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Outsourcing Does NOT Work

When it comes to the care of our Seniors,  OUR PARENTS, the Government Outsourcing to private enterprises simply does not work.   Course, if GOVERNMENT LEADERS, like Stephen Harper or Gordon Campbell cared about people, then perhaps outsourcing could work, but as THEY DO NOT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT PEOPLE, IT SIMPLY DOES NOT WORK.

Unless you are rich, have a big pension or are independently wealthy, you are going to need assistance when you get old.  That is a fact of life, but if we allow the Harper’s & Campbell’s to continue in power, then we might as well go off and kill ourselves.

VIHA [ Vancouver Island Health Authority ] along with Beacon Community Services should be ashamed of themselves. Worse, they should all be sent packing, for the way they treat elderly people

To send incompetent, uncaring people in their homes, to make them do their jobs, while collecting over $20 an hour, is simply TAKING MONEY UNDER FALSE PRETENCES.

There is little, if any training, given to these workers, who come into our home, to attend to our Seniors. Some can barely speak English, certainly not understand it very well. They have no idea what it means to have a light touch, or to even know how to properly lift a person up. Yet they are here, caring for our elderly Parents. 

Add to that the locals who are too arrogant to read a care plan, or to stuck up to realize they are here TO WORK, NOT SUPERVISE, and you have a recipe for ABUSE.  It is common sense, but the people showing up, are devoid of any sense, let alone Common Sense. Instead we, the sons & daughters, have to step in and do THEIR JOB, all because OUR GOVERNMENT IS FAILING US, REPLACING OUR NEEDS WITH THE NEED FOR CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS.

The issue isn’t that we aren’t willing to do the job, but that we need help in doing it. I am the son of a 93 year old, it isn’t right that I should be washing her private area, but now I have to.  All because our Government has outsourced the home support to a company that hires incompetent, untrained workers.

I look after Mom 23 out of the 24 hours. The ONE HOUR A DAY that Beacon Community Services are here, is not a respite for me, as I have to stand guard, to protect Mom from their Workers.


Census KlaFluffel

I don’t quite understand Mr Harper and his party. I mean a party that is supposed to be dedicated to fair Government, without cronism, certainly seems hell bent to disassociate themselves from that perception.

The whole concept of a Census, that is mandatory, is to insure that ALL citizens are accounted for, and fairly represented.  It is about proper distribution of Ridings, as well as important Services, such as Fire, Police, Health.

The move to a VOLUNTARY SHORT FORM ONLY CENSUS is something I find rather stupid, unless of course you are ‘following the money’.   By taking the Census out of the REQUIRED category, by limiting the questions to virtually nothing, the Government has no basis for which to direct Health Services to districts in need. 

It has no way of pointing needed services like Education, Law Enforcment, to regions suffering from a lack of those services. It simply has NO WAY OF TRACKING the needs of a changing population.

Course, if all you are interested in, is providing these services to ridings that you can win, that support your party, then it makes all perfect sense to remove the Census from being OBLIGATORY.

It is obvious, that the Current Harper Regime has no intention of providing needed services to those who need it the most, but instead are playing a game of politics, that is much worse than any Sponsorship Scandel.  It is a game designed to weaken our entire nation, by making the choice of where to place schools, where to put hospitals, where to address crime, into the Political Realm, rather than in putting them where they are needed.

Indentured Slaves

Today’s economic woes has led to a disturbing trend.  Well okay, not that it is a new trend, but one that has perhaps led to the issues we are facing today.  That is the outsourcing of jobs to foreign workers, at the risk of our own citizens.

Jobs that were done by Canadians (and Americans in the States) are being taken over by foreign nationals, who are actively recruited abroad, and even trained (minimally) abroad. They are then ‘loaned’ the funds to come to our Country, to take their place in our Work Force.

Course they owe the Company, for their training and cost of coming here.

Business seems to forget, that in order to have customers who can afford their products, who can actually buy these items, people need to have a job, and earn a fair & decent income for it.  Instead, they are actively bringing in Foreign Labor, to take those jobs, and yet still charge high rates for goods that cost them pennies, instead of dollars.

Quality suffers, and now it is gradually entering all areas of our economy. From health care workers, to Scientists, who in order to keep their jobs, have to toe the Company Line. No more FREE SPEECH, because these INDENTURED SLAVES OWE HUGE SUMS TO THE CORPORATE ENTITY.

Let Everyone Have A Drink

Remember that famous line from Marie Antoinette?

Let Everyone Eat Cake

more time to get drunkWell the British Columbia government is doing her one better. Seems they have altered the Liquor Laws in our Province, and have a few more to amend, that basically will allow Bars to expand, without Municipal Interference.

These changes will include increasing space, even expanding their hours of operation, and ALL without any need to check with the local Civic Authorities.  In short, if say Victoria doesn’t want bars remaining open past 1am, but the bars do want to stay open till 4am, well, tough shit Victoria.

Oh and NO, there won’t be any public discussion on these changes either, as well, who needs the opinions of the people?  After all, we’ll have more time to get blitzed, and have more people to get into fights with, or drinking contests with.

Guess the Province is in need of more cash, so why not get people drinking more booze, driving home intoxicated, and well you get the drift.

Personally I think the real reason for these changes, is that Bar Owners & Liquor Distributors want to make more money, so they need the ability to expand, without having to face the wrath of local jurisdictions.

Wonder how much in free goods & campaign contributions that netted Mr. Campbell and his Party?

Now it could simply mean that our Premier would like to stop off for a quick drink after working so hard at being Premier. Maybe he just wants to be able to take his buddy Stevie Boy for a drink [when he comes for a visit], after they have spent some time selling us all down the river.


Prop 8 Overturned

See, right here is the difference between a Democracy & a Terrorist State like Iran. 

The court system works, not always, but over time it generally gets it right, which is what makes us different, and such a target for the lunatic fringe.  IF people like George Bush & Stephen Harper would only learn, that they can object to differences all they want, but when push comes to shove, it is the COURTS THAT DECIDE.

IF it wasn’t for these courts, where would we be?  People like Barack Obama would not be even an outside chance of being in Government, let alone President.   As it was the COURTS that insured that all citizens had the same civil rights, irrespective of color.

Certainly I can see appeals coming down the road, and yes, it is possible a higher court will overturn today’s decision, but it is the fact that we all, irrespective of our different beliefs, trust in the RULE OF LAW.



When decisions are made in secret, void of any public judicial oversight, we are no better than our enemies.  THAT IS WHY WE ARE UNDER ATTACK.