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Following Up On Words

Over time I have mentioned how words have an effect, one that is far greater than perhaps physical abuse does. Seems that some understand that point and when those who are suddenly faced with the reality of it all, they don’t like it. If you read any of my commentaries, ‘What Words Mean’ , ‘Battles Lost’, and ‘It Is Not Hypothetical’ you might understand this a bit more.

One of the main arguements in my tiff over at that adult board, was that the word is used for other things in today’s culture, and that it has no harmful effects. My point being that it most certainly does, when a word is taken that means ‘happy’ to suddenly become ‘dirty’ it rubs off on all of the meanings. When something means one thing, then suddenly is used to refer to the exact opposite, there simply is no up side to it.

“It bothers them a lot,” Byard said. “As odd or funny as the phrase sounds, imagine what it feels like to be in a setting where you consistently hear it used to describe something undesirable or stupid, and it also refers to you.” (story)

Just one more reason that clearly illustrates why we need to include homosexuality in any anti bullying campaign. Should the school have turfed the kid? No I think instead it should have educated her on why she was in trouble. I think the whole ‘expulsion’ concept used in schools is wrong, as it does not solve the issues. It merely transfers them elsewhere.

Be interesting to see what the Judge rules and why.

When You Have the Bucks

Seattle is in a bit of a dilema it seems when it comes to the Sonic Basketball team and the request by its owners for $300 Million in tax subsidies to build a new stadium for the team. See, it seems that the owners like to give away money to right wing organizations like Focus on the Family and others.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that Ward and Aubrey McClendon donated more than $1.1 million to Americans United to Preserve Marriage, an organization run by failed GOP presidential hopeful Gary Bauer, the Family Research Council and Focus on the Family. (story)

Frankly I don’t give a damn who they support, nor should they. However considering how these organizations demand that people boycott organizations like Ford Motors or Kraft Foods because they support Gay Charities or Groups, why shouldn’t we do the same? (see commentary ‘How Do You Shop’)

I figure that if we use our Economic Clout like the Religious Wingnuts do, then maybe we can get beyond all this bullshit and actually get some action in regards to hate crime laws, in equality for laws, and maybe more importantly, in protecting children by preventive means, instead of suffering constant abuses. I mean bullying is increasing these days, and these Religious types insist on blocking attempts to deal with it in a reasonable manner. (see comment ‘Making Victims’)

What I suppose that has me pissed is that this is about Public Funds being allowed to support two people who have the money to spend to support their ideologies. Purity of applicants isn’t the issue, the issue is that if the owners were Gay and had given that kind of loot to an AIDS Group or such, you can bet there would be whining and bitching. Hell bet you’d have another lawsuit demanding that tax money not be used to help them, and so I wonder, why isn’t it right for US to demand the same treatment, when the tables are reversed?

Why should they be granted some special rights to have their values not questioned or matter in whether or not state funds are made available?

But State Senate Ways and Means Chair Margarita Prentice (D) tells the Post-Intelligencer that the team’s owners’ political activities are irrelevant. (story)

These groups are the same one’s who fight against Anti Bully Laws if it includes homosexuals, and as many homosexuals pay taxes, surely their right to not be offended or to have their money used to benefit anti gay opponents should count.

See, this is what is wrong. Nothing but double standards. If you oppose Gays, well your political opinions are not relevent when it comes to getting state funding. Sure is different though if your a supporter of Gay Rights. Then it is how dare you think of being granted state funds.

Assault on Seat of Power

Seems that those who oppose Same Sex Marriage and other equal rights for Homosexuals are biding their time, for when they can come out from under their freshly starched white sheets and hoods, to once more assail the public with more rounds of racist legislation. When you consider how successful they have been so far, its a scary thought if you are a minority of any kind. It goes to show you how far the enemies of Democracy, of Freedom are willing to go to deny basic civil rights for all people, based on their own interpretation of Religion.

Seems that the election of the Democratic Party into a majority has them a bit upset. Yet, they aren’t about to stop their work as they now plan to seduce and garner support among more state politicians, so that once more they can push forward their agenda of hate and racism. (see story)

While countries like Canada move forward with other issues, such as National Health Care, war in Afghanistan and such, these focus groups don’t see war or health care as issues warranting their full attention. Despite having 45 states out of 50 already having measures against equality for Gays, they are determined to one day insist on a federal law, to deny equality to a minority. Makes you wonder, what will be next should they achieve their current goal? (see articles on Homophobia)

Will it be the right of women to choose?

How about divorce laws?

Missing the Point

Why does the rest of the world worry so much about what happens in the United States?

Simple really, as the United States is a superpower, and it likes to meddle in the affairs of other nations, and so whoever winds up leading that nation, effects what might happen in our own country. It isn’t right but then, when did that stop the United States or any Superpower. With China on the rise and Russia reverting back to its wayward ways, nations who seek independence are more at risk than ever, because frankly the United States seem headed down the same pathway as the others. Towards Dictatorship and Tyranny.

Take a look at the rhetoric by some of the political candidates for President. Like Milt Romney who claims that ‘marriage’ in the traditional sense is essential for proper child rearing. (see Story) However, he forgets, that is what they have now, and it sure as hell isn’t working all that well. You have increased violence, increased drug use, increased anger and hatred and this is from a nation that is of traditional marriages. You have kids functionally illiterate, and worse, divorce runs near 60%.

So how is it working?

Really, the role of traditional marriage, traditional family simply is falling apart. Parents spend more time fighting over custody than they do in attending to the needs of their kids. Children become pawns in power struggles, and if you need an example, look at the circus surrounding Anne Nicol’s baby and the tug of war going on there.  While it is unusual in some sense, it goes on constantly on behind the camera by those less in the public eye.

Family courts are over run with parents complaining about custody abuses and filing for this and that, and here is Milt Romney seeing we need more of that, to insure the survival of mankind and of good old fashioned traditional values. Yeah right, I buy that bullshit, don’t you?

Fact is, the use of children as pawns doesn’t just apply to splitting up parents. It applies to weak kneed politicians who use the cause of children to advance their own political agendas. Child protection laws are a joke and a farce. While the ‘Amber Alert’ system is good step forward, other measures such as 2257 doesn’t do a thing to protect a child.

What good are ratings whether on television shows, music, or video games if the parent doesn’t enforce them? What good are they if the child gets to stay up till 2am chatting in chat rooms while the parents are off fighting to see who gets them next weekend or are enjoying the party down the block?

Traditional Marriage isn’t working, and I don’t know, but isn’t it time to perhaps acknowledge that and move on to trying something else that might work?

It is a bit blurry still, but have you heard about the so-called North American Union being touted by Bush? In short, it is an agreement being worked on right now, and has been for the last bit, in which Canada, Mexico and the United States share common goals, united under one plan. Basically, no borders, tariffs, and one common set of standards for business, security and the such. (story)

Lou Dobbs on CNN has been carrying it, and if one tenth of his rhetoric is right, then this is a serious issue, because the entire way of life in Canada would be drastically altered and changed. It would end National Health Care, end our Education Standards among others, including our Banking System, our control over our Natural Resources, and all in the name of supposed improved Security.

What is it that some US said in the American Revolutionary crisis back in the 1760’s? ‘Give Me Liberty or Give me Death’ ?

If this is so important, and supposedly Peter McKay the great Sellout Artist of the Progressive Conservatives and Stockwell Day are participating in the current meeting on this in Ottawa.

My questions are why isn’t this headline news across Canada?

Where is the media on this, or is it not advantageous to them given how some pretty big US Corporations are supporting this so called Union?

This is a sellout, because frankly I do not want to lower my standards any more, and let’s face it. When you get three countries together that include a dirt poor nation like Mexico, do we really expect the higher standard to be applied? Somehow I doubt it.

I like Canada as it is, without Uncle Sam screwing it up with his guns for everyone, his racism, hatreds, and sub standard education and health care. I like my country where 100% of its citizens get medical treatment, while between 40 and 60 million Americans have none. Won’t even go to how many in Mexico have it, but at least I can walk my streets at night, and I don’t have the Canadian Armed Forces invading provinces to secure them from the drug lords battling it out. Then too, at least up in Canada our Police do their job and don’t get thrown in Jail like they do in the USA.

North American Union? SELLOUT!

Just one more vital reason why come next election any vote for Stephen Harper is a vote against Canada. He doesn’t stand up for us, he’s helping to lead the Canadian end of moving towards this unholy union, sending his top ministers to negotiate away our Sovereignty and Independance.