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New Look

As I begin to change over my main site, Gaystoryman, I am also updating the blogs that reside on this site. To more or less match the color scheme, and concept. I am hoping you will all enjoy the NEW Layout, once it is totally up.

For now, Gay Talk has been updated to the new blog layout, as has my New Gay Fiction blog section, that has over 50 short erotic stories.

The hope is that the stories will be easier for you read, and comment on too, if you desire. Plus I have added a rating system, at the top of each story title, so you can let me know if you like or don’t like these stories.

There will be a new format for novels online as well, as I am streamlining the site, getting rid of the needless ads, and third party crap that seems to have just piled up.

Hope you will all enjoy the new formats.


Romney Has The Bucks

Talk about being coy.

Mitt Romney is dipping into his own bank account to fund his campaign. He’s done it once before, and might do it again if need be, but he won’t say how much. Thing is, it will be known when the quarterly reports are released, so what is the big secret now?

(Boston, Massachusetts) Republican Mitt Romney, who has a net worth estimated at up to $350 million, said Monday he has given money to his presidential campaign for a second time and may do so again before this weekend’s fundraising deadline. (source)

I applaud any candidate who dips into their own bank account, to fund their run for office. However Mitt Romney is a smart cookie. I look at it, and I see the craftiness because you see, he knows how a winner should look.

No one expected him to raise as much as he did last report. It has translated into added publicity, has made the media look at him more, mention him more, and that helps him raise awareness of who he is among voters. It also helps him raise money.

If the big spenders who want to buy the Next President see that you can raise decent monies, that you are a possible contender, then they will throw you money to hedge their bets. Doesn’t matter if it is the Longshoremen’s Union, Chamber of Commerce, Insurance Groups, or Oil, they have the cash to throw around, to insure their interests are represented. It is how George Bush got his win, by all the corporate backing and spending on his behalf.

Now Mitt Romney knows that he needs the big conservatives to help him win, both in money and support. He won’t get it if he shows he can’t raise enough money, so yes, he dips into his own bank account to push the amounts up. Now how many of you will read those reports beyond the totals? Not many, if any, so he will garner the perception that a lot of people support him, when its his own money. It also convinces them of his commitment to stay the course, which is further helped by his wealth.

He’ll also show the big spenders that he might be worth some petty cash offerings. Course his biggest gain is going to come from the media who will report their shock, surprise, at how much his campaign generated. Oh, some might mention that a good portion is his own, though I doubt it. They sure didn’t last go round, so why this time?

Hence his keeping the amount secret. It lends itself to the mystery of the man, plus its gets his name out there, without damaging his fund raising. After all if you don’t know how much he is tossing in, the amount you toss in might be a lot more than if you did know.

So very crafty I think, and worrisome too. It is this type of trickery, of cunning that doesn’t bode well for someone who could be President. It reeks of the Nixon era, of dirty tricks and subterfuge to obtain a goal illegally.

Going to be interesting to see if the Media will mention this, and keep on mentioning it. However, I rather doubt it, because you see, one of the beneficiaries of his largess, will be that very same media. He’ll be spending the money on ad buys, and do you really expect them to endanger that nice golden egg?


Mitt Romney Campaign Site

Is It 1950 Yet?

Before 1954 landmark ruling, schools across America were either white, black, and rarely mixed to anywhere near the racial split in society itself. The court, back in 1954 altered that by coming up with Integration, as they denounced segregation. Today the United States Supreme Court turned the clock back to 1950, ruling that you could not limit enrollment based on race. Basically preventing districts from insuring that there was a racial balance in its schools.

Voting 5 to 4, the court, in an opinion by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., invalidated programs in Seattle and metropolitan Louisville, Kentucky, that sought to maintain school-by-school diversity by limiting transfers on the basis of race or using race as a “tiebreaker” for admission to particular schools. (source)

As in the last few rulings, the court split down political lines. Once more the New Court voted along the conservative line, and frankly, after listening to the Majority Opinion, I wonder, are these people on some weird drug or something? I mean this is 2007, not Utopia. To listen to the Chief Justice say that the way to end racism, is to end it, is very polyanna-ish. It is unrealistic, as this is a divided world. Simply look around at Iraq, Iran, or anywhere else you would like to name.

You have men of God for goodness sake calling for wars against others, simply because their beliefs are different. You have a Pope who calls a major religion ‘fanatical, lunatic’ and the Chief Justice thinks we can just wish away racism? Has he?

“The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race,” he said. His side of the debate, the chief justice said, was “more faithful to the heritage of Brown,” the landmark 1954 decision that declared school segregation unconstitutional. “When it comes to using race to assign children to schools, history will be heard,” he said. (source)

Neighbourhoods in America are divided. They aren’t anywhere close to being racially balanced, and schools in those neighbourhoods, will be unbalanced, unless they can somehow find a way to increase the minorities for that district. It isn’t healthy to have schools of just one race, it leads to increased racism, and it prevents children from accepting diversity at an early age.

Exactly what this turning the clock back means, who the hell can guess? Seems to me that somehow the Conservatives have lost touch with reality, are living in a dream world, and until they wake up, the USA is in for one hell of a rough ride. Time for maybe Canada to fire up the old underground railroad, it might be needed. While we do that, I can see the Police getting the riot gear out soon.

It is truly amazing, to see such decisions come from supposed men of law, in 2007. The decisions are what I would expect from those in the 1850’s.

Thank you George Bush, US Senate. This is your legacy.


10 Years for a Blow Job

It has been making news, and frankly it is a scary case to consider. A 17 year old was caught on video tape, getting a blow job from a 15 year old. That was several years ago and the 17 year old was charged and convicted. He is in Prison because a 15 year old consented to sucking him off.

Wilson, now 21, was convicted of aggravated child molestation stemming from a 2003 New Year’s Eve Party where he was captured on videotape receiving oral sex from a 15-year-old girl. He was 17 at the time. He is now serving a mandatory 10-year prison sentence. His case has spawned widespread publicity (source)

I am sorry, but has the world gone totally nuts?

How in hell is getting a blow job, aggravated child molestation? It wasn’t done by force, was in fact consensual, and both were minors at the time. So how in hell can the DA have even pursued this case? If this how local DA’s act, it is no wonder there are these crazy court cases going on. I mean the Duke Lacrosse case springs to mind, and it does make you wonder, was that the only vengeful prosecutor out there?

Kind of seems like Georgia has its own version, but has done far more damage. Even the Courts seem to agree, but being bound by the existing laws, he is still in prison. And this DA won’t agree to bond? I don’t know, but this stinks. A kid is incarcerated and I wonder, if he was white, would that DA have charged him with aggravated child molestation or would he have not even bothered to register a charge?

I have no basis for that, but I wonder if this is indeed racially motivated.

In some ways it also brings up the case of the two border guards now sitting in prison for doing their job. I mean they aren’t white either, and it does tend to beg the question, would the Federal Prosecutor have gone after them so hard, if they were white?

Kind of sad to think, that even in this day and age that racial orientation plays a role in who gets charged with what. What with Paris Hilton and all that nonsense, it really does make you wonder on just whose side the Justice System is on.

Is it to protect the public? Or to further racism?

Issue Three: Public Funding of Faith Groups

Oh yeah, you read that right. Seems that the US Supreme Court, in one more split vote says that religious groups can indeed get public funds for their organizations. I mean, you would think that on this issue at least, the Courts would have clearly opposed granting public funds to such groups, but not this court.

Actually, to be technical, the court ruled that YOU, the one paying the bills here, can’t sue the Government for spending your money on faith based programs, projects. It simply takes away your power to control your government.

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday barred ordinary taxpayers from challenging a White House initiative helping religious charities get a share of federal money. (source)

Let’s be silly for a minute. Assume that Mitt Romney wins the general election in 2008 and becomes President. Let us then say that he decides to fund a Mormon Church Group to go around the country and baptize all dead persons into the Mormon Church, and file this absentee baptismal in their huge vaults over there in Utah. Let us say that he issues these funds from the General Treasury or his discretionary fund.

You don’t like it, but guess what, ain’t dick you can do about it, because you no longer have the right to take the government to court for such trivial issues. You no longer have redress before the courts.

Now myself, I rather think the USA is sue happy, but this takes the matter too far in the opposite way. Then too this is this little anomaly. Mainstream media for the most part have ignored this ruling. I mean there is discussion on the campaign ruling, bit of humour on the ‘bongs for Jesus’ ruling, but barely a mention on this one. Now you don’t think it is because these news groups are afraid of all these religious groups, and their advertising dollars, do you?

While the absurd notion that Romney would win, and do, that is hypothetical, the fact is that the Mormon Church is indeed doing absentee baptisms for those dead. They are storing that data in Utah. So that part is actually real, go figure.

The point is that by denying people the right of redress, you basically would need Congress to act on it, and given how well Congress listens to the voters, well guess you shit out of luck.

If you look at all three rulings, it should be sending a chill down your spine. This is rapidly showing that the new court, fiddled with by Bush, stacked with Judges who obviously have no concept of Justice, or of the Rights enshrined in the Constitution, are heading. It makes one shudder at what is going to happen when abortion once more hits the High Court.

The real problem is that this court is not old. The new Conservative Appointments aren’t about to step down for some time, and that means that Bush has indeed left a legacy after he’s gone. He will have left a Court that will take the USA to the dark ages, where racism ruled, where lynchings were not a crime, and where women were thought to be better off if they were bare footed, and pregnant, while cooking the man his dinner.

It means that basic human rights issues, that are supposed to be guarded by the Court, will wither unresolved, until a new court is mustered. By then, who knows how many will suffer, all because George Bush wanted to leave a legacy.

The problem is also, what happens if a really religious zealot is elected President? Or if they garner control over Congress? Separation of Church and State was behind the actual formation of the US way back when. Yet today it seems that Religious Freedom is for those who follow a conservative view, and that there is no room for those who believe in GOD, but also believe in the rights of others.

I don’t think anyone really expected all this mingling of Religion and Government, when George Bush first came on the scene. While it is nice to know that the man at the top was religious, you kind of hoped he’d govern for all, not just those who buy into his brand of God. Strange how things turn on you, when you forget the basic principle of voting.

Vote for the Guy who supports Your Rights. Odds are he’ll not try to usurp them, as George Bush has done during his tenure.

Now he has the US Supreme Court helping.