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Recalls for the 31st

I suppose we can be thankful that February is a short month, otherwise we’ll probably have a lot more recalls than we do now. It still shocks me, at how complacent the News Media is about this whole ‘recall‘ mania. It is almost as if they are ‘afraid‘ to discuss them, for fear of a backlash from their advertisers.

More Heparin Recalled [Adverse Reactions]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — DEERFIELD, Ill., January 25, 2008 – Baxter Healthcare Corporation has announced the voluntary recall of nine lots of heparin sodium injection 1000 units/mL 10mL and 30mL multi-dose vials. The company began recalling the lots on January 17, 2008 as a precautionary measure due to an increase in the number of reports of adverse patient reactions that may be associated with the product. Baxter is conducting a thorough investigation of these reports to identify the cause of the increase in allergic-type reactions. (Further Details Here)

Eye/Ear Wash, Eye Drops  [Bacteria Contamination]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — January 29, 2008 — NuCel Labs of Idaho Falls, Idaho announced today that it is conducting a voluntary nationwide recall of all Eye Drops and Eye/Ear Wash. This recall follows an FDA inspection in which product testing indicated that there was bacteria and particulate matter in the product deeming these products non-sterile. Non-sterile eye drops pose an unacceptable risk of causing eye infections, which in rare cases could lead to blindness. (Further Details Here)

Sterling Silver Teethers (Made in Mexico) [Choking Hazard]

Description: The sterling silver teethers are circle shaped with either a heart or car in the center. The teethers have beads inside. The teethers measure two inches in diameter. (More Recall Details Here)

Girl’s Hooded Jackets w/drawstrings (Made in Korea) [Strangulation Hazard]

Description: The recalled velour jackets have a drawstring at the neck. The jackets are hooded, zip up the front, have a front pocket, and were sold with matching velour pants. The word “DIVA” with rhinestones is displayed across the front of the jackets. They were sold in children’s sizes small, medium, large, extra-large and 4, 5, 6, and 6X and came in red, blue and beige colors. “Apollo Active Wear” and either style number 5033gk or 5033gg are printed on the jackets’ neck tag. (More Recall Details Here)

Glue Guns (Made in China) [Shock, Burn, Fire Hazard]

Description: The glue guns dispense hot glue and are intended for craft projects. The recalled glue gun is black with a yellow trigger and is approximately 4 1/2 inches from the back of the gun to the tip. Attached is a 44-inch electrical cord. “Crafters Square” and product number 818261-72 or 818261-75 are located on the guns’ packaging. (More Recall Details Here)

Wouldn’t be a typical recall if there wasn’t something used by Children in School, which is perhaps the worst thing about all these recalls. It is a sad state of affairs, when Corporate Profits take precedence over the Health & Welfare of Children.

Reading Math Aids (Made in China) [Violation of Lead Paint Standard]

Description: The following recalled reading and math aids are for use in the classroom. The item number is printed on the product’s packaging. (CLICK to READ DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF RECALL)

The simple and plain fact is that when a Nation ignores the needs of its children, it not just fails itself, but it fails the FUTURE. Take the Reading & Math Aids on this recall list. They have been sold since the year 2003, and we all know that exposure to high levels of lead, leads to reduced mental capabilities.

Yet we wonder at why our schools are failing our children? Perhaps it isn’t the schools, the teachers, but US, for allowing many kids to be EXPOSED TO TOXIC DANGEROUS LEAD LEVELS.   It is in our toys, and in our education aids, rest mats for younger school kids, and we wonder?


Contrary to the image painted of him, Rudy Guiliani entered the Nomination run mild mannered, not as the tough talking Mayor he was noted for. Did that change cost him his bid to become the Republican Nominee, or was it something else?

Today, the public hero of 9/11, Rudy Guiliani, dropped out of the Republican Race for President, and endorsed the running of John McCain, the winner in Florida, and South Carolina and New Hampshire.

Giuliani made the announcement at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library a day after suffering a debilitating defeat in Tuesday’s Florida primary. (source)

In watching his run for the White House, I wondered what it was that was different, changed from having watched him during the 9/11 crisis. Was it that he was the only public figure actually being seen on that fateful day, thus garnering the attention, the worship? Or was there something else, and frankly I think there was.

Guiliani Drops OutTo begin with, prior to his entering the race for President, he was an outspoken supporter of Gay Rights. He marched in New York’s Pride Parades, and he was always supporting the rights of Woman to Choose, but when he entered the race for the White House, it all changed. His once determined stance for various rights, that were at odds with the Republican Conservatives, altered, as he tried to do what a true leader should never do, he waffled.

John McCain, Mike Huckabee, haven’t wavered on their core beliefs. On Immigration, McCain has merely shifted focus, while also acknowledging his mistake in putting the emphasis on ‘amnesty‘ versus ‘security‘. Not a shift in belief, just a shift in priority, while Guilianni shifted on belief. To once support abortion, support gay rights, then waffle, is not a mark of a leader. His shift is seen more as an attempt to cozy up to the very people he should be opposing.

It was an appearance of pandering to a Special Interest Group, the Religious Right of the Republican Party, and that perhaps is what really cost him. Then too, there was his lack luster performances in the debate. Just as it ended the run by Fred Thompson, it has ended his run. He simply didn’t come out fighting, to match the persona created by his actions on 9/11.

There will be a lot of second guessing on his campaign strategy, but frankly I think it simply comes down to the fact that in this campaign, he failed to ignite people’s imagination. He might have been able to beat Hilary Clinton, but he is no match for a Barack Obama. Whether John McCain can is another story. Simple truth is that Rudy failed to inspire people with any type of vision. He didn’t come across as strong, he didn’t elicit confidence, and that is what is needed today.

Some will claim it is the baggage he brought with him, that cost him the nomination, but I would disagree. I think we all have our baggage, some more than others, but he never tried to rise above it. He let it beat him, and I wonder, if he really wanted the job. And if that is what other people were thinking, then it is no wonder he didn’t do well in the Primaries.

Whoever does win the White House, this November, should not forget Rudy Guiliani though. He could be an excellent choice for several cabinet level positions, given his character, and his abilities. Too bad, he didn’t showcase them, or he might be the one trying to put together a cabinet in November.

Transparent My Ass

During his election bid, Stephen Harper made a lot about government needing to be transparent. It was ‘HIS‘ mission to bring that back to Canada, or so his campaign implied.

As a possible Federal Election looms shortly, it has become evident that even staunch Conservatives don’t believe that Stephen Harper has come close to meeting that main campaign pledge, of having a Transparent Government.

The latest to call him on it, staunch conservative John Gomery, the man who headed the Sponsorship Scandal Inquiry. In his interview, he blasted Harper for abandoning his goal of transparency, replacing it with a style that concentrated all power into his own hands. Exactly what Mr Harper PROMISED WOULD NEVER HAPPEN UNDER HIS ADMINISTRATION.

Typical of the man, of his party, and of his ideals.

We can now claim to have our very own clone of George W. Bush, his name is Stephen Harper.

Florida’s Aftermath

knocked out of raceIt appears that Rudy Guiliani, the odds on favorite to win the Republican Nomination this year, will be dropping out officially sometime today, and will endorse John McCain for the Nomination. (At least that is the scuttlebutt for now)

John Edwards has also dropped out today, from the Democrat side, so I guess Super Tuesday is going to be very interesting.

In some ways, you have to wonder about some people and the strategies they employed in seeking the Nomination. I mean to be honest, the tactics used by Rudy was very uninspiring.

State of the Union is…

Last night President Bush gave his last ‘State of the Union‘ address. Now I don’t know, but it would have been nice to have heard something different, something honest for a change, from a man who will go down in history as being a complete failure as President. I may be naive, but it would have been nice if he would have opened his address by admitting how badly he’s screwed up the nation. How he misled and lied to the nation he leads, and how his policies really are nothing but payoffs to corporate interests.

Now that would certainly have made the news.

Then too, it would have been nice to listen to him, on his final address, talk truthfully about the state of the country. Instead of making it sound all rosy and good, but for a few bumps, it would have been refreshing to hear him talk about how his policies of inaction, of non interference has screwed up the financial markets, and created the entire mortgage nightmare that now besets the Country.

Would have been a breath of fresh air, to have him not just blame the Democrats for doing nothing, but his own party, and his own administration. His stance on Immigration should have been mentioned, where he takes the blame for orchestrating a sellout and a total ignoring of the Laws.

I mean it is his last speech to Congress, would have been nice for some good old fashioned home truths. About how earmarks from BOTH PARTIES is a disgrace, how BOTH PARTIES FAILED to GOVERN. That instead of looking after the interests of Americans, they were ALL MORE CONCERNED WITH RETIREMENT PERKS FROM SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS.

Now that would have made for an interesting news day, and certainly would have over shadowed the Florida Primary, and the Kennedy Endorsement.