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McCain’s Picks Palin

So is it smart politics, or does she really have what it takes to be President?

John McCain on Friday stole Obama’s thunder, by announcing his pick for Vice President. You have to give the old man credit, in one fell swoop he supposedly has changed the Election Dynamics, and at the same time, threw mud into the faces of every Media & Political Pundit. By choosing an ‘unknown‘ he may have made this election a real race, where the issues might actually be discussed, instead of being glossed over.

To begin with, his choice is good if for no other reason than it wasn’t Mitt Romney as everyone was predicting, myself included. Kind of shows you, to NOT LISTEN to the so called Political Experts, doesn’t it? Which is good, because if we see just how fallible they are, if we see just how UNINFORMED THEY ARE, maybe, come election time, the Voter will be making a decision based on their own opinions, not those forced down their throats by the Media or Big Business or Big Labor.  For once, maybe Voters will vote their own gut instincts, not what they are TOLD TO DO.

Is She a good choice?

I don’t know, but if you listen to the bullshit coming from the media, no. However, did John McCain choose her, because she is a she, as many Democratic Pundits claim? Did he choose her because she could give the supposed angry Clinton Supporters someone to get behind, or did he choose her because he believes she has what it takes to be President, should he fall while in office?

Obama’s choice of Biden was to shore up his ‘inexperienced’ tag, and his ‘lack of foreign policy knowledge’ that the media made everyone believe was his weaknesses. He selected Biden, because the man is good at reaching a core of voters, that he seemed to be unable to reach, such as the blue collar type, the white rural class.

Now that choice, of Biden, was a good & smart political move. Can the same be said about McCain’s choice of Palin?

Palin describes herself as pro-life and against same-sex marriage, although she claims to have good friends who are gay. In 2006 while running for governor, she said she would support a ballot initiative that denied benefits to same-sex couples, but her first veto as governor shot down such a bill. (Palin said she vetoed it because the Alaska Supreme Court deemed it unconstitutional, not because she supports gay-marriage rights.) She is Christian and pro-life, but also a supporter of birth control: she’s a member of Feminists For Life (FFL), an anti-abortion, pro-contraception organization. In 2002, she wrote a letter to FFL stating that she had “adamantly supported our cause since I first understood, as a child, the atrocity of abortion.” She supports the teaching of creationism in public schools, alongside evolution. She is also a lifelong member of the National Rifle Association and supports the constitutional right to bear arms. (source – Time)

Couple of things I see, that is well different. One, she is willing to accept a Court’s decision, and do what is right, by her Veto of the legislation regarding Same Sex Marriage. That in itself is gutsy, and refreshing though I disagree with her reasons for opposing Equal Rights for Gays. Then there is her support of Creationism, but includes Evolution as well. In short, she is willing to have both views taught in Schools, which is the way it should be. Seriously, give people a choice, put both views out there, so they can make INFORMED decisions, and you really can’t lose.

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Big Talk, Can He Deliver?

I listened to the sound bites, listened to the pontificating from the pundits, and now I have heard the speech. Funny, how when you hear the whole speech, it is so vastly different than what the pundits, or the opposition make of it. It is so different, that you wonder IF THEY HEARD THE SAME SPEECH. Seriously, I have to wonder if Wolf Blitzer and Larry King listened to the same speech, or did they have their hearing aids off?

One note, in my previous post, I mentioned this was the anniversary of Kings Death, which was wrong, this is the 45th anniversary of his famous  ‘I have a Dream’ speech.

Obama’s speech was definitely something special. It made a lot of promises, spoke a lot about promises, about faith, and I don’t know, but he certainly looked like he could do what he said. I mean you hear a lot of politicians talk the talk, but as you listen, you know it is just ‘electioneering‘. Listening to Obama, watching his eyes, his face, you get the idea that he actually does believe in what he says. Maybe he is a good actor, but I don’t know, I am pretty cynical, yet I believe him.

I like his ideas, but how he will accomplish them, is another story. I think, if the People give him a chance, if THEY support him, then yes, it can happen. I think he can turn things around, if no one expects a miracle in the first year, or term even. The problems, as he said, are real, and require more than just Government bailing people out. It requires tough decisions, hard work, and I wonder, are Americans willing to do that?

He has some good points, and IF, and it is a big IF, the people buy it, and support it, then YES, he can accomplish it. At least he isn’t willing to BULLY his allies, which is something Bush and yes, Clinton, did in their administrations. Hopefully this will be a different style, if he’s given the chance. Maybe he can talk sense to Russia, maybe he can persuade Iran, but the one difference between him and Bush, and McCain, is he IS WILLING TO TALK FIRST.  That is a huge chance from how America has approached international affairs.

His idea of education too, is something that has been lacking for decades. How he’ll accomplish it is going to be tough, given how Congress acts, but he stands a chance, if the People Support him. I don’t know the answers, but I know that in listening to the whole speech, not picking single points out, it was an impressive speech. One I haven’t heard for a long time, because unlike the others, it actually rang true.

There wasn’t any, how do you call it, disbelief, or skepticism. He may be the real deal, but will the People see beyond the Media Hype, the attack ads of the Republicans? That will tell, but you know, he did survive the Clinton Attack Ads, and she is as good as any Republican, so again, there is hope.

I hope that others will take the hour to listen to his speech. I assume it will be available on his website, or at least the text of it. The truth is, it is a darn site better to hear it, complete, without being chopped up to suit the editorial opinions of the Media. Seriously, take the time, and do the same for John McCain’s speech too. I mean fair is fair, and who knows, maybe it’ll be memorable. It could, and it could also help clarify a lot between the two men, and their parties.

Yet I don’t know, those supporting McCain are the same who control George Bush. They are the same Corporate Masters that have ruined the economy, and shipped the jobs overseas.

Obama’s Big Night

Well the speech is over, and the pundits are sailing forward with how good it was, & how bad it was.

Let me say that it was a strong statement, for some not strong enough, for others too strong, but in the end it is going to the voters who will decide. Not the Wolf Blitzer’ who are too busy pushing his own persona. I tell you, this guy, along with others, are so wrapped up in themselves, that they forget what their job is. It is to report the news, not tell us what we saw or heard. I can hear fine, can see fine too, so I don’t need Wolf Blitzer to tell me that.

However what is important is that Barack Obama delivered what he needed to deliver. A great speech.

While the Republican will see it as an attack, I see it as a man simply stating his case, a real case for change. I was impressed by the bits and pieces I saw. I’ll be certainly watching the whole thing again, thanks to the Internet, no thanks to the News Networks. Which is a real piss off, when you think that WE own the airwaves, in a Democracy. They just rent it, and yet, it seems like WE get short changed all the time.

I loved his ability to inspire, it was what I remember about John F. Kennedy. How he could stand before people, when things sucked real bad, and make you feel good. Obama has that ability, and maybe that is why Caroline Kennedy came out in support, as did Ted Kennedy.

I like his plan to cut taxes for the working people, which ought to get the Republican big shots nervous. After all big oil sure has made a killing, and already the Republican’s are saying that Obama isn’t serious, because he opposed the Tax Holiday plan of McCain. At least he was honest, that it wouldn’t have any effect. McCain was using smoke and mirrors to appear like he cared. If he does, it doesn’t show.

It is historical, in that a Black Man has earned the nomination. It doesn’t mean the race card won’t be used in the remaining days of the election, and that the special interest groups will launch numerous attack ads. Whether the Democrats can weather that, remains to be seen. He has some toughness, you could see in his speech tonight, but I don’t know if that will be enough to break past the race barrier, that will be there.

Will Obama be different?

Hard to say, but he has to better than the same old, same old, which John McCain does represent. I mean he has supported too many of George Bush’s policies, ignored too many serious issues, in the name of Party Unity. I like John McCain, but his switch on issues, is too much like Mitt Romney, and worse, he might actually choose Mitt Romney for his running partner. To me, that would be the worst thing John McCain could do.

Was it a good speech? If you listen to the media it was, if you listen to the Democrat Pundits it was super, if you listen to the Republicans it wasn’t. To be expected, but you know, it is about differences, and I agree, Obama does appear more like a star than John McCain, but that isn’t a bad thing. It isn’t that he is a star, but that he has a charm, that attracts star like attention. People are desperate for change, and he has, so far, been the only one who has shown some semblence of being able to do that, to bring change around.

From being willing to talk to other countries, to not be automatically threatening, to being strong when needed. So yes, he does attract star like attention, but then that is because people are tired, of the same old empty lies and promises. It is why Hilary Clinton was defeated, and I hope, why Obama will take the White House.

Convention Overload

Late at night is not a good time to watch the News, to watch the rehash of the latest Convention going ons, from Denver. Specially when you have a smug arrogant fool like Wolf Blitzer hosting the damn thing. I mean, the ‘greatest political team‘ is stretching it. But come on, the other News Groups covering the convention are just as bad.

I suppose my biggest question is, who in the hell turned over our right to think for ourselves, to these smug arrogant know it alls? Like if I liked Michelle Obama’s speech, who is Wolf Blitzer to tell me what it meant? Like I can’t understand the words she said? Or how about Hilary Clinton’s speech? The greatest speech of her life? I don’t think so, that was when she said ‘i do’ to Bill to get her foot into the political door.

Yes, her speech was good, but let’s stop saying she is a team player. She isn’t, she is positioning herself for 2012 if Obama loses this November, and if not, then for 2016. That is WHY she spoke the way she did, and yes, she did a good job, but I am sick and tired of the nit picking. Like she didn’t say that Obama was ready to lead, which every one of the so called pundits lunged at. So what, like she didn’t have hours to speak. She did what was needed, but that isn’t good enough for some, which begs the question, Says Who?

Or how about that Clinton Cheer Leader, Carver, who was upset that Michelle Obama didn’t come out attacking the Republicans, or that just wasn’t enough ATTACKS. Doesn’t anyone see that the whole Obama campaign has been about being positive, not negative? Sure he’s had to fight back, defend himself from idiots that keep on harping about his middle name, about his supposed lack of patriotism, yet he’s managed to win the nomination without the heavy handed attack ads, that the Republicans are famous for.

Doesn’t that say something important?

Yet the political pundits seem unwilling to fathom that, and why? Simple, it makes for better ad copy, for better lead ins to their biased story telling. It isn’t like they report the news anymore. That would be expecting too much. And just who are these pundits? I mean Jeffrey Tubin? He’s a lawyer, so what qualifies him or Wold Blitzer as experts on what you and I think? Did they talk to every voter? NOPE, but hey they know more than me on what I should be looking for. They set the standards, which frankly is rather piss poor.

Course they just want all that revenue from the Advertising, which is why Wolf Blitzer was miffed when the Obama camp suggested people watch the convention from his web site. Gee, watching something without the pontificating drone from Wold Blitzer and other so called experts, now that is a novel idea.

Mystery Meat

Remember when you went to school, ate the cafeteria and they had ‘mystery meat day‘? I mean that goes back a long time ago, but these days, well, it seems that the mystery isn’t what is the meat, but what nasty germ or virus it has with it. Take this whole Listeria Outbreak up here. Reminiscent of the recent salmonella outbreak in the States, in that the federal health agency can’t seem to determine EXACTLY what is causing the illness.

“While these results are highly significant, and indicate that the investigation is on the right path, the investigation is not complete,” the agency said. “Test results on additional food samples expected next week will advance the investigation further.” (source – CBC News)

I have a lot of problems with this. I mean to begin with, this announcement comes late Saturday night, with the list being released on Sunday. Now I am not sure, but when did Government actually work on a weekend? And it isn’t like on Friday they didn’t have an inkling about all this either. In fact, there was a sort of advanced leak about this happening, that the recall would be expanded. There was even an article about how Maple Leaf Foods claims it isn’t their fault, even though the supposed results weren’t know, or available.

So why a Saturday Release Date?

If the Government actually received the news Saturday in the morning, or afternoon, okay I can see them making the release a few hours later. What I don’t believe, is that they got the results in the morning or afternoon, but instead that they sat on them until Saturday evening. I used to not believe that sort of stuff, but lately I am wondering, given the closeness between business and the Harper Government. Oh hell, between any Government.

I see it in the FDA & USDA down south, and given how Harper mirrors everything Bush does, I would not be surprised to see it happening up here, as well. And that pisses me off. I mean seriously, it is just so wrong, to be put into a position where one cannot trust a Government agency to do its job, which is a pretty damn important job.

This whole issue is just a tip of the iceberg, if you ask me. I think we are being sold down the river, all in the name of increased corporate profits. Part of the Free Trade crap with the States & Mexico. To begin with, how in the hell can the Government Agency NOT KNOW the cause. Are they not doing proper & regular testing? And you have to love Maple Leaf, who claim innocence, but add to their recall as a precaution.

I might have believed that before, but not these days. For that wariness, I blame Stephen Harper and his closeness to Bush. If he was a real man, INDEPENDENT OF OUTSIDE INFLUENCES, then I wouldn’t feel this way, but given how he has caved on all major issues, how he protects people who take bribes, like Brian Mulroney, and how he keeps everything behind closed doors, how can one trust any agency?

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