level, just for the PR value of having her name front & center.

It also demonstrates why it is so important to have an impartial judiciary, when it comes to basic human & civil rights.  Without a Judiciary that is INDEPENDENT, then things like EQUALITY, FREEDOM OF RELIGION, would quickly disappear.

Leaving it up to the voter to determine human rights, equality, is easily manipulated by the various political machines. It becomes a popularity vote, or one based on lies & deception, such as in the case of California’s  Proposition 8.

Things like same sex marriage, exist in Countries like ours, because we had leaders who didn’t try to force their own religious views on the population. They ACCEPTED the ruling of our Supreme Court, and even Stephen Harper has been forced to accept that ruling.

NOT is the case in the United States, hence laws like Proposition 8 that is nothing more than a stepping stone to eventual Tyranny.   WITHOUT a court decision, there is no doubt that African Americans, would still be targets for many white hate groups. They still are, but they have LEGAL PROTECTION, that was denied them, until the COURTS RULED.

Unlike the United States, at least in Canada, we are still a Democracy, even if we do have the likes of Stephen Harper as Prime Minister.

The fact that Bristol Palen is in the Finals at Dancing With The Stars, is a prime example of manipulating the vote, which is why an Impartial Judiciary must always be the final word, when it comes to basic Human Rights & Equality.

It is what keeps countries Free.

Why Are We Being Punished

I’ve been hooked on Politics since I was a kid. I remember walking in and hearing that JFK had been shot, and crying, and I was just a wee kid then.  Seven or Eight.  I remember the funeral for Pierre Trudeau, the eulogy by Justin and crying.

I recall the days of Robert Standfiedl, Lester Pearson, John Diefenbaker, Joe Clark, and yes, even Tommy Douglas & Rene Levesque.  Those were days when WE HAD LEADERS who cared, who remembered that they worked for the people.

Some called them Arrogant, others were called Dull & Unimaginative.  Yet overall, no one thought they would destroy Canada, or sell it out, until the latest crop of Politicians came along.  The Preston Mannings, Brian Mulroney, Stockwell Days, Michael Ignatieff, Bob Rae, Jack Layton and of course, Stephen Harper.

Now we have little choice, because only Gilles Duceppe of the Bloc, seems to give a rat’s ass about Canada.  The rest, well, they are in it for the glory, the money. Just ask Brian Mulroney about that and Stephen Harper.

Extending the mission in Afghanistan, does not need Parliament Approval, according to Stevie Boy, but there is no end game, no solution or definition of what Victory in Afghanistan is.  ONLY MORE DEAD CANADIAN SOLDIERS, yet Harper thinks he doesn’t need our permission.

Just what did we do, that has being punished with having no real leadership left, in a Country than once boasted the likes of Jean Chretien, John Diefenbaker, Ed Broadbent, Pierre Trudeau?   WHAT DID WE DO WRONG?

A GOD Movie That Made Sense

I am not what you’d call ‘mainstream’ religious.  I believe in GOD, but not the way today’s organized religion portrays it.  Guess that makes me a Heathen, in some eyes, especially those wing nuts who think Gays are sinners, are Anti God.  That is their opinion, I just wish they’d stop trying to force that on the entire world.

Can we all say Republicans & HARPER CONSERVATIVES?

The other night Mom & I watched  ‘ To Save A Life’ which isn’t your A List movie, with any real A List actors.  It had a bit too much ‘religion’ in it, but then again, that is just me.  Point is, it was rather insightful, into a problem that many RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS are ignoring.


Kids commit suicide, and Gay Teens top the list, yet today’s media barely covers those stories, and when they do, they generally get it wrong.   The Media will take a kid, who is crying out for help, and distort it into some revenge killing, or something else.

In this movie, a kid walked into school, pulled a gun out, shot it in the air, then killed himself.

The Media, and everyone else, labelled him as a troubled teen out to kill his fellow students, but the truth was, he was tired of being the butt of his classmates jokes, was tired of being alone.  His best friend, the popular High School Jock had turned his back on him, for a girl, for being Cool and with the IN CROWD.

I remember the Columbine Shootings, and look back at how sensationalized the Media made it, and yet, has anyone really come up with the answer, as to WHY?

We spend a lot of time, energy on striving to be just like everyone else.To have the latest gadgets, the latest SUV’s, and we join the POPULAR movements, throw the lavish dinner parties, and of course, talk about how important GODis to us.   I look at people like Sarah Palen, Mitt Romney, Stephen Harper, Vic Toews, and I want to puke.


Yet that is exactly what these people do, they HATE OTHERS, simply because they do not conform to their beliefs.  So what if I have sex with another man, and want to have the same rights as every other citizen?   That is what FREEDOM MEANS, and if these so called Religious Upright Moral People truly did believe in GOD, then they’d be on the front lines DEMANDING I RECEIVE THOSE RIGHTS.

After all, GOD was the first to recognize that MAN served him best, when he had a FREE CHOICE.

By calling people FREAKS, PERVERTS, we send signals to our children, who aren’t yet able to shrug that crap off. We set up a caste system, that ignores the beauty of many, simply because of some perceived imperfection.   Yet we keep electing these morons, and you know, the reality of that is this.