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Supreme Court Rules Against Khadr

The Supreme Court has said NO to the lower courts, on forcing the Harper Regime to bring back Khadr to Canada to stand trial.

In the ruling, the Court AGREED that our Mr. Harper & His Gang DID violate his human rights, DID fail to protect his citizenship rights under the Charter, but instead, voted Unanimously that Foreign Affairs are the purvey of Government, and TAKES PRECEDENCE over our Charter of Rights. (see CBC News for story here)

Personally I find the ruling confusing. I agree, that Foreign Affairs is within the jurisdiction of the Government, any government including the Harper Gang, however when that policy is a violation of our rights, or fails to protect our rights, should the Courts NOT have the right to intercede?

I suppose that this ends the debate, and TERROR has won over DOING WHAT IS RIGHT, though in all honesty, DEMOCRACY has sort of won. It went to the Courts, a decision was rendered, and we should adhere to it.

However, we need to examine the Foreign Policy of those we elect, who bail on standing up for the rights of the individual. I have no idea WHAT NATIONAL GOOD, it does to VIOLATE HUMAN RIGHTS OF CITIZENS, however the Supreme Court seems to feel it does.


Harper Opens Bridge

Hey, our Prime Minister actually opened something, instead of closing it down. You, know, like Parliament?  It is unbelievable, but he’s actually had a business meeting, in preparation for the upcoming budget, with the head of Ganong Chocolates. Isn’t that nice, we now get our economic plans from a chocolate maker.

The group, which included J.D. Irving Ltd. president Jim Irving, Ganong Bros. president David Ganong and Greg Thompson, minister of veterans affairs and MP for New Brunswick Southwest, discussed a range of issues, including the deficit, as well as economic stimulus and infrastructure spending. ( source – CBC News )

Frankly I do not understand politics anymore. Sure, it was never perfect, but it had character, it had some interest, excitement even. Today it is more about being mean, about hiding the realities of life, of failing to stand up for what is right. I mean there shouldn’t be any question, that USA should use of our waters for transport of hazardous materials AND that is not going to happen. Instead Harper side steps the issue, as usual.  THAT ISN’T BEING A LEADER.

People are out of work, the Loonie is soaring, menaing higher prices and business is still reaping profits, on the backs of the poor and middle class. And Stephen Harper is on holidays, taking parliament with him. IF Harper stays in office much longer, we won’t have a Middle Class anymore. We will truly become a 3rd World Country, as Hilary Clinton called us, as George Bush treated us.



Day Two

It really is interesting to examine how one’s mind works, when trying to end something you have been doing for decades, like smoking.

Yesterday’s box score ended up with Habit winning over Stubborn.

BOX SCORE January 4 2010

Stubborn   Habit 7

Today got off to a not bad start, least its encouraging.  However I do notice that I think about it more, than I did when I was smoking. I guess that is part of the withdrawal from the nicotine or something.

I know some suggest patches, and other stuff, but isn’t that sort of like trading one addiction for another? A friend used cinnimon sticks, to have in his mouth, rather than a cigarette. Worked too, as he’s quit, but he’s up to 100 grams of sticks each day, and well, chewed stick pieces are everywhere.

Hour Two, Attempt 2 Billion

Box Score:   Stubborn 2  Habit 0

Not really the 2 Billionth attempt, but it sure feels like it.   To Quit smoking that is.

Another go at it, and who knows, this time one Hopes it will succeed.

I think the hardest part is the realization, that one isn’t as strong as they think, or that they are in as control as they would like to be. I know, that stress is one issue, that can play easily into the hands of an addiction.   And truth is, smoking is that.

Nearly 55 years old, and have been smoking since I was 14.  Yeah I know, pathetic isn’t it?

So, once more we shall attempt to break the cycle, and hey, everyday without is a plus.