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Global to Close CHEK TV

It really isn’t news, that Global or CanWest plans to close the local television station, CHEK. It has rejected an offer by the employees of CHEK to buy the station, which leads one to wonder, what is really behind the closure?

Canwest Global is prepared to pull the plug on B.C.’s oldest private TV station after rejecting a bid by employees to buy the station with some private investors and run it themselves. ( CBC News )

Now maybe I am simply stupid, but if you are going to close something, because it doesn’t make you money, why would you not accept an offer to buy it? I mean think about it, if you need money for your entire operation, and here comes someone willing to give you some cash, why would you reject it?

Frankly, the entire reason that many of today’s so called television networks like Global & CTV are in trouble, is because they fail to deliver the goods. Why do they believe it is something else? Honestly, todays world seems to be about doing everything possible to point the finger of blame everywhere, but where it belongs.

Canwest & CTV have failed to deliver to its viewers, what they, the people want to see. As a result, people are looking elsewhere, and somehow, even our politicians, seem to think they need Government Help in running their business. Truth is, that just like the Big Three Auto Makers, the private television networks have their heads buried up their asses. They have failed to deliver the goods we, the consumer, want.

CHEK TV is a prime example if incompetent reporting, failed television programming, that does not entertain, does not inform, and most certainly is NOT filled with Canadian Content. It is simply rehashed programs, from American Channels, and if you have access to those channels, well why watch it on a local channel?

By refusing the offer from its employees at CHEK, Global is simply saying that their move has nothing to do with finances, is not about a poor economy, but is more about them restructuring their own network, to eliminate jobs, and expenses, they feel they can get away with. They can blame the economy, & thanks to Harper, get away with it. What Global is doing, is saying that they don’t want added competition, or that their own slant on news & issues to be questioned, so they’d rather shut it down, than take the supposed needed cash.

In short, a drowning man will take any rope thrown their way, yet here is Global, saying sorry, that rope isn’t good enough, we need a different color rope. So they will drown, as they should.

BC to Cut Essentials

The Throne Speech today promised many cuts in spending, as if we didn’t expect that, but it continues to press for the Harmonized Sales Tax that will essentially hurt small business, help the profit line for big business, and oh yeah, cut spending in health & education. Kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it, why the most needed resources like health gets cuts, but not something superficial like the Olympic Expenses.

The cash-strapped B.C. government said in its speech from the throne Tuesday that it will review its health authorities, boards of education and Crown corporations in an effort to find cost savings. ( CBC News )

So let’s see, maybe we’ll sell off some more assets, maybe add a few more private firms to the public payroll, in place of insuring that the people of B.C. receive proper medical treatment, and support. After all, we do need to make sure our priorities are right, don’t we? It can’t be about people, but about PROFITS.

You have to wonder, these days, why people even bother to vote, I mean what’s the use when no matter who you vote for, the political stripe may be blue, red, or orange, but they all cater to the special interest groups like big business, or some labor union like the Teachers. It makes no sense, because whether it was the NDP government of Mike Harcourt, or the Campbell Liberals, they all treat people the same, like shit.

But you know what is worse? We, the people let them. We give them the opportunity to do it to us, time in and time again. WE, the people who are THEIR BOSSES, let them screw us, because we never DEMAND MORE FROM THEM.  That is the sad part, you know, WE ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN.

Maybe I am crazy, but shouldn’t we be expecting more from those we put into power?

Is the CRTC Failing Us?

The recent ruling by the CRTC that would allow Bell to force smaller ISP’s that use its system, to charge customers by the download, or to limit the amount of free download bandwidth, has some people pissed, wanting the CRTC to be mothballed.  An interesting concept that supposedly is gathering some steam online, with a petition to have the Harper Government TURF the CRTC.

The CRTC, the petition says, is failing in its mandate to protect competition and look out for the interest of Canadian consumers and has for the past three years shown “undue preference in the interest of commercial entities and their preference for traditional business models over competing models that would create competition.” ( CBC News )

There is no doubt, that recent rulings are pro big business, but then why is anyone surprised? After all, the CRTC is an appointed body, accountable to the Government. Why should we be surprised that they toe the line, as decreed by the Harper Elite? I mean come on, do we expect less from a Government who has dismantled our various other agencies, such as CIFA?

While I agree, the CRTC has let us down, but then, we should be directing our anger, not at those who want to stay employed, but at the Government that directs them. At the men & women who have forced them to do the bidding of the Corporate Masters of the Harper Conservative Party.

Criticisms of the CRTC in online message boards and in comments on CBC stories have been building since it was ordered to proceed with a “light regulatory touch” in 2006 by then industry minister Maxime Bernier. ( more from CBC )

I believe we need to address the issues, not by harping against those on the front line, doing what they were told, but at the puppet masters, who direct their decisions.  STEPHEN HARPER.

We whine and moan about CIFA, at how they have failed to keep our food supply safe, we moan at Customs & Immigration, that continues to allow shoddy merchandise into our country, and illegal immigrants in, and now it is the CRTC for ruling in favor of the special interests of Big Interests. We cringe as our national resources are sold for pennies to foreign interests, because there no longer is any restrictions to selling off. IN TRUTH the biggest seller is our very own Government.

Yet Stephen Harper has done a good job. Not at Governing, Not at protecting Canadian Interests, but in selling his brand of ELITISM, to the point where we blame the wrong people for the mistakes of his own administration. A man who has failed to honor any of his campaign promises, who deliberatley lied during the election, and who has sold us out, to every large special interest group around.

Our lakes and rivers are to be pollotued, because Stephen Harper tells us that toxic mining waste is not harmful. Of course he isn’t the one fishing those streams, or eating those poisoned fish. His bailouts that are going to cost us for generations to come, has not helped the people, but has improved the corporate profit line. Yet he is seen by many, as a savior of our economy, even though he campaigned telling us we wouldn’t need a stimulus package, that we wouldn’t need deficit financing, to weather the storm.

This Year’s Deficit is Expected to Top FIFTY BILLION DOLLARS.

Should we be upset? YES but not at the CRTC. We should be remembering this, and placing the blame exactly where it belongs, at the feet of Stephen Harper and his elite corp of government stooges. After all, he learned from the best in graft, Brian Mulroney. The man who not only took $300,000.00 in a paper bag, but who took a few million of our taxpayer money, because he lied under oath.

So, should we be surprised, that the CRTC ruled in favor of Bell?  I DON’T THINK SO.

Protecting Their Northern Border

Despite all the warnings, the United States Government implemented its new passport rule across their Northern Border. You know, the one between us and them?  Naturally every tourist agency up here whined that it would hurt tourism, was never given credence by our own Government. The Harper Regime in fact thought it was a good idea, as it would help secure our border.

On June 1, 2009, Canadians were required to have a passport, or another accepted form of identification, to travel to the U.S. — and American residents needed a passport, border card or similar ID to return home. ( CBC News )

I am all for security, but let’s be realistic about all this bullshit.

To begin with, there are about 1.5 Million people crossing into the USA from its Southern Border. Now I don’t know, but that would seem to be more of a threat than from the North. Of course, they don’t see it that way, because that influx of illegals is really about fueling the corporate empires with cheap labour.  AND THAT MAKES THEM MORE MONEY, NOT CHEAPER PRICES, JUST MORE MONEY FOR THEMSELVES.

Then too, what difference does it make if you have a passport and other so called secure identification, if no one bothers to check it? I mean the so called terrorists that entered the USA from Canada, to do the 9/11 bombing had documents. Despite their pictures being on US Immigration flyers, they still managed to get into the USA and do their worst.

If you dont check the documents, seems rather stupid to insist everyone has them, while also ruining tourism on both sides of the border. But hey, who ever said that common sense applied to Government?

I am all for having secure borders, but if we use the latest technology, then at least use it properly. If you require passports, secure ID’s, then have the people at the border actually check them. Seems common sense to me, and yet we add hinderances to honest people, and the influx of illegal immigrants, potential terrorists, continues unabated.

The result of all this paranoia is that today, Tourism has been hurt. People don’t want the hassle of travelling, of paying extra for passports, secure identification cards. It isn’t done in a timely manner, isn’t convenient, and to be honest, does nothing to secure any border. Honest people aren’t what Governments should be worrying about, but should concentrate on the criminal.

You know, the one’s who don’t mind breaking the law.

Not like drug smuggling, people smuggling, is down. Just tourism and travel.

Inflation Down, Costs Up.

I really have to wonder about how Government collects statistics. I mean take the so called Inflation Rate, which tells us how much more it is costing us to live. Right now, for example, they tell us it is cheaper than a year ago, and yet I don’t know, but my expenses seem a lot higher than a year ago.

The core inflation rate — which excludes the most volatile components — slipped a 10th of a percentage point from June’s rate to an annual rate of 1.8 per cent. ( CBC News )

Funny how when you read the report, that it tells you that while the annual inflation rate is down, the cost of food is rising by about 5%.  They go on to talk about how energy costs are down, though rising again. Uh, and somehow that means my overall cost to live is down? I DON’T THINK SO!

Truth is, the way these stats are fudged, they are meaningless where it counts, which is my bank account. Sure, gas has gone down, but the increases it caused while up there in the stratosphere are still there. PRICES DO NOT GO DOWN.  I mean let’s be honest. Gas was at $1.50 a liter and yet is back down to when it originally was at about 70¢ a liter, but did it go down to that level?  NO !

Food prices spiked, everything spiked, and even though gas has dropped per liter, the price of food has continued to rise, as has everything else, yet if you believe the statistics, they haven’t.

I don’t understand economics, as used by Government. And no, not just the Harper idiots that are running our economy, but all of them. If it costs me X Dollars to live last year, and that amount is more today, that is inflation.  And don’t tell me that what I bought last year hasn’t gone up, because it has. From the cost of underwear, to milk, to beef, to bread. AND NO it isn’t the farmer making the extra bucks either.

Consider this, gas, before its rapid rise based on greed and idle rumour, was at about $50 a barrel. Same as now, yet it went from that to $150+ a barrel.  So tell me, if the cost went up basically 200% and then dropped by the same amount, how come my cost at the pump didn’t drop the same percent?  TELL ME AGAIN HOW IT SUDDENLY COSTS THAT MUCH MORE WHICH IS WHY IT HASN’T DROPPED TO ITS ORIGINAL LEVELS.

Fact is, business is getting away with raping the pocket books of the consumer. From food that is tainted due to cost cutting measures in cleaning, to gas prices. From buying cheap products made by virtual slave labour, to importing cheaper labour to pick or harvest food, the corporate empire has cut its costs, BUT DOES NOT PASS THE SAVINGS ON TO THE CONSUMER.

This is why I oppose so called Free Trade, the Harper Mantra. It does lead to lower prices, for the cost of goods, but not to the end user. What it does do is increase the profit margin for business, and that is also what has led to this entire economic melt down. It has led to the dumping of cheap crap on the store shelves, which forces us to buy more of the same crap, just to be able to be fed, clothed, and housed.