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Health Care Decline

As someone who has to deal with our Health Care System on a fairly regular basis, due to caring for my NINETY THREE YEAR OLD MOTHER, I have to say, that it certainly isn’t what it should be.

Is it due to the high cost of equipment?

How about the cost of labor?

Frankly, when I see that the local guy in charge of our Health Care region is paid about a half a million bucks, perhaps the reason for high costs exists in MANAGEMENT EXPENSES.

Then we have the OUTSOURCING.  For me, I am not PRO or CON to outsourcing, provided that there are proper checks & balances in place. Unfortunately, I am finding out that there are NO CHECKS & BALANCES.   For me, that makes OUTSOURCING A BAD IDEA.

There are some who believe that Government should do it all, & there are those who believe in less government being best.  I don’t subscribe to the theory that Government should do it all, but I do believe that GOVERNMENT IS THERE TO PROTECT OUR INTERESTS.

Stephen Harper & Gordon Campbell are two prime examples, of how that is not happening. They have abdicated their roles, to insure that BUSINESS MAKES PROFITS AT ANY COST.

I don’t disagree  with making a Profit, but not at the expense of our Health Care for Seniors, for low income citizens.  And yet that is exactly what today’s outsourcing is doing. It is ignoring patients who are old, treating them like LEPERS.

Advocacy of Rights

It seems today, there are a lot of issues facing us, ordinary people. I am not special, but I wonder, what is it about today’s climate, that makes us so angry?

Is it that we feel so helpless in impacting the world around us, or is it simply a sign of the times? Should we accept what is, or try to make a difference? And if the latter, HOW?

For what it is worth, I feel that we have to try, but in all honesty, it seems like a hopeless task, as too many of us are wrapped up in our own headaches.  So Harper pollutes our lakes, our oceans with allowing single hull oil tankers along our coast, doesn’t matter because one voice means nothing to him. Hell, seems more people are liking the guy, which boggles my mind.

Campbell puts in the HST [Harper’s Stupid Tax] and while it pisses us off, big business manages to get it through, even tries to prevent our voices from being heard. Yet no one seems to care, to take that extra step.

Health Care gets closer and closer to no longer being Univeral, as Harper & Special Interest Groups [Insurance Companies] assault our system with over priced medications, & associated costs. It basically moves toward a system that is designed to fail, because the average person, is just cannon fodder, and nothing else.

It is a depressing world at times, but I wonder, where does the answer lie?

What’s the next step?

So I’ve been wondering, what next?   I mean after meeting with Rob Fleming, what comes next in my desire to impact the way we look at caring for our aged population?   I mean okay, the seeds are planted, sort of.  Now what?

Government is supposed to help, to protect, and yet today’s Politicians [from all political stripes] seems headed into merely getting elected, & holding onto power.

There just doesn’t seem to be any clear cut plan out there, for what our elected leaders will do. I mean asking a simple question, like will the NDP repeal the HST if elected in the next election, got me a sort of well, possibly.

Now I get it, there is a lot to this HST BULLSHIT, that hasn’t been made clear, and whose to blame for that?   

Is it us, for not asking?

Is it the media for adhering to a policy of supporting their advertisers, rather than informing their readership/viewership?

Just how much TAX DOLLARS were given to the Campbell  Liberals, to implement this tax? And why is BIG BUSINESS so adamant about it being implemented?  It isn’t that they are being alturistic, so why do they support this tax?


And there is the rub. We [the voters] simply don’t know what all the details are, and it makes me angry, because this is my money, yours & mine, so why shouldn’t we be trusted enough to be given the full details?


Like David said to Rob Fleming, the new generation have no personal knowledge of how things were in the past, now they just see politicians getting rich, doing nothing, promising the moon, and so they are unwilling to step forward, to accept their obligations.

And this has been the result, of the attack style politics that leaders like George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Gordon Campbell, Carol James, Brian Mulroney, & Stephen Harper have used to secure their stature.  Somehow, it just seems wrong, that instead of discussing issues, we are constantly bombarded with why the other guy is worse than the one talking.

No more do they talk about detailed plans, to shore up a failing health system, or to protect a disease riddled food supply. No longer do they even report true figures, as to just how many high paying jobs are lost, while only creating low paying jobs.  Today, Wall Street sets the tone, and we all just march along.  

It really doesn’t make much sense. It is like we are all on a suicidal binge to eliminate the low income & middle class.

Politicians Who Listen

Talking to your elected officials can be quite tiresome, frustrating, and irritating. They tend to use catch all phrases, to smooth your ruffled feathers, while sitting there, showing that you are just wasting their time.   AND THAT IS ASSUMING YOU CAN GET AN APPOINTMENT TO TALK TO THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE.

MLA ROB FLEMING [NDP]is very different, which was a pleasant surprise for David and myself, as we met with him for 45 minutes.  [ so what you say? well how about that we aren’t even voters in his riding? ]

I frankly didn’t expect much from the meeting, and yet, instead of having no expectations, I came away with my faith restored in Politics.  There still are some who care, who have ideals, but more importantly, have values and ethics. I also learned a few pertinent facts.

For instances, that the HST implemented by the Campbell Liberals, at the pressure of the Harper Conservatives, is not the same HST agreement that Ontario got with Ottawa.

In addition, if WE voted for a new government, that wanted to REPEAL THE HST AFTER IMPLEMENTATION, it would cost the people of British Columbia about ONE POINT SIX BILLION DOLLARS.

So why isn’t Carol James pointing that out?  [ too busy calling Campbell a Liar, I guess. ]

I also learned that the NDP supports a private panel, to oversee Senior Care, that would be similar to what is in place for Kids today. A panel SEPERATE from Government, that could accept and investigate and handle complaints about Government Services, Agencies, and/or Outsourced Services for Seniors. 

What it boils down to, is that the Media are NOT properly reporting the news, but instead are too busy trying to sway the public, to their way of thinking. Like the Times Colonist telling us the PST was 6% and that business would LOWER PRICES if they didn’t have to pay PST.      [ by the way, it has been in effect for a week or so, and prices haven’t gone down one single penny.  In fact, GAS went up. ]  

Whether or not the Media reports the news accurately or not, it is still up to the Politicians in Opposition to get their message out.  Big Rallies are nice, make for good sound bites, good ways to get news coverage, but they quickly fade out.  They simply don’t have a lasting impact on the voters, and perhaps it is time for these CANDIDATES to go back to their roots.


That is what works, and it isn’t hard to do. Select a few blocks at a time, go around and invite us for coffee at some venue, like a church or school auditorium, or hell, even a coffee shop where we can sit and talk face to face with you.   Do that over time, within your RIDING and you know, it will make an impact. It will be memorable, and no matter what your leader does, or says, it can still get you elected.

Show us, the people, what you are about, talk to us about what the policies are, and what they mean to us, as individuals, not numbers.  DO THAT and you know, there won’t be sudden drops in polls just because some addled egomaniac racist [Stephen Harper]  had his face plastered all across the news media for some meaningless conference [G20].