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Vancouver Olympics & Opposition

Staid old Victoria had some excitement yesterday. The Olympic Torch arrived and so did the Protesters, labelled ACTIVISTS.  Some claim it was unruly, loud, and ruined the moment for those who turned out to welcome the Torch, and yet, many seem to not know, what is it that the others, objected to.  I am one of those.

As the torch and its entourage were heading toward a celebration at the B.C. legislature, it appeared they would be intercepted by a raucus demonstration of anti-Olympic activists. ( CBC News )

After reading the news story, I still haven’t a clue as to what the Protesters were protesting, nor really do I any clue as to this entire Torch relay. Seems to be nothing more than a long drawn out advertising stunt, but hey, what do I know.

Perhaps in Ancient Times it was to signal the coming event, but today, with television, the Internet, and other forms of advertising, I think we all know that this one is coming, but I guess it is simply a tradition, that gets people more into the Olympics, than they would be otherwise. Frankly, the Games seem to be too commercialized for my taste, but I am old fashioned.

I also know, that by definition, an Activist is merely someone who has a passionate belief for, or against, something. Now to me, that isn’t a bad thing, so why does the word, as used today, seem so evil, so wrong?

After all, ACTIVISTS are who brought about Civil Right changes, that gave Blacks equality in the United States.

ACTIVISTS are those who brought about giving WOMEN the right to vote.

ACTIVISTS are the same people who helped END THE VIET NAM WAR.

ACTIVISTS brought down the Communist Regime in Russia.

The list of WHAT ACTIVISM HAS ACCOMPLISHED IS LONG, and yet today, we seem to make it sound dirty, and wrong. I don’t know, but to me, being passionate about a topic, is a good thing.


Economy Shrunk BUT…

Don’t you just love all those ‘buts’ that these so called experts give us?

So the figures say our economy shrunk in August, mostly in manufacturing sectors, as if that is supposed to be a surprise? When we do nothing but outsource everything we buy, to foreign countries, what manufacturing is actually still being done here?

Manufacturing activity decreased 0.7 per cent, with eight of the 21 major groups within the sector retreating.

Wholesale trade also declined by 0.5 per cent during the month, reflecting weakness in foreign and domestic demand ( CBC News )

You have to love the comment made by one expert, who says that because of the news in the USA, it is clear that the recession in Canada, is in the rear view mirror.  UH HUH, like tell that to the struggling Middle Class people, who are trying to simply stay afloat, to buy their groceries, to pay for the up & down gas they need to get to work, if they still have a job.

Is the Recession Over?  I don’t know, was there ever a real recession, or just an attempt to widen the gap between THE HAVE’S & THE HAVE NOTS?

Shortages of H1N1 Vaccine

Confused again, on this entire H1N1 vaccine. To begin with, our Federal Government delayed the release of the vaccine, claiming it needed to insure that all the studies in, made it the right choice for us. Health Canada also indicated, it was to insure that proper proceedures where in place, to handle the demand.   NOW, suddenly there is a shortage of the Vaccine, available, and instead of blaming the manufacturer, the Government, THE PEOPLE ARE BEING BLAMED FOR IT.

He said the government had hoped to receive three million doses a week, but so far the manufacturer has been able to provide only about two million per week — resulting in a total of six million doses by the end of this week. ( CBC News )

Frankly I have to wonder about Harper and his gang. I mean if the company hired to produce the vaccine, can’t produce it, why were they hired? And why is it our fault? Did they not think ahead enough, despite the extra time they had, that people would be scared, and rush to get the vaccine?

After all, they tout it as a way to stay safe, and yet despite the concept of giving it to those at risk first, they have no procedure set up to insure that happens? How could they not? After all, isn’t that part of their job?

Harper Heading for Majority Government?

I am confused, at how 38% of Canadians can say they would vote for Stephen Harper.  Don’t even understand how 51% can think Jack Layton is the better leader, but then I suppose I am out of step, with the values that exist here in Canada today.

I grew up where LIARS weren’t rewarded with more votes, but were turfed from office.

I grew up at a time when leaders who did nothing, rarely stayed on as Leaders, and were rapidly dismissed from party ranks.

I grew up in a time when people voted for a Party, not out of fear of the other guy, but because the other guy didn’t support the policies that were in tune with our beliefs.


Among decided respondents, the Conservatives drew 38.4 per cent support, followed by the Liberals at 26.8 per cent and the New Democratic Party at 16.7 per cent. ( CBC News )

I guess I am just too old. I mean to me, it is supposed to mean something, when a leader tells me he will do something, and then immediately goes back on his word. Think for a second here, because it was just a year ago, when Stephen Harper told us we would have a surplus, that our economy was bullet proof. Now take a look around, at how much of YOUR money is being spent, to protect us, from what we weren’t supposed to experience.

The Harper regime no longer protects our food supply, that has been turned over to the very people who need watching.

Banks are allowed to hide bad debts, which is what helped put the US Economy into such a tailspin.

Harper tells us that less people claimed EI last month, but stopped recording where those people went to. Did they get jobs, or did they simply run out of benefits?

Brian Mulroney, Harper’s teacher and best friend, told us we would have a deficit of 28 Billion, and when we kicked his sorry ass out of office, we found out the deficit was really SIXTY BILLION.

Paul Martin and his crap was not much better, he just wanted the title Prime Minister, but didn’t want to earn it, like Jean Chretien did. Instead, he ran a government without direction, literally handing over the reins to Harper who is not a conservative, but an ALLIANCE PARTY MAN, WHO STOLE THE CONSERVATIVE LABEL & TAG.

Yet 38% support a man whose sole aim is to buffer the corporate coffers. He has lied, and we have rewarded him with power, and it makes no sense to me. Mulroney took his payoffs in brown paper bags, and to this day, Stephen Harper protects him. Makes you wonder, is his paper bag a Gucci one?

Just one year ago, Stephen Harper attacked the Liberals, not for their policies, but because Dion had trouble in communicating in English. I don’t know, I call that racist, but hey, what do I know, I am just a Jew and Gay, who will soon be subject to more Hate, because Mr. Harper and his party are attempting to do away with the Human Rights Commission, and our Hate Laws.

Yet this is what 38% of my fellow Canadians seem to want, because they can get UP TO $1350 in tax credits, for renovating their home.  Course they have to SPEND TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS TO GET IT, which means off to the bank they go, to get a loan at 10% interest, go further into debt, which is really going to benefit our economy, isn’t it?

51% of us seem to think Jack Layton is doing a great job as leader of the NDP, but we won’t vote for those Socialists, as we’d rather have Harper, who won’t lift a finger to help Canadians abroad if they are colored, muslim, or just plain not white anglo saxon protestants.  NICE, that we have our priorities straight isn’t it?

I mean he won’t bring back Khadr, who was a kid when captured, but he’ll move heaven and earth to get back some real estate hot shot, who committed a crime in Mexico? Oh and he’ll let foreign workers in, because well, they’ll do jobs us Canadians won’t do. After all, that line worked for George Bush, why shouldn’t work for his clone?    AND IT IS, after all, 38% support Harper & his Conservatives.

Importing Surgery Patients

Am I dreaming?

Is the Province of British Columbia really selling off surgery spots to other provinces, while cancelling hundreds of surgeries here?  Or is this just another Carol James Moment? Is it hype, or is it real?

Health Minister Kevin Falcon confirmed B.C. is negotiating to bring 400 patients to the province for surgery over the next two years. But Falcon scoffed at the accusation the Saskatchewan patients will displace British Columbians. ( CBC News )

See I don’t get this anymore. IF we are cutting surgeries, but can have the means to perform surgeries for those who will pay more, how is that NOT impacting us? Isn’t it saying that this IS NOT public health, but AMERICAN HEALTH CARE?