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Walking Out Solves Nothing

A lot of people are making a big deal about the Canadian Delegation walking out, on the speech at the United Nations, by the Iranian President. Some are even saying that Stephen Harper is acting more like a Prime Minister than they expected, because of his supposed stand against the Iranian leader.

Frankly, I find his solution to be nothing more than a sop, to appease the Jewish Community, and to try and take a high road, that is best left for real men, not puppets like Stephen Harper.

Anti Sematism is nothing new, is has been around as long as the Jews have been in existence. From the ancient Egyptians, to the Nazis, to the Skinheads, to some in the Arab world, like President Amadinejad of Iran. It is still prevalent in the Harper Alliance Party, now called the ConservativesStockwell Day has said how Jews will wander for all eternity, because they killed Jesus, so really, it is nothing new.

The simple reality is that the world likes to beat up on Jews, when they can’t beat up on anyone else. Iran isn’t able to beat on the USA, so it picks on Israel, hoping to draw blood, without having to pay for it.

The lies told by the Iranian President should never be left unchallenged. NO LIES that perpetuate hatred, racism, should ever be left unchallenged. You cannot defeat evil, by turning your back on it, by walking out on it. There is truth, in that Israeli troops did go too far, as did Hamas, something many forget when they talk about it. The difference is, that in Israel, and nations like Canada & the USA, we have laws that insure that those who go too far, are brought to justice.

Least, that is how it was, until people like George Bush, Stephen Harper, Tony Blair, came to power, and began to mirror those we are fighting. It is our RULE OF LAW, OUR ACCOUNTABILITY, that makes us difference to those who are evil, like Osama, like Amadinejad. OUR LEADERS ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE, at least they were, until Bush and his followers became too afraid, and turned away from the very principles that have survived for thousands of years.

YES there was excesses by the Allies in WWII, but not on the scope of the Nazi’s or the Japanese, but the difference was, and is today, that those who did go too far, were held accountable. It wasn’t swept under the carpet, or excused.

As long as people turn their backs on those who would corrupt, who would circumvent the truth, for their own purposes, then evil will continue to win, continue to grow. You cannot turn your back on them, but instead must confront them, must set the truth into the record, not give them free reign.



Promoting Tax Cuts Over Health

I think we have all seen the Government of Canada ads these days, pushing those Home Reno Tax Cuts, and yet, as we move into Flu Season, how many ads or information have you seen the Harper Government dole out?  ANY?

Let’s talk about those Harper Friendly Ads as well. They talk about how people are saving so much, because they spend some money to renovate their home, and how so many businesses are being propped up by this influx of spending. HOWEVER, have you done the math? Seriously, in order to save some cash on your taxes, you gotta spend a whopping amount of change.


Think about it, and give your head a shake. People are finding it tough to make the mortgage payments, fill the pantry with food, but they can spend ten to twenty odd thousand dollars to renovate, and save a grand or so on their tax bill?  I DON’T THINK SO.

Look at the ads as well, that promote the Harper Line of attack against the opposition. Now, it is one thing to tell us about the tax cuts, but to me, rather wrong to use TAXPAYER MONEY to promote the CONSERVATIVE PARTY.  To me that is just plain STEALING of my money.

All the ads direct viewers to a Tory-blue government website that includes more than 40 different photos of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and refers repeatedly to “the Harper government” — apparently in direct contravention of Treasury Board communications policy. ( CBC News )

Flu Season is on us, and we have all had the crap scared out of us with the Swine Flue stuff, and yet while the Government holds true to form, in how it protects us, by not, there is very little being said about what IS being done. We heard awhile back about over 50 million vaccines being readied, and yet nothing about how it will be distributed. Even now we don’t know if health care workers will be given shots first, or those at risk. Hell, we don’t even know what precautions to take for our own protection.

I have a health care worker in daily for my 92 year old mother, so what precautions should I be taking, to protect her, and me, from the flue? Or will the Government send me a free body bag, just in case?

Fall Election Grows Dimmer

The passage of the EI Bill today, with support from the Bloc & NDP, goes to prove one thing, that politics is indeed a strange world. I am finding, as I grow older, that politics isn’t about serving the people anymore. It is about power, about doing what it can, to be in a position to seize power.

I think that the lead up to the vote today, and to coming votes, is not about doing what is in our best interests, but in lining up for the eventual election. Today’s vote givs the Liberals a counter to the NDP attack of propping up the Harper Regime. It isn’t about protecting our rights, or about getting workers more benefits, but about having a way to counter an election attack.

The support of the NDP & Bloc isn’t about insuring workers get more benefits either, but about them not being in a good financial position to wage an election. Some will argue that it is because we, the people, don’t want a fall election, so that is why they have given away their support to a Government, that is cruel and has only the interest of Big Business at heart. I would disagree, because frankly it is about not giving the Harper Regime a campaign weapon.

Maybe we don’t want a fall election, but then, did anyone ask you?

Polls say we don’t, but then again, how is the question phrased, and is it about the issues, or about simply preferences? IF, and that is a big if, a fall election would mean an end to the Harper Regime of mismanagement, of neglect of our resources, our economy, our social programs, then I’d suffer through it, and I think most would too. After all, the MAJORITY of us voted for ANYONE BUT HARPER.

I think we don’t want an election, because NO ONE has given us a reason for one. And that is why the NDP & Bloc have supported Stephen Harper today, probably will next time around too. It isn’t about ending a regime, it is about having a reason to end it.  EI Benefits, just isn’t a big enough reason, or one that can capture our imagination.

If Michael Ignatieff & the Liberals want a fall election, they are going to have come up with a more enticing reason, than EI Benefits. All of them, are going to need a real reason, one that we can debate, that can be devoid of partisonship, or attack proof. Not easy to do, when you lack imagination, and when you are more concerned about seizing power, than you are in serving the people who elect you.

Harper’s Solution To Everything

The Federal Government, under the management of Stephen Harper, has a simple motto. They make people afraid of something, then pretend to be the only one’s who can adequately handle the issue, either through mandatory sentencing, or some other, proven to not work, solution.

The federal government plans to introduce mandatory jail sentences for criminals convicted of serious fraud, part of tough legislation aimed at white-collar crime. ( CBC News )

Personally, I approve of tougher sentencing for crime, whether it be white collar or blue collar, but the issue still remains, that JUDGES should be the one’s making those decisions, not politicians or prosecutors. I firmly believe in a Justice System, where the individual crime, needs to be assessed, and judgement rendered as it applies to those involved, not on some average, or general perception.

Frankly, we need to stop pandering to fear, whether real or imagined, which Mr. Harper is very good at creating. His assault not long ago, on the Bloc, for their opposition to mandatory sentencing, shows how evil he is, how manipulating he is, in trying to appear as having an answer to problems, real or imagined. Yes, there is a lot of white collar crime, and it should be dealt with, but a lot of the reason for such crimes, is the economic situation, where people are desperate to get ahead.

AND that can be laid at Mr. Harper’s feet, due to his inability to protect our economy, or to protect our national treasures. He has neglected our resources, has cozied up to Big Business to the point, where they call the shots, allowing these crooks to be more successful. He has added to the ‘greed quotient’ with his tax cuts, his inability to secure high paying jobs for Canadians, and by his ruthless attacks on those who disagree with his philosophy.

Mandatory sentences, should never be an option in a true democracy, and such tampering with our system of justice, is why Stephen Harper must go.

Two Hundred Bucks for Forgetting

So, our Defense Minister forgot he was on the board of directors of a couple of companies, and didn’t even know it, till the ethics commissioner informed him of it. UH, yeah, I buy that BS, don’t you? Then too, let’s face it, a $200 fine for the conflict of interest is peanuts, given he is the man WHO SOLD OUT THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY TO THE ALLIANCE PARTY.

In an interview Thursday with CBC News, MacKay said he found out that he was still listed as an officer of the companies when he heard from Mary Dawson, Canada’s commissioner of ethics and conflicts of interest, who asked for an explanation. ( CBC News )

Kind of makes you wonder, what else did he forget? Like maybe that if he sold out the Conservatives to Harper that he’d get a plum cabinet post?

How about how many tanks we have on order? Or maybe about whether or not a contract for new uniforms can go to a Canadian Firm over a foreign one? Maybe he forget we have troops in Afghanistan in need of better equipment?  I mean you know, people do forget things, they consider unimportant, right? 

Things like honoring one’s campaign promises, or in protecting citizens abroad. They aren’t important, because it is more urgent to make people afraid of minorities, of the differences. THAT way it is easier to erode our civil rights, right Mr. MacKay?