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Igor Clean Up BUT

Over the weekend, a lot of reports, talked about how the Military was gearing up to help in the clean up of Igor.  Now, frankly I think it is a good thing, that the Armed Forces are going in to help. (well are in, now.)  Yet, I wonder, why did it take several days AFTER Igor hit, for the Military to actually move in?

Why weren’t they ready to move, the moment Igor left?

That is what gets me, got me too about Katrina & Other similar situations. You have all this advanced forecasting, and you have media on the ground, so it is obvious you KNOW when something like Igor is gonna hit.  So why aren’t you all geared up prior to that happening?

Sure, you may need some time to assess the damage, but I would assume that within hours, you’d know pretty much if you needed the help or not, so why the several day delay?

Could Stephen Pay My Rent Please?

You have to love Government today.   I mean we host a big event, go out of our way to host it back to back, spend a billion or so taxpayer dollars to do so, and we quible about spending Eighty Million on food & lodging.

Maybe Stevie Boy & his gang would like to drop by, spend the night at my digs? I won’t charge them $80,000,000.00 for lodging or food.  Course, I’d want something, like maybe free rent for a year or two?  A little something to cover my expenses would be nice too.

There is no doubt, that a good chunk of that ‘food & lodging’ went for security personnel. Question is, who got the light sticks?  And all those snacks, I mean when was it okay for Security Staff to actually snack on the job?   I wanna work for them.

Not sure if the Liberals, NDP, or Bloc, would be better, maybe a bit cheaper, but better?  As for the Green Party, I dunno, they might have used environmental friendly napkins, which cost more than paper.  So they could have been more expensive.

Point is, it shows that Harper is merely grandstanding, at our expense. Just as he wants us to have a seat at the UN Security Council.   Be nice, but as long as he’s our Illustrious Leader, no one would want us to have that seat.  We’d be seen for what we are,  A RUBBER STAMP TO THE UNITED STATES.

Automation Sucks At Times

Ever try to get ahold of a real person, these days?

Like calling BC Hydro or the Cable Outfit?  How about those stupid Cell Companies?  Hell, even the damn telemarketing scammers are all automated, which really gets irritating. I mean, you’d think if they really wanted our business, they wouldn’t make you wait for their stupid sales pitches.

At times, I wonder if we aren’t overdoing this whole automation stuff. I mean, sure it can save time, but it also can be too much.  Like calling our local Hydro is so convoluted, it takes five minutes to just get to the right department, and then you gotta wait forever for a real person to talk to you.

By that time, your phone battery is nearly dead, and Lord help you if it dies, because you have to start all over again. I mean really, nothing is made to last, nothing is really made to make life easier.


Bollocks To Saving The Environment

We hear it often, about GOING GREEN.  Hell, the Green Party is constantly nattering away at that, yet won’t reveal just how they plan to do that, and sitll keep the economy alive. Not that it is doing great shakes now, thanks to Harper & his stupid policies, but the Green Party certainly isn’t helping in providing an alternative.

Take something as simple as laundry.

Switch to COLD WATER WASHING, they say, as do many others, and you’ll save money on your Hydro.  True enough, you do indeed save money, but does it get the clothes as clean? As sterilized?

My 93 year old mother, has a groin infection. Has for awhile now, and I’ve been doing the laundry in Cold Water for ages, it seems. Yes, it has indeed lowered our Hydro bill, but at what other costs?

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Referendum or Legislative Vote on HST?

The BC Legislative Committee opted to send the question of the HST to the Voters, in a NON BINDING REFERENDUM.   Rather than putting the matter to the Legislature, the committee voted along party lines (6 Liberals for Referendum, 4 NDP for Legislature) in deciding the issue.


At first blush, sending the question to the Liberal Dominated Legislature would seem counter productive.  However, given that in repealing this stupid tax, the cost will be high.  Thanks to the great negotiations by Premier Campbell, the repealing of the HST would force us to repay about $1.6 Billion.

The NDP are loathe to have to be responsible, for making the tough choices, should they win the next election, and repeal this stupid tax.  Hence their support for sending it to the Legislature, in the hope of maximizing the political damage to the Liberals, while keeping their hands clean.

The Liberals have taken a different route. First off, it seems that sure they don’t mind the People having a say, at the tune of between $13 & $40 Million on a referendum. After all, that lets us all vent our anger, but bottom line is, THE REFERENDUM IS NOT BINDING ON THE LEGISLATURE.


The Public, by signing that petition made their voices heard. Instead of listening, BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES are more interested in having a political advantage, for the next provincial election, than in doing what the voters want.  No one in the NDP is standing tall, and saying “IF ELECTED WE’LL REPEAL THE HST”.

So in short, this HARPER STUPID TAX will remain in effect, so that the Feds & Province can blame each other, for when the tax gets raised up.  It will be just one more insane tax, that cripples our economy from recovering