The Stephen Harper Regime, like its model the George W. Bush Republicans, Canadian agencies are moving forward in an attempt to secure personal information, without seeking Court Approval. In short, just like the warrant less wiretaps, the administrative warrants used by the FBI, Canadian Agencies are trying to get a look into the private affairs of Canadians, under the guise of National Security.

Public Safety Canada and Industry Canada have begun a consultation on how law enforcement and national security agencies can gain lawful access to customers’ information. The information would include names, addresses, land and cellphone numbers, as well as additional mobile phone identification, such as a device serial number and a subscriber identity module (SIM) card number.

The consultation also seeks input on access to e-mail addresses and IP addresses. An IP address is a number that can be used to identify a computer’s location. (source)

What separates a Democracy from a Dictatorship is the Rule of Law. It is those RULES that protect society from Governments running amok. It is those RULES that insure that our Democracy survives, that it is able to protect the individual. And like in the United States (see commentNo Phone Calls, Please‘), our Government now feels that they do not need the courts to decide what they should or should not have access to. Just like in any other Dictatorship.

What scares me is that they feel that the need to access all of this information, without a court order, which would require some level of proof of cause. It isn’t that hard to understand why they feel they can’t do that. They know that in many of the cases, they simply do not have any proof of cause. All they might have is innuendo, and that isn’t good enough for a Judge. Nor should it be. They are also doing exactly what George Bush and his cronies intended such measures to do, to Intimidate. Through such tactics, they can then Control and that gives them even more leeway in tossing out basic laws that protect minorities and the average citizen.

It is a devious way to make us feel dirty, feel we are somehow guilty of something, because we are opposing the Government who supposedly only wants to protect us. That is the Intimidation Factor, which Bush has used so effectively in the United States. Now the likes of Stephen Harper and Stockwell Day are attempting the same methodology in Canada, just as feared. This is why we should never elect a Government that is so closely allied with a foreign power, as Harper is with the United States.

In fact, they are even HIDING the consultation process, and only when caught at it, have they agreed to open it up, and extend the responding deadline. Again, this shows why we need to get us a Government that has Canada’s best interests at heart, not George Bush’s.

Mélisa Leclerc, a spokeswoman for Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day, said the government was not trying to keep the consultation secret and would post the document on the internet on Thursday. The deadline for submissions would also be extended, although no decision on a date has been made yet. (CBC News Report)

There is little doubt in my mind, that this is an attempt at Government overstepping its bounds. To seek information of a private nature, without due process is just wrong. It smacks of Nazi Germany and every other tyrannical dictatorship that has ever existed. It is no different than living in a Communist State like North Korea or China. The protection of our society is being jeopardized because Stephen Harper is bought and paid for by US Interests. This is what being allied to a decaying democracy means, this is what happens when we let fear rule.

I am certain that Harper and his Regime believe they are protecting Canada, but they aren’t. They are giving into the fear generated by the Terrorists like Osama and others. This is what the religious zealots like those in Iran are hoping for, and like clay pigeons, Stephen Harper and his Klan are falling into the trap. Let’s be honest, the goal of the Terrorist is to make us afraid, to do what they cannot do. That is to destroy what makes us different than them, our Rule of Law.

There are still hundreds being held in Prisons, years after 9/11 because of this fear. One is even a Canadian I believe, and yet the War on Terror has not been won, is not even close to being won, simply because we have lowered ourselves to their standards. We have ignored what makes us Free. Now our Government is attempting to follow that same path that America has followed for 6 long bloody years. All in the veiled guise of Protection, Security.

Courts are there for a reason. They are there to insure that there isn’t rampant abuse of ordinary people. They are there to insure that we live up to the ideals of a Free Society, something that Bush and Harper clearly have forgotten about, or are simply ignoring.

Colin McKay, a spokesman for the privacy commissioner of Canada, said the government agencies have not yet proven that accessing information without a court order is necessary. The commissioner will be making a submission to the consultation on that matter.

“We’d like to see some proof that this is a necessary step because at the moment there is provision in privacy law if necessary and if presented with a legal authority to do it, in most cases that’s a court order,” McKay said. “That gives Canadians some level of protection.” (more of CBC Report)

Bottom line is that everyone’s personal freedom is at stake. While they might promise it won’t be abused, just look at the mess in the United States. The FBI has admitted to its rampant MIS USE of the Administrative Warrants in spying on US Citizens. They too promised it wouldn’t be abused, and that sure didn’t work out well. Nor should we be expected, as citizens, to accept such a promise. If we break a law, then let the proper Government Agency prove it before a Judge. Let them give their side, let us put forward our defense, and let the Judicial System decide the outcome. After all, that is why we have one.

That is what makes us different than the Terrorists.