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Some have a funny sense of humor.

First there is the story about how some in San Francisco want to rename the Oceanside Sewage Treatment Plant to be the George W. Bush Sewage Treatment Plant, which is rather funny, and a definite political statement about what many think of the President. Now in North Caroline, they are sending out notices to people, who have license plates with the letters WTF that they can replace those nasty letters for free.

The News & Observer of Raleigh reported Tuesday the state Division of Motor Vehicles has notified nearly 10,000 holders of license plates with the letter combination. Officials learned last year the common acronym stands for a vulgar phrase in e-mail and cell phone text messages. (source – Fox News)

You know the world is going crazy when even letters used in text messages are considered obscene or objectionable. To begin with, the person who bitched, didn’t even know what the letters stood for, until her teenage grandkids told her. What is funny too, is that this 60 year old was or is a technology teacher.

If the teacher doesn’t know the meanings, kind of makes you wonder what kind of technology she was teaching her class? Then too, like if people don’t know, how in the heck does it hurt anyone? There are a ton of meanings one could make up for the letters. And there are some who will always find something dirty to make up.

Like did FORD change its name when people started referred to FORD as FIX OR REPAIR DAILY?

While the letters in the more adult sense do mean ‘What The F**K‘ it could just as easily mean ‘What The Fudge‘. Just imagine the added cost to taxpayers, because some technology teacher who hadn’t a clue, objected to the letters.

George W Bush’s Real Legacy

Only in San Francisco.

Seems that some people are attempting to have the local sewage treatment plant named after George W. Bush, which isn’t sitting well with some local Republicans. Gee, I wonder why?

A group called the Presidential Memorial Commission has reportedly picked up more than enough signatures to put the ballot initiative to the San Francisco public in the November election. (source – Fox News)

I mean you have to admit, it is rather a fitting tribute to George W. Bush. Least if you are one of the about 70% who think he’s done a rotten job as President. I guess if you are one of the few fans who support him, well you might not think it is funny. But you have to admit, it does give a good indication of how some feel about the man.

We all speculate on what his legacy will be, what history will record as being the George W. Bush Presidency. Will it be complimentary in any form, or will it merely be a blip in the history of American Presidents? Will the shame he has brought be erased by time, or will it in fact history recall him fondly? Be rather interesting to come back in fifty years to find out, or a hundred, but for now, I think a sewage treatment plant named after him speaks volumes of what people today think of his Presidency.

Guns Okay

Busy times at the Supreme Court these days. There was the ruling against the Death Penalty for Child Rapists, and now the ruling that the DC Gun Law is taboo. I will never understand the seeming insane need for Americans to have guns, and not just single shot ones, but those fancy kind whose only purpose is to kill many people.

The court’s 5-4 ruling struck down the District of Columbia’s 32-year-old ban on handguns as incompatible with gun rights under the Second Amendment. The decision went further than even the Bush administration wanted, but probably leaves most firearms laws intact. (source – CBS News)

I understand that the world has gotten considerably more dangerous, but what I don’t understand, is why do individuals feel they are better equipped to defend themselves than the Police Force? Surely if one cannot depend on the legal authority to defend them, or respond in time to defend them, then isn’t the answer to simply get rid of the incompetents, and hire some who can do the job?

If crime is so bad, that people need to hole up in their homes, with guns so they can go to work in the morning, then perhaps the solution isn’t to put more guns out there, but to start reigning them in? I mean add a few years to any conviction if a person committing a crime is carrying a weapon. YES, that may indeed mean building a few more prisons, and even upgrading the one’s now in existence, but surely the answer isn’t for Paranoid Fred to have a gun in every room of his house.

As to the notion that people need guns in case the Government runs amock, uh, well it has and I don’t see anyone reaching for their six shooter yet. Nor would I expect them too. I mean, let’s face the facts. If the Government in Washington D.C. or at some State Level declared itself a dictatorship, with backing of the Armed Forces, does anyone really believe another Boston Tea Party would happen?

There isn’t even any protests today about the killing in Iraq, like there was during the Viet Nam Era, so give me a break here. No One is going to take to the streets to protest or oppose any takeover. After all, everyone seems quite fine in simply giving their rights away now, after all there is Patriot Acts I and II.

And who is going to invade the United States? IRAN?

If there is ever another Global Conflict, it will be fought in Space, and through the use of Tactical Nuclear Weapons. There won’t be a need for guns, because we’ll all be evaporated, or killed off by the aftermath of Chemical and Biological Weapons.  If we do survive, well the guns in the stores will be wide open for picking anyhow, and I don’t know, just seems to me that all these are just excuses to own a gun.

The downside to all this, is there will be more litigation and more uncertainty. It will also put more guns into the hands of people who shouldn’t have a driver’s license let alone a gun license. It will add to the growing list of accidental shootings. I mean come on, even the Vice President of the United States doesn’t know how to use a damn shotgun, but hey, every Tom, Dick, and Shirley can own one too.

How many children will lose their lives due to playing with a loaded gun they find in their house, or their friends house? How about the loner’s who feel so outcast, that they want to shoot up their school, will now be able to do just that?

I simply do not understand all this.

personal opinion of Gaystoryman

Deserving the Death Penalty

Canada ended Capital Punishment decades ago.

Yesterday the US Supreme Court ruled that the ‘Death Penalty’ for rapists of children was not [[proportional]] for the crime. Legislatures vowed they would continue to pass and enact laws that would bring the Death Penalty to those who raped children. A test of wills it seems, between those who are elected, and those who are appointed.

“Anybody in the country who cares about children should be outraged that we have a Supreme Court that would issue a decision like this,” said Alabama Attorney General Troy King, a Republican. The justices, he said, are “creating a situation where the country is a less safe place to grow up.” (source – CNN News)

The issue is simple, and yet complex. If someone commits a crime where the death of the victim does not happen, should a life be taken?

In the ruling, it appears that basically unless one commits Treason, Espionage, or Murder, the Court says society cannot take a life in [[retribution]]. And there lies the rationale, as far as I can see it. Frankly I am not sure how I feel, personally, on having a Death Penalty or Not.

There is the obvious emotional issue here, that endangering a child, such as Rape, irrespective of the age, is a topic that will push many buttons. I firmly believe that Children are our greatest treasure, greatest resource, and that they need protection, but my hesitancy at wanting the Death Penalty for abusers, rapists, of children is tempered by the fact, we as adults have some screwing notions of what is and what isn’t. We parse words so much, are so inundated by SPIN, that I wonder if we aren’t rushing to judgement?

To begin with, what is the definition of a Child?

Seriously, because there are Rape Laws in place that claim that if an 18 year old has consensual sex with a 17 year old, it is still RAPE.  Look at the case where a college bound Senior, seventeen, got a blow job from his Fifteen Year Old Girlfriend, got caught on Video, and was sentenced to TEN YEARS IN PRISON.  That is the reality of today’s world. He was charged with ‘aggravated sexual assault’ or such, which makes you wonder, would he be one of those eligible for the Death Penalty?

There has to be some form of protection from malicious prosecution. When you KILL SOMEONE, you can’t undo your mistake. If a person is convicted of such a crime, and is LEGALLY MURDERED, and it is found later they didn’t do it, who pays?

I know, that is the basic mantra by most who Oppose the Death Penalty. Yet, it isn’t that far fetched, now is it? I mean while we have major advances in DNA and such, ERRORS HAPPEN. I mean take a look at the Pathologist up here, who screwed up a ton of cases. IT HAPPENS! Does anyone really want someone’s life to depend on that? And how do we know, until it is possibly too late?

While on the surface, the case that was ruled on was indeed horrible. Heinous is the word I believe many have used, and while it appears the person’s guilt is not in question, the simple fact is, that IT COULD BE. As much as the child will suffer trauma, DEATH IS FINAL. And it does bring up some interesting double standards as well.

Abortion being one.

Sam Brownback and some other leading Conservatives, had the opinion that NO ABORTION SHOULD BE ALLOWED. Only exception I believe was if the life of the Mother was at risk. However, the issue was that even if a person was RAPED, and became Pregnant, they would NOT BE GRANTED AN ABORTION.  Yet these same people DEMAND DEATH for someone who RAPES A CHILD. I mean, either a life is important no matter whose life it is, or it isn’t. That is what confuses me, I think.

So many who support the Death Penalty, are the same folks who oppose Abortion on the grounds that it is State Sanctioned MurderSo, killing a convicted criminal is somehow different?

What the Supreme Court did in it’s ruling against the Death Penalty for Child Rapists, is it took out the emotional aspect, and rendered a cold ruling, based on the words of the Constitution. If someone steals a loaf of bread, to feed a child, is that Theft? YES, but does it warrant the same penalty as someone who robs a bank, or steals your car to go for a joy ride, or to sell the parts?

It is why MANDATORY SENTENCING is as wrong as perhaps the Death Penalty is, specially for those who haven’t taken a life. That is why Justices need to be APPOINTED rather than ELECTED. IT is also why POLITICS needs to be REMOVED FROM CHOOSING JUDGES. Society like ours, is supposed to be based on a set of morals, of codes, on the Rule of Law. Morals change, and Emotions always change. As much as the crime that brought about this decision was horrible, the fact is should a life be taken, when a life is NOT TAKEN.

The US Supreme Court says NO.

Professionalism My Ass

finding a doctor is never easyFinally found ourselves a new family physician last week. That was a load off my mind too, and I rather like the new guy. More old world and seems a bit more in touch with the needs of his patients than our previous Doctor. Somehow I don’t think we’ll be getting the ‘well as we grow older, things work less‘ as we did from our old Doctor.

Thing is, we managed to pick up our medical records today, and that was a shock.

After all the fuss they made about having another Doctor provide a release form, about us needing to sign a form that we were picking up the files, to finally get them was a sort of, THIS IS IT? I mean seriously, the grief they gave me to get them, and then to find out all I needed to do was sign the corner of an envelope, and in turn get a slimmed down version of the files, was to say the least, anti climatic.

It also makes me wonder at what is a Professional these days.

When a Doctor retires, or makes that decision, you would expect that they would take care in insuring that their patients found a suitable replacement. You would think that, but don’t hold your breath for it. Both Doctors in the office retired, and I don’t know about the other patients, but frankly we got NO HELP in finding a new Doctor. Now that might not be a big deal for me or David, but Mother is 91 Years Old. Surely you would think they at least would bother to insure she got a decent Doctor, or at least GOT A DOCTOR.

It is like suddenly they weren’t making any money from you, so SCREW YOU became the attitude. The hassles for getting records, for getting help was NON EXISTENT. I don’t get it, because don’t people enter the medical profession due to a need or desire to want to help people? Does that need, that desire, suddenly end simply because they are hanging it up?

Makes you wonder about values, morality, as the world spirals off.

It is rather sad, actually. I mean you are a source of income to a person for 13 years, and they don’t even blink about tossing you out in the cold. Makes no sense to me, but then again, you look at how others arenas of our world react. I mean Corporate Executives who think nothing of bringing in goods that are potentially life threatening, or manufactured in unsafe, unsanitary, conditions. How the only concern is for increased profits, not in providing a quality product. Or the Government Leaders whose only concern is to get elected, not in serving the people who elect them, like George Bush & Stephen Harper.

I know, there are some out there who are exceptions to that, but it seems their numbers are dwindling.