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2007 Ends, Recalls Continue

Today is the end of 2007, and over the last week there have been even more recalls. It is like these notices will never end, though one can hope I suppose. Let’s hope that 2008 will see less recalls, not because no one is checking but because the Corporate Elite have had to stop importing Dangerous & Tainted Crap.

Here are the Recalls.

Beef Patties [Listeria Contamination]

WASHINGTON, Dec. 25, 2007 – The Maramont Corporation, a Brooklyn, N.Y, firm, is voluntarily recalling approximately 88 pounds of a beef patty product that may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced today. (Further Recall Details)

GAP Boy’s Jacket (Made in Indonesia) [Entrapment Hazard]

Description: The jackets are hooded, zip in front, and have a drawstring at the waist. They were sold in navy and gray in multiple children’s sizes. “Gap Outlet” is printed on a label at the neck. Style number 513573 is printed on a white label sewn behind the size and product care label near the neckline. (Further Recall Details)

North American Breaker Company (Made in China) [Counterfeit – Fire Hazard]

Description: The counterfeit circuit breakers are black and are labeled as Square D QO-series models 110, 115, 120, 130, 210, 215, 220, 225, 230, 235, 240, 250, 260, 280, 1515, 1520, 2020, 2125, 315, 340, 350, 360, and 3100. Actual Square D circuit breakers have (a) the amp rating written on the handle in white paint on the front of the breaker; (b) the Square D insignia molded onto the breaker side, and; (c) a yellow chromate mounting clip with half of the top of the clip visible. If your breaker, labeled as Square D, does not match this description, it could be counterfeit. (Further Recall Details)

No this isn’t it. There are seven more recalls to list.

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Keep Profits High

The other day, President Bush signed the watered down legislation that provides health care for children who aren’t covered. Unlike the original plan he VETOED TWICE, this one provides NO INCREASE in the number of Children being accepted for assistance in gaining health care.

CRAWFORD, Texas – President Bush on Saturday signed legislation that extends a popular children’s health insurance program after twice vetoing attempts to expand it.

Politically, the move was a victory for Bush, although Democrats say it will come back to hurt Republicans at the polls. (source)

bush vetoes health care billFrankly, this isn’t a victory for Bush, for the Republicans or anyone really, but is a VICTORY FOR INSURANCE COMPANIES. At the expense of Children’s Health, the United States has shown its character here. I am sorry, because you know, I am friendly with many American Citizens, and they aren’t inhumane, or uncaring, or devoid of compassion. Unfortunately you cannot say that about their Political Leaders.

In his Veto of the previous bill, the President claimed it was vital to insure that Private Enterprise flourished, that by signing such a bill would lead to National Health Care. Now I know many in the United States believe that the marketplace should determine most things, that Private Enterprise should be the backbone of a nation’s economy, but take a look around at what FREE ENTERPRISE has done to the United States.

The lack of GOVERNMENT REGULATION has made most products being sold FOREIGN MADE. Add onto that the simple fact that those products come with a LOW STANDARD OF QUALITY, and that is a recipe for disaster. Just look at the TOY INDUSTRY if you doubt that.

While I believe that if I start a business, I should run it my way, free of Government Interference. However, I also need to follow a set of standards, and you know, if that lowers the bottom line, the profits, then SO BE IT. I don’t know how the current crop of CEO’s can sleep, given how shoddy & dangerous is the products they put on our shelves.

But Health Care for Children is a different story. Frankly I don’t care how much a family makes, the needs of the child must come first. Seriously, the less care we show our children, the worse our future will be. Whether it is the Environment, Health, Finance, or anything, if we don’t insure the best for our Children, we will suffer drastically.

If you have children, tell me honestly. If your child is sick, requiring hospital treatment, and you can’t afford the health costs, or your insurance doesn’t cover them, just how well can you work at your job? Can you focus on the job at hand, knowing your child isn’t able to get the proper care?

What President Bush and the current crop of Candidates have done, propose to do, is to simply INCREASE the PROFITS FOR INSURANCE COMPANIES. That isn’t going to help you if your child is sick, if your plan doesn’t cover his/her illness. It will cost you, and the defeat of the previous legislation and the inability of the Congress to over ride the Bush Veto isn’t about who is in charge, but is about WHO IS BOUGHT & PAID FOR.

Think about it, when you get a chance to VOTE IN THE PRIMARIES.  Maybe it is time for a real CHANGE, by voting for someone other than the traditional corporate sponsored candidates?

Assuming you care about your children, and their future.

What We Have Stooped To.

I do not like Mitt Romney as a Candidate for President.

It is simple, as I do not believe anyone should try to dictate to me their beliefs, or pander to special interests at the expense of the National Good, however the fact that he is a Mormon is immaterial. I won’t support Mike Huckabee either because he, like Mitt Romney, are attempting to FOIST THEIR RELIGIOUS VIEWS on everyone.

Romney’s faith has been a recurring issue in South Carolina, where Christian conservatives dominate the GOP primary. Romney overcame some of those doubts this fall when he picked up an endorsement from Bob Jones, the chancellor of Greenville-based, Christian fundamentalist Bob Jones University. (source)

I have no qualms about voicing my views, and telling others them as well. However I draw the line at trickery, at subterfuge, as the mailing of bogus Christmas Cards does. Yes, they highlight some differences between Mormons and Main Stream Christianity, but like that is something new?

The card contains passages that underscore some differences between the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and those of denominations that are prevalent in South Carolina. (source)

why religion & hate are becoming the sameIt makes no difference which ‘sect‘ of religion you belief in. You will find differences within your own ‘sect‘ never mind all the other ‘sects‘ or whatever you wish to call it. That is what makes Religion such a contentious topic, because many of us believe strongly in what we believe in. I am Jewish, but even in my religion there are vast differences within. The Catholics have their own internal struggles, and yet here we are, in the beginning of Primary Voting, and someone wants to take Politics to a NEW LOW.

Presidential Politics has evolved to the state where what specifics a person believes in, is suspect. It should be enough that a candidate either believes in GOD or NOT. The fact that he might not agree with all the individual laws or rules of his ‘sect‘ should not be material. What should be of importance is HOW WILL THEY GOVERN FOR THOSE WHO DON’T BELIEVE AS THEY DO.

In short, what sort of tolerance, of acceptance will they have for those who believe differently. Governing isn’t about catering to Special Interest Groups. Yet it seems today, it is just that, and not just for Corporate Interests, but also for Narrow Religious Special Interest Groups. AND THAT IS WRONG.

It is why I could never support a candidate like Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, or a Stephen Harper. I want my leader to LEAD ALL OF THE NATION, not a select few who paid millions to get him/her elected. I don’t want any CHURCH or RELIGIOUS ORDER to have an inside track to my Leader. I want laws decided on what is best for the NATION, not what APPEASES THE RELIGIOUS ORDER.

That is why Stephen Harper, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Hilary Clinton, and George Bush could never count on me. I want someone who WILL GOVERN FAIRLY, with BLINDERS ON, not someone who will calculate how much it is worth to them in future campaign funding, or votes. That is what today’s pretenders to the throne are doing, PANDERING TO SPECIAL INTERESTS.

Price of Democracy

Politicians run around wringing their hands, making statements of sympathy and digs at their opponents, and gas prices jump as panic grips the markets. All because of the ‘MURDER‘ of Benazir Bhutto. Governments rush around to heap praise on the fallen Pakistani opposition leader, and try to lay the blame at the door of the Taliban and al-Quedya, in order to justify their own extreme policies.

Pakistan’s government blamed al-Qaeda and the Taliban on Friday for the assassination of opposition leader Benazir Bhutto, claiming intelligence agents intercepted a message of congratulation from a militant leader. (source)

If this was indeed an act done by the Taliban, by al-Quedya then they have partially succeeded in their mission. Riots have broken out, and the timid in the West have sparked rising fuel prices and market instability, as a result of this MURDER.

I don’t believe those who have fallen in this on going war would be pleased. They were strong voices for Democracy, and the resulting pandemonium is not what would please them in life, yet somehow we believe it is okay in their death? Too many have paid this ultimate price, and yet we fail to learn the lessons that these MURDERS should be teaching us.

Democracy comes with a High Price tag.

For some that price tag is their own lives. For others it is grief, and sorrow, but for many it is also giving in to the fear that these MURDERS generate. Gas Prices suddenly spike upwards, stocks tumble, and panic is the word of the day. But is that what these leaders would want? I mean look at the MURDER of Rabin in Israel. Instead of making his desire for Peace a monument for his death, the war only goes on and on. His dream of PEACE is shattered, because of his MURDER. Or what about the dream of Lebanon’s Slain Leaders? He wanted a UNITED LEBANON and was MURDERED FOR HIS DREAM, and instead of UNITING the country, INSTEAD OF INSPIRING THE PEOPLE TO UNITE, it led to a stronger Hezbollah, a stronger HATRED.

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Canadians Get It, Does Harper?

Stephen Harper muses that he doesn’t believe most Canadians get the role in Afghanistan. Somehow I suppose, he believes we live in a vacuum or perhaps he just doesn’t quite understand why we don’t give blanket support to the Bush Policies that Stephen Harper is attempting to foist on us.

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he is uncertain whether Canadians at large understand the importance of remaining involved in Afghanistan.

His observation in a recent year-end interview with The Canadian Press comes after almost two years of combat operations in Kandahar, the deaths of 73 soldiers and one diplomat, and bitter, often partisan debates back home. (Source)

I honestly believe that most of us in Canada understand the need to battle the Taliban and Terrorism. What Mr Harper seems to be forgetting, is that we believe that there is a better way to achieve Victory in Afghanistan than through simple mindless and endless battles. I think what Mr Harper and his Regime fail to comprehend is that we aren’t looking for just battlefield victories, but that we know that in order to secure VICTORY, we need to secure the hearts and minds of the people, as well as win the shooting wars.

Afghanistan is a poor nation, but courageous. They have withstood invaders, and won too, but the poverty leads them to seek any means to gain a living. The Poppy Fields are a major source of revenue for many, and there is little doubt that it is financing the Taliban today, yet where is the Bush/Harper Policy on removing the Poppy Farming from the Afghanistan Economy?

Without the full support of the Afghan People, VICTORY is going to be tenuous at best, if not impossible. The building of Infrastructure was to be the Mission, to defend that building, and then to battle the Taliban. Stephen Harper has altered that mission, in accordance with the US Strategy of Fight First, and later on deal with the Infrastructure and Re-Building. The Russians fought that kind of war, and that gave rise to the Taliban, and we have all seen the result of such a policy. It eventually led to the Ultimate DEFEAT of the Russians in Afghanistan.

So too, will the current USA Policies.

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