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Now It’s In Feed?

How long has it been since the first pet food recall?

Several months at least, and yet today it seems the same crap that got into the Pet Food is in Animal Feed. I mean seriously, are people this totally stupid or is it just being greedy?

For the first time, the industrial chemical that contaminated pet food ingredients imported from China has been found in livestock and fish feed ingredients produced in the USA. (see Story)

Just like the pet food incident, the FDA is downplaying the danger. It seriously makes me wonder if the FDA is even American Run anymore. I mean so many months later, and some US feed manufactures are still trusting in ingredients from China? I mean if that isn’t arrogance and stupidity rolled into one, I don’t know what is.

It also makes me wonder about food we eat. How safe is it, and in the past I have had a high regard for our countries inspection process. Now, I am not so sure. I look around at what Bush has done to the USA and I see Harper standing with his face beaming, admiring the man, who is single handily destroying the United States infrastructure. He has politicized virtually every agency, making it suspect.

His Attorney General not only supports Torture, but can’t recall meetings that weren’t long ago, and that after an entire weekend of briefings on how to answer those questions. The FDA still wont admit that the contaminated pet food killed thousands of pets, and China continues to be allowed to pour its sub standard products into the USA. Is Harper allowing that here?

I mean it does make you wonder. I hope not, and if he is, how will we know? I mean Mr Harper has talked and campaigned on so called transparent government, yet his is the most secret government we have ever had. He might call Dion not much of a leader, but at least Dion is out there, not hiding behind George Bushs coat tails.

Seems to me, that if you find out something like this whole pet food stuff, you would be on guard, to insure your own products don’t get contaminated. Guess these Feed Producers were too busy trying to cut corners, cut costs and to hell with the people who rely on them for clean feed.

Maybe it is time to start handing out some criminal charges for those who continue to ignore rules, ignore risks, and proceed to put unsuspecting citizens at risk. Might as well start with George W Bush himself. After all it is his grand plan that is at the cause of all this.

My 2 cents.

It isn’t official yet, but the television actor and former GOP Senator Fred Thompson is edging closer to making it official. Like the GOP needs another candidate? Okay, maybe they do because let’s face it, Mitt Romney and Sam Brownback sure as hell ain’t my idea of what a President Nominee should be, and neither is John McCain.  Other than Rudy, the Republicans do need someone who isn’t ass kissing the so called ‘Conservative’ wing of the party.

They said he is considering several options for a possible formal announcement, and that one scenario has him officially announcing his candidacy over the July 4 holiday. It’s also possible, they said, that Thompson could wait until later in the summer to declare his intentions. (see Story)

It is interesting, to see another ‘actor’ enter Politics. Though he was a Senator before becoming an actor. Still it could be interesting and I’d love to see him take support away from McCain, Brownback, and Romney. They have already shown that if they were elected, things really wouldn’t change for the better. Might as well simply give Bush another four years instead, and save the cost of the election.

I do like him on Law n Order, but haven’t watched it these last couple of years. Sort of gotten tired of the plot lines, and the violence. Too depressing really, though with my interests in politics you would wonder. I mean talk about depressing. Still it will be interesting to see what his platform is, how he articulates it as well. Maybe it’ll be the same old clap trap but you never know. The way he’s been slowly advancing towards announcing has been very interesting, and unconventional. I kind of like that.

Harper Worried

The fourth round of Negative Attack Ads from Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are hitting the airwaves, and in all honesty, they should not be gloating, but feeling shame at such tactics. Sure, I know that in politics, everything seems fair game. Least in American politics the issues get buried behind wedge issues, (see commentIs Being Gay a Wedge Issue?‘) where it is nothing but attack, attack, and more attack.

If you oppose the Patriot Acts, you are supporting Terrorists, and the ads reflect that narrow mind set. Stephen Harper, directed by his hero George Bush, is attempting the same style of politics in Canada. Will he succeed? Hard to say right now, though in all fairness, while during their run, they do seem to sway people, but after each run, the Liberals have rebounded. Perhaps that is the where the answer lies.

The Conservative party has launched its fourth campaign of negative advertisements attacking Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion. (see Story)

What I find interesting is that the ads attack Dion for not having the Liberal Led Senate rubber stamp Harper’s reform package, that limits their terms to 8 years. It makes one wonder, what is it about the Senate has the Alliance Party now Conservative Party so upset? Is it that during the heated NAFTA debate, the Senate forced an election? Is that their concern, that a group of aged politicians could answer the public’s need for checks and balances against a government run amok?

Think if the United States had such a body today. Would they be in Iraq? Would George Bush be pushing his Amnesty Bill or would he even have Patriot Act I? Never mind Patriot Act II?  Would he have warrantless wire taps? Secret Prisons? Citizens held in custody without benefit of trial for years?

That is what our Senate has done, it has protected us. Stephen Harper and his Klan are determined to undermine that last bastion of defence against a Government that is out of touch with reality. Just as Brian Mulroney was forced to take NAFTA to the people, the Senate is what forced the issue. When the people voted in favour, the Senate let the matter pass through. However, they were the ones who allowed us that opportunity

Something Stephen Harper does not want to happen ever again. He wants to rule like George Bush, by Decree.

What has me pissed though is that the use of Negative Attack Ads is an American Ploy, and one we should heartily reject. The issue of who shall govern should and must be based on the issues of the day. Will a Harper Government protect our environment? Will a Harper Regime improve our Health Care or parcel it out to the Insurance Companies as is the case in the United States?

Will assorted Churches determine our Civil Rights? Will a Harper Regime protect our borders or will he sell our standards down the drain, to appease USA Interests? Already the plan is in motion, with the so called Border Prosperity Plan, or North American Union plan. This is what Stephen Harper wants, and if it is what Canadians want, fine, but let us decide based on the issues, not on whether the Conservatives believe that Dion is weak or not. Let them show us what their solutions are, let them tell us what they have done, will do, and let the others do that as well.

Let us decide who shall govern on the issues, not on who has the better mud to sling.  Unless of course you want a George Bush style of Government.

Secret Agenda, Now Terrorists

Osama has to be laughing behind his beard every day. Specially if he ever surfed the Alabama Homeland Security web site. I mean here is a radical Muslim, that blew up the world trade towers, has eluded the United States for 6 years, is still fomenting wars and in Alabama, anti war groups and gay activists are listed as being suspected breeding grounds for Terrorists.

(Montgomery, Alabama) The Alabama Department of Homeland Security has taken down a Web site it operated that included gay rights and anti-war organizations in a list of groups that could include terrorists (see Story)

If you read the whole story, it is amazing at how this state office seems to think. To begin with, it appears that it listed groups that oppose the status quo. By that I mean groups that oppose the war in Iraq. (I wonder if Senator Obama is on that list?) Groups that seek the same rights as others in the state, that are Gay. Then too their is the lunatic fringe known as the Environmentalists, who simply want to insure that we can all breathe without the need of oxygen masks.

It makes one wonder just what goes on in the minds of these civil servants?

Course I suppose if it included any civil rights groups that spoke for African Americans, or Latinos the hue and cry might be a bit more noticeable. Bet Al Sharpton would be hollering blue murder. Instead it barely rates a mention in mainstream media, which shows you, Gays are still the Number One Scapegoat for America. It also raises some interesting questions, about say the No Fly List.

Thanks to the Patriot Acts, it is harder to find out who is on what list, who is being threatened, or for that matter hidden in some secret prison. This is the result of hysteria, and when nations embark on so called security, at the expense of the basic human and civil rights they were founded on, it makes them no better than those they are fighting. Yes, it is harder to fight the evil doers, but when you blur the line so no one can tell who is the Good Guy and who the Bad Guy, you have to take a step back and reevaluate things.

Have to check, but I wonder what the leading candidates like Guiliana and Clinton, Obama have to say about this? I know Clinton is pissed about the War Bill she voted for, but what about her stand on the Patriot Acts? They are worse in so many ways, not because of the loopholes, but simply because it makes dissent to the popular opinion seem unpatriotic, or evil.

This is part of the legacy people like Bush and Harper are leaving us. To make us afraid of the person next to us, in the name of security. Yet while the FBI even admits to misuse of its power, its solution is to ask for a second chance? I mean that is like Hitler going to the National Jewish Council, asking for a second chance at resettling Jews in Germany. This is a deliberate attempt at suppression of Freedom, cloaked under patriotic verbiage. There is nothing patriotic about the Patriot Acts, and yet it is still law, despite the Democratic Congressional wins.

Is America that afraid of  the world?

Alabama’s placement of Gay groups and Anti War groups only highlights the problem. America is indeed afraid, but not of Osama, but of themselves. If they truly believed in freedom, as they claim, then laws like Patriot Act I and II wouldn’t exist, not now. In fact, there would criminal trials going on right now, of those who have violated the Civil Rights of so many. Those who held people in secret prisons would themselves be facing prison, as they should.

It isn’t democracy, but an elected Dictatorship.

Teaching GOD to School Kids

Maybe it is just me, but you know, I wonder if people are really this clued out?

Take Texas, where a school district has an ‘elective’ course in the public schools on religion. It uses the Bible for the text, and now the ACLU and another group are suing the school district, to have the course removed because of inaccuracies in the course, and that it violates some parent’s religious liberty. I assume that means freedom to worship as they please?

(Dallas, Texas)  Two advocacy groups have filed a federal lawsuit against a West Texas school district on behalf of eight parents who say a Bible course violates their religious liberty. (see Story)

While I am on the fence in regards to having such classes available in Public Schools, the key here is that these are an ELECTIVE class. In short, not mandatory, the students have to sign up for it, least I would assume so. So if these parents disagree with the class, why are they letting their kids sign up? It really is that simple in my mind.

1. subject to popular election; “elective official” [ant: appointed]
2. not compulsory; “elective surgery”; “an elective course of study”
1. a course that the student can select from among alternatives [syn: elective course]


Now a public school is faced with legal expenses, because why? Some parents think the course is in error? Gee, like that’s new? I mean depending on the sect of whatever religion, Judaism, Christianity, Muslim, you are going to have one disagreeing with the other’s interpretation. That seems to be a way of life in religious circles. I mean hell, the Pope disagrees with all other forms of Christianity, does that mean we should all sue the Catholic Church for having adifferent opinion‘?

I think that in all honesty, things are going too far. The religious right have bashed Gays for eons now it seems, so where are the lawsuits against them ACLU? I would think that on matters relating to basic civil rights, as covered by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, would be more of an issue, than whether one church believes one thing, that another doesn’t. The course in the schools is an option. It isn’t mandatory, so what is so wrong here? Maybe what these parents should do, is offer their own classes, in fact all other religions should. Then the kids can find out just how fucked up religion is, when in the hands of man.

With over 20 million children unable to access health care and children growing more illiterate, shouldn’t money be spent on those issues, instead of lawsuits about an elective school course? And how in the hell does an elective course stomp on anyone’s religious freedom? Because it doesn’t agree?

Isn’t that called Democracy? 

I don’t know anymore. Seems that we are all so busy condemning the other guy, we have forgotten, that it is the very differences between us all, that makes us a society, a nation. It is what leads to great inventions, discoveries, and isn’t that what we want to achieve? To grow, not stagnate?

Seriously, isn’t it time we stopped hitting each other over the head because we are different, and Celebrate those Differences?