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Dem Big Shots in Rush, Why?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid seem to have this illusion that they are the Top Kicks in the Democratic Party, and are pushing for a resolution to the Nomination Battle between Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama. Which has me wondering, why? I mean it isn’t like they are doing much to give whoever wins a legitimate shot at winning, so why the rush?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that he, House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi and party chairman Howard Dean will urge uncommitted superdelegates — the party leaders and other who may choose whomever they like — to choose sides quickly so that there is not a fight at the August convention. (source – MSNBC)

The last primaries haven’t been decided yet, and I can see why the Democrats are worried. I mean the SPECTER OF RACISM has once more taken center stage in the race for the White House, and for some odd reason, they all seem to blame Obama for it. Funny, the biggest nonsense comes from Hilary, and her reminders of how she is first off, White, then second a She. Still, I can see how Pelosi, Reid, & Dean want to avoid a convention fight, but you know, it might just be fun to actually see happen?

To begin with, neither Candidate talks about the issues, or about any real SPECIFICS about what their plans are, in regards to Health Care, Education, Economy, Trade, Social Security, Civil Rights, War on Terror, Iraq.  They talk in circles, or point their fingers at the other, or at old grandpa John McCain. Mind you, he has been adding his own version of ‘GOTCHA’ and so once again, the fight has become not about Issues, Not about Policies, but about PERSONALITIES & RACE.

I suppose the real reason for the rush to judgement is simple, they don’t want any more blood spilled, but I don’t know. How does it help when no one can get a real answer from anyone? Is OBAMA the real deal, who knows, given how everything is so well orchestrated, and Clinton, well she has more excuses for her gaffs, than there are recalls of faulty products from Communist China.

Obviously people are undecided, so let’s put it to the ultimate test. Let the Convention decide, not the Elite, and here is a radical thought, LET EVERY DELEGATE VOTE THEIR CONSCIENCE! Woohoo, now wouldn’t that be an interesting convention? Can you imagine poor Howard Dean having to explain to the Big Shots in the back room that the people actually made a choice, and IT WASN’T THE ONE THEY WANTED?

There is no doubt, the primary process is flawed, but hey who cares? I mean with all the suspect voting machines that will be used come Election Day, it doesn’t matter who the Nominee’s are. It will be decided by who paid the most bucks to have the most electronic voting machines tampered with, and rigged. So, why worry about who really is the people’s choice, and let’s have a good old fashioned donnybrook come Convention Time.

More than likely I will be labeled as a conspiracy theorist or something, and maybe it is a form of paranoia, I don’t know. What I do know is that the Harper Regime is too Pro American and not Pro Canadian Enough for my personal tastes. I do not buy into the Security Prosperity Partnership BULLSHIT that Stephen Harper does, nor do I buy into the NAFTA crap that Brian Mulroney FOISTED ON US.

I know that Jean Chretien was preparing to legalize Pot in Canada, as NO INDEPENDENT SCIENTIFIC STUDY has been able to determine that Pot Smoking is any more of a health risk than consuming Alcohol. Paul Martin caved to pressure from George Bush and with his defeat and subsequent installation of Stephen Harper that lofty goal has gone far down the garden path.

Now, in British Columbia the safe injection site is once more being attacked by the Harper Regime who simply are UNWILLING TO ACCEPT JUDICIAL VERDICTS. Just like Bush and his Republican Gestapo, Harper wants his own brand of Dictatorial Government in Canada, by the attempt to appeal the Court Decision that said the Safe Injection Site was of a health service, vital to a segment of our society.

I am not one of those who does drugs, nor does the wife, and frankly I believe we need to do more to PREVENT DRUG USE, but at the same time we have a lot of DRUG ADDICTS and it simply makes ECONOMIC & SOCIAL SENSE to make those who do it, safe.

The argument that it saves only One Life is absolutely ludicrous. When you intervene in about 900 overdoses, is the Harper Regime really going to tell me that it only saves one single life? The odds alone would be that a large number of those who overdose would not survive, so the math is definitely flawed here. It has worked in other cities, Amsterdam comes to mind as one who has had safe injection sites for years.

“The evidence is that Insite’s injection program saves, at best, one life per year. A precious life, yes. I believe we can do better and we must,” Mr. Clement said, citing a report from an advisory committee he struck to investigate the merits of the site. “My job as Health Minister is to balance that one life against any possible negative effect of supervised injection that might take one life elsewhere.” (source – Globe & Mail)

Simple truth is that by having such sites, we save on law enforcement, we save on Health Care, and we improve the protection of our cities. Now that may not sit well with the Gestapo Menatlity of the Harper Regime, who like big strapping men with lots of guns kicking down doors or putting the rubber hoses to them in secret interrogation rooms, but in our society, I think we like to do things differently than in the United States or as they did in Nazi Germany.

Health Services saves a bundle, because there are less infections thanks to the needle exchanges done. In addition to that simply fact, there is less dirty needles floating all over for kids or innocent strangers to stumble upon and get pricked by. How many innocent lives does that save? I mean no way to determine that, but what is clearly shown is that it does save health costs.

By not having to find dark alleys to do their drugs in, there is less chances of them stumbling out into the street, finding fault with passer bys, getting into harms way by ambling across busy intersections while stoned. Again a boon for both Health Care, but also Police, who can be employed in other needed positions, instead of chasing a hype from the back alley’s.

I don’t like people on drugs, but I much rather that we fight drug addictions by not killing them off. Safe Injection Sites can help much more than the Harper attitude of just tossing them all into jail longer. And while on the subject, if Stephen Harper truly wants to help fight the Drugs War, maybe he shouldn’t be so quick to give in to George Bush on the Super NAFTA Highway, that will let Mexican Trucks and USA Trucks enter Canada without rigorous checks.

To me this opposition to the Injection Site isn’t about proper health care, it isn’t about Harper wanting to protect society, but is simply Stephen Harper doing the bidding of George W. Bush who is desperate for some successes, given how his entire Presidency is turning into the worst 8 years in the sordid history of the United States of America. Stevie Boy, is eager to help, as we all know how much he owes to the Oil Industry, the same folks that gave the USA George W.

Some FDA Recalls

Seafood Plant Closed Down

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today directed Hope Food Supply Inc., a Pasadena, Texas, food processing company, to shut down and immediately recall all products manufactured from its Texas facility since 2007. (Details Here)

Antibiotic Recalled due to Mix Up

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — May 16, 2008 — Medicis today announced that the Company is voluntarily recalling lot numbers B080037 (Exp: 12/09) and B080038 (Exp: 12/09) of the antibiotic SOLODYN® (minocycline HCl, USP) Extended Release Tablets, 90 mg, 30-count bottles (NDC 99207-461-30). Medicis has received a report that one bottle in lot number B080037 contains AZASAN® (azathioprine tablets) 75 mg (NDC 65649-231-51) instead of SOLODYN® (minocycline HCl, USP) Extended Release Tablets, 90 mg. AZASAN® is an immuno-suppressive agent used in transplant patients to prevent kidney rejection and for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Taking AZASAN® instead of SOLODYN® presents a health hazard and safety risk to patients. Side effects associated with the use of AZASAN®, particularly in the elderly, include mylosuppression (decrease in the number of red and white blood cells and platelets), infection, bleeding, chills, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Joint and muscle pain are also common side effects. Unanticipated interactions with other drugs may also lead to serious adverse events. SOLODYN® is manufactured by AAIPharma, Inc. under contract to Medicis. The two lots were manufactured during February 2008. The recall is limited to these lots, and ample supplies of SOLODYN® remain on the market. (Details Here)

Cathater Recall due to adverse reactions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — HUDSON, New Hampshire – May 12, 2008 – Atrium Medical Corporation today announced that it is initiating a voluntary and precautionary recall of selected lots of HYDRAGLIDE™ Brand Heparin-Coated Thoracic Drainage Catheters. Limited lots of Atrium heparin-coated Hydraglide Thoracic Catheters were manufactured with heparin found to have been contaminated with oversulfated chondroitin sulfate (OSCS). The patient risk associated with the presence of OSCS in heparin-coated medical devices is not known at this time. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has received reports of serious injury and death in patients who have been administered injectable heparin products containing high levels of OSCS. While Atrium’s HYDRAGLIDE Catheters do not contain high levels of heparin, there still exists a potential exposure of OSCS to the patient. (Details Here)

I don’t know about you, but I am rapidly losing confidence in Business. I mean it is one thing to try and sell a garden rake that breaks, a chair that has a collapsing leg, but when companies that produce medical necessities fail, and seem to well, just not care, it is troublesome. Then too food companies are just as bad. I mean they know their stuff is for consumption, and are willing to gamble with people’s lives, all in the name of profits, just isn’t right.

Despite all the talk about VALUES by all Leaders, yet they hob nob and associate with these corporate executives who seem to have NO VALUES, NO MORALS, NO SCRUPLES. It makes you wonder, has the need for MONEY overturned the NEED TO BE RESPONSIBLE?

More USDA Recalls for May

On the back of USA Currency is a phrase, IN GOD WE TRUST, and I wonder, is that all that is left for us to rely on? I mean has our fellow man abdicated their own obligations, because well, GOD WILL LOOK AFTER US? Have we gotten so greedy that it no longer matters if what we produce is tainted, that people we don’t even know are put at risk, simply in an effort to garner a paycheck, to reap a few extra cents profits?

Religious orders oppose blood transfusions, fight to deny equal civil rights to fellow citizens, and ignore the increasing health risks to children, while demanding that we protect a few children from a few predators, while ignoring the more dangerous ones? I am serious, because while I don’t think any child should be put at risk, any risk, I marvel at how Politicians run around fuming, as they try to put away a bunch of pedophiles, yet run to Communist China to get more cheap goods, that literally effect the health and welfare of ALL CHILDREN.

Sausages for possible contamination

WASHINGTON, May 21, 2008 – Cecina Los Amigos, a Carson, Calif., firm, is voluntarily recalling approximately 290 pounds of pork blood sausages that may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced today. (Details Here)

Meat Recall for e.Coli contamination

WASHINGTON, May 16, 2008 – JSM Meat Holdings Company, Inc., a Chicago, Ill., firm, is voluntarily recalling an undetermined amount of beef products intended for use in ground products because they may be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced today. (Details Here)

Ground Beef for possible contamination with Plastic Pieces

WASHINGTON, May 12, 2008 – Fairbank Reconstruction Corp., an Ashville, NY, establishment, is voluntarily recalling approximately 22,481 pounds of ground beef products that may contain pieces of plastic, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced today. (Details Here)

There is something about food recalls that gets the nerves jangling. I mean, sometimes when they are huge amounts being recalled, you have to wonder about the companies that may buy the meat, for use in their canned goods, and yet how often do you hear of recalled tins of spaghetti sauce or chili? Kind of makes you wonder, what is safe anymore?

The Hidden Recalls

According to a report on Lou Dobbs Tonight, there have been over TWO & HALF MILLION CHILDREN PRODUCT RECALLS ALONE. Now I find that disturbing, because frankly I just don’t understand the dynamics here. I mean are Children not the Number One Resource of a Nation? Are they not our MOST PRECIOUS COMMODITY? If so, then why does the Government seem unwilling to PROTECT THEM?

KITTY PILGRIM, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Just in time for the summer Little League season. A recall of 2,300 Rawlings batting helmets made in China, containing toxic levels of lead paint. Rawlings said they tested for lead and are moving as fast as possible to remove the helmets from the market. Last year there were 25 million toys and sporting good recalls because of lead paint and toxic chemicals. And this year the Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled two and a half million children’s products this month alone. (source – CNN – Transcript Lou Dobbs May 28 2008)

You know, what gets me is the hoopla that comes when some Politician passes some legislation or sponsors a piece of legislation such as the Adam Walsh Act, that is supposed to set up a database and help in protecting the abduction of children. Noble sentiments, and yet while it may protect several thousands of exploited children, these same Politicians IGNORE THE RISK TO MILLIONS. Now that simply doesn’t make sense.

To push for protection of a few, when the entire population of children is at risk? I mean come on, lead exposure leads to lower mental capacities, at best. At worst it leads to death, and yet these Politicians continue to turn a blind eye to the rampant disregard for child safety, and why? Because it is in the best interests of their Corporate Sponsors.

I am in business. I want to make a good living from the products I import and sell, but I’ll be damned if I’ll bring in stuff that has a potential to harm anyone, let alone children. So what if it costs me some money? I can replace money, but how do you replace a human life? How do you replace the hole in a parent’s heart, when a child dies?

Tell me, Mister CEO of Mattel, Senator, Prime Minister, President, Member of Parliament, Congressperson, how do you sleep at night, knowing your actions and INACTIONS are putting millions of innocent children at risk? Does that bonus you get, that campaign contribution you get, give you a way to push aside the guilt of your actions? Does it salve your conscience when you hear how kids continue to do worse in schools, because their mental capacities have been lowered due to constant exposure to lead in their toys? How do you feel Mister Corporate Executive, when you know the stuff you flog in the stores is unsafe, and a potential killer?

Senator Obama and Senator Clinton can raise over $300 Million Dollars to spend on advertising, to fund buses, plane trips across the Country, yet neither of them can come up with a viable solution to how to fund the CPSC or FDA to insure that the stuff coming into a country is safe? I mean how is that Leadership?

Wall Street can rake in Billions of money, get Billions in bailouts for when the fuck over the consumer through their sub prime mortgage nonsense, Credit Card companies can charge 30% interest to cardholders, but none can afford to put 5% aside to help pay for PRODUCT SAFETY?

And where are we, the ADULTS charged with protecting these children? You have people like Tony Perkins waging war against same sex marriage, but where are they when it comes to making the Corporate World and Politicians responsible for the lead exposure being inflicted on Children?

We can jump on a bandwagon to support a moratorium on the federal taxes on gas, 18¢ a gallon, so we can drive all over cheaper, but where are we in demanding some of our taxes go towards PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN? Where are the Senator Clinton’s and John McCain’s on that one?

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