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Harper Wants Tax Evaders to Pay

Gotta love our Stevie Boy.  Inadvertently, it seems a whole bunch of rich Canucks have hid money offshore, like in Swiss Banks.  Through a breach of details from HSBC, the names came out, and now our Stevie wants the Swiss to be more open about who has money in their banks.

Besides, instead of bugging the Swiss Government, why don’t you just ask your buddies to fess up, and pay up?  Or is that too embarassing, considering how much MONEY they give you & your party, through various loopholes in the Campaign Finance laws.

Nice, but uh Stephen, how about getting Chrysler to pay up its back taxes first? 

Oh wait, you decided to give them a few extra billion, even though they owe us over a BILLION IN TAXES.

Can we all say HYPOCRIT

Where is our Money Harper?

Another record for Stephen Harper & his corporate ass kissers.  Seems our deficit is a few billion higher, and somehow the couple of billion, is due to the payments to BC & Ontario for harmonizing the GST & PST, which I call the  Harper Stealing Tax

Now math was never my forte, but uh, if you payout five billion, how does that equate to a two billion increase from the forecast?  Not to mention that the payouts were done before the summer, so uh, excuse me Mr. Flaherty, but can you count?

The harmonizing of the two provincial sales taxes, with the GST took effect July 1 2010, the negotiations were completed in May 2010. So uh, how did Flaherty miss that expense?

Funny how our deficit goes up, yet the Harper War Chest goes up.   Makes me wonder, some of that deficit being funneled where it shouldn’t?    Mulroney pulled the same bullshit when he was in power, claiming a $30 Billion deficit, that wound up being closer to SIXTY BILLION.


Be A Man Harper and Cannon

So the United Nations didn’t pick Canada for a permanent seat on the Security Council. The world won’t end, but our Government decides it should play politics, or try to.

For Cannon to blame Ignatieff  for the defeat is rather petty, & stupid.  Fact is, that our international reputation sucks because Stevie boy kisses American Ass & Corporate Tushies.  It isn’t like he represents Canada, but instead represents ONLY SPECIAL INTERESTS.

And the world has enough of those, so why add another to the Security Council?

It isn’t like Harper would do the right thing, would follow protocol, but would jump at the chance to ingratiate himself with American Policy.  Just as he supported the Bush Administrations invasion of Iraq.   REMEMBER THAT STEVIE?

The War declared based on lies, trumped up allegations, and it was Jean Chretien who stood firm, demanding proof, which BUSH COULD NOT PROVIDE!   Course Stevie Boy (while stealing another leader’s speech) made out like it was critical for Canada to join the American crusade against Islam.


Whatever Happened to Having Real Stars?

Mom & I, enjoy Dancing with the Stars.  Least I used to, until the last few seasons, when the star power has been a bit underwhelming.   I mean come on, let’s stop focusing on giving failed Republican candidates a forum, or an opportunity to alter their public image.

I mean come on, Bristol Palen is suddenly a Green Activist? 

Truth is, she is merely a pawn in her Mother’s attempt to secure a more acceptable persona, for her upcoming run to seek the Presidential nomination for the RepublicansLike America needs any more hair brained racists to run for office?

And what is with all the gimmicks now?  Like the show became popular because of the dance, not just the stars. It was the magic of music & dance, and now we have some major dances, being done to hip hop? rock?

Give me a break.

Whatever Happened to Honest, Truth, & Compassion?

Well, Stephen Harper got elected and Truth, Honesty, & Compassion went on holiday.  Just as they did when Brian Mulroney was Prime Minister and Paul Martin was.  Seems, that today, we are innundated with politicians whose only concern, is gaining power.

To that end, they lie, steal, cheat, and just plain BULLY others, into giving in.

We have an opposition that is the MAJORITY, yet act like they have only one single seat in Parliament. We have a gang of crooks, who can’t even protect us from dangerous toys, let alone unsafe food.  And instead of bringing this bunch of crooks down, they play paddycake with him.

Unreal how politics has changed since I was just a kid. Back then, it was something honorable, something to aspire to. Now it is about the MONEY, not about serving the interests of the People, or the nation.