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Last night’s so called fireworks is really nothing but media hype, least as far as I feel. The whole Romney – Guiliani tiff over Illegal Immigration plays well, but these two are far from being Staunch Immigration Defenders. Both of them supported ‘Sanctuary‘ programs, and let’s face it, they didn’t get where they were by not paying off their political debts.

For Rudy it was Kerick, Romney the Judge. So let’s forget the bullshit, there doesn’t seem to be one single candidate for President who doesn’t have some pretty heavy baggage going into this. Yet it seems to be what interests people the most, which is rather sad. See, to Govern, it should be about WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO, NOT WHO THEY WILL PAYOFF.

The two candidates — Giuliani ahead in national polls and Romney leading in the two early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire — went toe-to-toe on Wednesday on illegal immigration and other issues. (source)

I simply do not understand this whole ‘immigration‘ debacle. If a nation has rules on who can come in, who can’t, and people ignore those rules, then what is the issue? You either turf them or change the rules. If you are a Corporate Entity in that country, you are BOUND BY THOSE LAWS. If you hire people, who aren’t legal, who are there illegally, then it is your obligation to insure they are reported to the authorities. You don’t GO AND RECRUIT MORE, simply because you can GET CHEAP LABOR.

Yet so many politicians can’t seem to get that notion, or articulate it. Makes you wonder if they know the meaning of the word: ILLEGAL

3 More Lead Related Recalls

The growing list of items being recalled, due to high levels of lead is becoming constant. Now while everyone is talking about the YouTube debate, or the Battle of Surrogate Campaigners, maybe we should be concentrating on eliminating these RECALLS. I mean I don’t know, but has any of the Candidates bothered to address this growing issue of public safety?

The CPSC stresses that CONSUMERS should be more careful in reading the Labels, like those are HONEST? Mind you it could be very simple, as CONSUMERS we should simply AVOID ANY MADE IN CHINA PRODUCT.   Least we’d KNOW we weren’t buying any LEAD TAINTED GOODS.

Confetti Bursts Recalled (Made in China)

Description: The recalled products contain confetti in plastic bags. When the bags are inflated, consumers squeeze the bag and confetti bursts out. Each package contains six confetti bursts. (More Recall Details Here)

Lounge Chairs & Recliners (Made in China)

Description: This recall involves the Lazy Lounger chair (Style # CEH00415), recliner (Style # CEH00320) and oversize recliner (Style # CEH00414, CEH00345, and CEH00443). Style numbers are printed on the packaging. The chairs have a mesh covering that attaches to a black or tan metal frame by a woven cord. The mesh covering is sold in: blue, orange, black, natural, burgundy, pink, white, green, red, khaki, and camouflage. A padded headrest pillow is sewn on to the mesh. Beneath the padded headrest are two tags. The first reads: “! WARNING !”, followed by 9 numbered statements, and “Made in China”. The second is the “Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law” tag and includes the manufacturer’s Registration No: OHIO36462HK. (More Recall Details Here)

Holiday Ornaments (Made in China)

Description: The 2006 Snow Princess Stirrup Ornament is a stirrup-shaped ornament with a white prancing horse and blue ribbons. “2006” is stamped on the rim of the ornament. The 2007 Wintersong Stirrup Ornament is a stirrup-shaped ornament with a grey horse with saddle bags with a horn and a violin. “2007” is stamped on the rim of the ornament. The 2007 Photo Frame Horse Shoe Ornament is a horse shoe shaped ornament with a brown horse with rider jumping over a gate. “Happy Holiday 2007” is printed on the back of the ornament. (More Recall Details Here)

One thing about all these recalls. There are LAWS that set the STANDARDS for what is, and what isn’t acceptable. Surely if companies are VIOLATING THOSE LAWS there should be some REPERCUSSION.  Myself I would think that maybe putting all those Corporate Elite Executives who bring this crap in should face JAIL TIME. Maybe then they might see BEYOND THE BOTTOM LINE, and actually TEST THEIR STUFF BEFORE IT HITS THE SHELVES.

Just a thought. 


BOYCOTT MADE IN CHINA PRODUCTS  »  Hit these greedy Corporations where it counts, in their Fat Wallets.

Bad enough that Mr Mulroney took the money, now it appears that he even coerced a letter of apology from Mr Schreiber, in order to use his friendship with Stephen Harper to try and intercede in the deportation proceedings. Now, I don’t know, but seems to me that where there is smoke, there is fire.

Schreiber said MacKay told him that if he wanted Mulroney to raise the issue of his extradition with Harper, he needed to make amends with Mulroney. Both Mulroney and Schreiber are long-time friends of MacKay, who is the father of current Defence Minister Peter MacKay. (source – CBC News)

something stinks in Harper denialsNaturally Stephen Harper denies that the issue was ever brought up, but given all that has transpired, and is transpiring, it does make one a bit skeptical as to whether Stephen Harper and Brian Mulroney are being honest with the Citizens of Canada.

Schreiber could indeed by lying about the more lurid details. However we don’t know that, at least not yet. We do KNOW that Brian Mulroney HAS LIED. We KNOW he lied about taking the money, hell even about how well he knew Mr Schreiber. So the odds are, Schreiber is telling a lot more of the truth, than Brian Mulroney has. Then too, just how much of all this does Stephen Harper know? After all, he seems to be doing everything possible to protect his GOOD FRIEND.

Let us take a look at this whole mess.

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China 2, Taiwan 1.

Three more product recalls, two from China, one from Taiwan. It no longer is being confined to toys either, these are for ‘adult’ products such as saws. Isn’t it nice to know that companies are being so considerate to recall these items AFTER they are sold?

Firepit Recall (Taiwan)

Description: This recall involves the Grand Gourmet metal wood-burning firepits model FSQ279. The firepit is black, has four legs and two sparks guards on top. It measures 27 inches wide by 27 inches deep by 25 1/2 inches high. The model number can be found on the cover page of the product manual. (More Recall Details Here)

Miter Saw Recall (China)

Description: The recall includes Performax model number 90206 and Wilton model number 34570 10-inch sliding miter saws with date code/serial numbers ranging from W062505 to W070405. The model, date code/serial numbers are printed on a black label on the motor housing of the saw. (Added Recall Details Here)

Power Bolt Pitchback Recall (China)

Description: This recall involves the Power Bolt Y-Frame Pitchback and Y-Frame Ultimate Pitchback. The products’ Y-shaped metal frames have attached netting which will return a thrown ball to the user. The upper portion of the frame is adjustable to allow a variety of rebound angles. (Recall Details Here)

Romney – Did He?

making headlinesIn all fairness to Mitt Romney, the news of his refusal to have a Muslim in his cabinet is nothing more than a headline grabbing stunt by the media. It is wrong to insinuate th at he wouldn’t have a Muslim in his cabinet, when the question was not as generic as one supposes from the headline.

The question was, would he have or feel the need to have a Muslim in his Cabinet ‘to help fight the extreme jihadists‘. His answer was, in my mind, the right one. NO.

ST. PETERSBURG, FL — At an availability with reporters here, Romney answered questions about today’s report suggesting that he would not appoint Muslims to his Cabinet. “No, that’s not what I said. His question was, Did I need to have a Muslim in my Cabinet in order to confront radical jihad, or would it be important to have a Muslim in my Cabinet?’ And I said no, I don’t think you need a Muslim in the Cabinet to take on radical jihad any more than we needed a Japanese American to understand the threat that was coming from Japan or something of that nature.” (source)

And the people in the media wonder why they aren’t trusted?

Seems to me that these days, the media is the story when it should simply be reporters informing people what others are saying or doing. It shouldn’t be about creating circulation or attention. Yet that is exactly what today’s media does, by mis-representing the truth, or creating an illusion that isn’t true.

Headlines are to grab a reader’s / viewer’s attention, but do they have to be misleading to accomplish that?

Instead of playing these stupid games, how about attacking the issues? Why make up stupid questions, designed to simply create a media flurry. This is about someone wanting to be President, and frankly whether it is Mitt Romney, Barak Obama, or Hilary Clinton, the media should be focussing on their policies, their platforms. Not whether or not a indicted ex police commissioner was a good con or speculating on whether Rudy Guiliani was aware of his dark side. Nor should it speculate on whether a judicial appointment by Mitt Romney was known to be a liberal or not.

The questions should be simple. Did Rudy Guiliani know that Kerick was a crook? If not, then let us move on. Did Mitt Romney know that his judicial appointment was going to release a known murderer, or had a yen to be lenient? If not, then let us move on.

I want to know why Mitt Romney wants to place his religious beliefs above another’s civil rights.

I want to know why Rudy Guiliani supported same sex marriage, now doesn’t.

I want to know why Rudy Guiliani supported a woman’s right to choice, and now supports making abortion harder for a woman to obtain.

I want to know how Mitt Romney can explain how he was proud of the cities in his state that supported Illegal Immigration, and who now professes to want to stop any city from being a sanctuary city.

These are the issues, and not mis representing what a man says. His answer to the question makes perfect sense. You don’t need to have a Muslim in cabinet to know how to deal with Islamic Extremists. The real question should be:

How does he plan to deal with Islamic Terrorism from extreme Muslims?


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