If you ever listen to the diatribes by the Religious Right, they talk a great deal about morality, and about restoring traditional family values. It makes me wonder, just what is this morality they are talking about? Given their opposition to things like protecting vulnerable children, their adamant refusal to prevent Hate Crimes from including attacks on people because of their sexuality, I have to wonder, just what morality are they talking about?

Take Health Care. In the USA its relatively expensive and depending on who you listen to, there could be as little as 48 million without any coverage, or as much as 90 million people, which includes children. Now I don’t know, but 48 million or more, just seems unbelievable to me. To think that so many could be risking everything, and here is the Highly Moral Folk determined to deny partner benefits to those who don’t have a marriage license.

Look at Kentucky. A second State University is planning on including family and partners of staff in their medical plan, even if they are not a man and woman, and don’t have a marriage license. This includes homosexuals, but it also includes simply a guy and lady who live together. Common Law I believe is the term. Now the Governor is threatening to intercede if they do, claiming they can’t do this, because of the State’s ban on same sex marriage and its definition of marriage.

(Frankfort, Kentucky) The University of Kentucky will become the second public college in the state to offer health benefits to the unmarried partners of employees – but the plan may never get off the ground. (see Story)

I simply wonder at the so called morality here. I mean how is okay in anyone’s mind to deny health benefits to anyone, married, unmarried, straight, or gay? Where is the honor in that? I mean that has to be the exact opposite of any code of Morality I ever heard about, Christian, Jewish, or Islamic. How does it become Moral to deny health care and benefits?

See, this is perhaps what gets me upset the most. Seems a lot talk the talk, about Morality, about being Good Christians, but when it comes to walking the walk, somehow they seem to forget to put their foot forward. This isn’t being a Good Christian, or is it?

While i totally disagree with the stance on Marriage, I can at least understand slightly some of the arguments opposing it. However, when it comes to protecting people from Hate, I can see no rationale in exclusing any group that is a target for such crime. That is racism, and for anyone, and I mean anyone, to actively support that exclusion, they are certainly not acting in any moral standard I am aware of. In fact, I‘d suggest that in essence they are acting Immorally.

It is worse, I think, if they wish to deny health care benefits to anyone as well. If a company or university wants to attract quality, it seems that good benefit packages can make or break the deal. To deny such benefits, because two people aren’t married, just seems not only uncaring, but mean spirited. How it can be moral is also a mystery, because bluntly speaking, it is racism.

You know, it is fine to have a set of Moral standards. I have one, so does my wife, David. It might not be the same as the Governor of Kentucky, but I am not out there forcing him to accept my take on morality, so why is he and others like him, determined to override the individual’s right of free choice, to foist his morality on them? How can that be moral in his world? How does he justify such behaviour when he goes to Church on Sunday?

Granting protection against Hate, granting health benefits given to one group, isn’t about promoting homosexuality, nor is it about promoting deviant behaviour. It is simply about creating a viable society where people of differences are able to believe as they wish, and get along.

I might not be the best moral person around, but you know, I’ll stack my ethics and morals up against these people any day of the week, and no, not in some court, but on Judgement Day.