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Smelly Grocery Stores

I really don’t get people today. I mean if you go into a supermarket, and the fish department stinks, the produce reeks from rotting food, why would you shop there? Sure they may have nice shiny new coolers and freezers, but if the food smells, something ain’t right.

Then too, their prices are not reasonable either. I mean they are higher than the other food chains, and yet people are shopping there.  Like, what, they figure that just because it costs more, it has to be good?

And too, selling EXPIRED packaged items makes me wonder, what is going on? Sure they are greatly discounted, but when did so many of us become gamblers?  Because really it is a crap shoot.

Frankly, this is what happens when we allow our political parties to be controlled by special interest groups.  THEY NO LONGER SERVE THE PUBLIC, JUST THOSE WHO CONTRIBUTE BIG MONEY.


IF you have ever tried to get in touch with your ELECTED OFFICIAL, you know how frustrating it can be.  Which really irks me, because shouldn’t they be easy to reach? After all, don’t they work for US?

And perhaps that is the biggest change in our society, is that our own elected officials really don’t buy into that. They no longer think they work for us, but for the select few that give them the big bucks for their campaigns & retirement fund.

I can understand that they are busy, and sure, they can’t stop what they are doing at the drop of a hat, but you’d think they would at least make an effort to try.   Funny how, even those in second place, make it hard for you to reach them. 

Personally, I think they do it, in the hopes we’ll give up and go away, until the next election. Then they’ll want us to support them, and like sheep, we do.  WELL I AM NOT GOING TO!

It Is Our Money

Tip Toe around the Auditor General?

Reluctance to reveal their expensese?


I don’t get it. It is our money they are given to spend, so why shouldn’t we know where it is being spent?  And not just the Harper Gang, but the whole group of them, seem reluctant to have the Auditor General find where they are spending taxpayer money.  IT IS OBSCENE!

Funny isn’t it, how when people get elected, they think that gives them a blank cheque from our savings account. Now I don’t know, wish I could get away with that when filing my income tax return. You have to list where every nickle comes from, where it goes too, and yep, you gotta pay tax on it.

So why is it, that our Elected Officials have this idea that they can spend our money anywhere they want, without being accountable? I can understand the Harper Gang being so reluctent, given they won’t even tell us where they spent the so called stimulus money of SIXTY ODD BILLION DOLLARS, but what is it about the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc? 

Kind of makes it hard to want to support any of them, if they are so willing to be secretive about where they spend their expense account money. I mean this is a golden opportunity for the Opposition Parties to highlight the main differences between them, and the Cash Greedy Harper Conservatives.  


Email Only

So, I have called the Minister of Health’s (BC Government) office, to make an appointment, and the result is, send an email to the Scheduler first.  After all, things have to start in writing first.  Course they don’t tell you what you are supposed to say, or put in writing, but then, that is typical isn’t it?

Let’s drag the process out, so the average joe will give up and move on, leaving them free to only meet with those who are, well, of the right kind.  Not the average citizen who has a beef, or who is concerned about what their government is doing.

Am waiting for a response from Rob Fleming’s office on an appointment too, who is in the Opposition side of things. Emailing Adrian Dix, the health critic, got no response, so hopefully Mr. Fleming can do something about it.

This is only day one, but interesting at how so many PROTECT the politicians from us, the PEOPLE WHO VOTE THEM IN OR OUT.

Smoke Screen

I wonder about the way our Politicians are going, irrespective of their political stripe. I mean seriously, can anyone truly explain what is the differences between the Harper Conservatives, the Ignatieff Liberals, the Layton NDP, or the May Green Party?

Why can’t these leaders stop their petty bickering, and start telling us what and how, they are going to do, if we were to give them our vote?

I am glad we have a minority government today, because at least the unknown of Harper can be kept in check, well sort of. After all it does seem like the Opposition Parties (who are a majority) are too gutless to stand up for what seems, to me, to be real issues.

All I know is that gas is costing me $1.10 a liter, there is no real explanation as to why, and our political leaders (who don’t pay for their gas) seem to be ignoring that.  I know that bread now costs over $3 a loaf and the cheap shit that we used to buy for $0.79 is around $2 a loaf.   But hey, inflation is still at under 2%  …   GUESS WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY FOR FOOD & SHELTER YOURSELF, YOU ARE JUST FINE WITH THOSE BOGUS NUMBERS.