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What’s Been Happening

I know, not much has been posted here lately, and there is a valid reason.

I’ve been busy dealing with Mom’s health, that has gotten a bit worse, over the last few months, and had to make a change in our family Doctor. Let me say, that has been an experience and a half.

If anyone wants to follow that procedure, and dealing with caring for a 92 year old lady, check out my Google Group Here.

Politics and current events seem unimportant, when one deals with the health issues of a parent. It isn’t easy, and is very time consuming which is okay, but it is the mental stress that is the hard part. Coping is not easy, but hopefully I’ll be able to manage posting more, as I get into the new routine, & schedule.

4 Day Work Week

So the British Columbia government is looking at ways to cut its expenses, one of which is to ask its employees to work 4 days, not 5, and of course, a reduction in pay, as well, they are only working 4 days.

And this is the solution to economic mismanagement?

I don’t understand the reasoning here, because when times are tough, it is Government services that are going to be needed more, not less. Things like oh, I don’t know, Health Care? Employment Benefits or Welfare?

They are also looking at putting the school schedule into a 4 day week, not a 5 day one, so that once more, working parents get the shaft, and need to now find a way to look after their own kids, while they look for a second job, to cover the lost income from being put into a 4 day workweek.

Frankly, I find this solution to be counter productive. The whole issue is about the cost factor, and if we earn less, we’ll buy less, or be able to afford less, which means business will make less, causing prices to rise, which in turn raises the cost of living, which means, we afford even less than when this visicious cycle began.

That is not a solution.

What Makes an Expert?

I have to say, listening to the media as we wait for some real results, which are beginning to come in, I wonder, what makes these experts, just that? Listening to them, I wonder, are they even living on the same planet, never mind in British Columbia?

Then too, it is amazing at how the media virtually ignored the issues facing people, and in reporting them, but tonight, they suddenly seem to know exactly what was of concern for us. Odd, how now they can discuss the issues, when the polls are closed?

by the way, Liberals 40, NDP 36 as of 8:43pm

An Election & The Media

The polls have been closed for about a half hour, and already the pontificating has begun, on the media calling the election. It really is a wonder that anyone would bother to go vote, after listening to the inane droning of the so called experts. I mean, really, it is rather annoying.

How many times can you say, too early to judge yet. I mean why start the coverage, if they have nothing to say, but a rehash?

And for the record, as of this moment it looks like the NDP, but hey, hardly any polls reporting more than 1 or 2. So go figure.

Election Day in BC

The Polls are open now, and I wonder, how many will file through the churches and schools, to cast a vote for the next government, and decide whether we’ll have democracy or special interest voting? I wonder too, if those who will sit at home, moaning about how this last Government was bad, but will merely go about their daily tasks, ignoring the voting booths?

Voter turnout in advance polls, which opened last week, hit a record high of 297,201, but many commentators have speculated turnout could be low Tuesday due to a lack of public interest. One poll showed more people were concerned with the Vancouver Canucks’ playoff run, which ended in defeat Monday night, than the provincial election.  ( source – CBC News )

We all gripe about whoever is in power, then a large number who do the most whining, sit and catch the winner later at night. They come as close to voting as Stephen Harper comes to kissing another guy with passion. In short, it just ain’t gonna happen.

If you truly want a Representative Government, the solution isn’t in changing how we vote, but in ACTUALLY VOTING.

So have you made plans to go vote? Got your Voter Card, the two pieces of Identification needed?  If not, then go get them, and GO VOTE!